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Text Interview with Mantas Sajevicius AKA MrFlanker

Below is a short text interview with Mantas Sajevicius AKA MrFlanker, the maker of Overawe.

I know it’s been months since its release, but we tried to have an audio interview but our schedules never matched and then there was a delay in sending and replying to the questions.

Feel free to post your questions as comments, but I can’t guarantee that Mantas will answer them. Enjoy.

9th April 2013 4 Comments

Text Interview with MyoHyo

I am very pleased to say that I finally managed to finish the mod and therefore conclude the interview.

I am sure there were a lot more questions I could have asked but I didn’t want to press my luck.

Allow me to thank MyoHyo for responding so quickly to the questions.

30th April 2012 11 Comments

Text Interview with Muddasheep

As part of the Hazardous Half-Quake Quatridual, event, I was due to have an audio interview with Muddasheep.

Unfortunately, due to our schedules, this is currently not possible.

Instead, I sent him some questions, which he kindly answered. Even if I say so myself, it’s an interesting read.

If you have any questions for him, please add them in the comments and he may, and I stress MAY, pop by and answer them.

16th December 2011 13 Comments

Text Interview 2 with Chris Fox and Jose M Ameyugo

I’ve been trying to get both Jose and Chris online to record an audio interview for weeks. It was impossible, so we agreed on a text one instead. The questions were sent by email, so it may read a little strangely. Enjoy the read – there’s some interesting answers in there.

26th February 2011 6 Comments