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Intro This idea is focused towards the Half Life universe but with a little adaptation could be used in other settings. Insane? The Prison guards are dragging you down the corridor. You are fighting as if you life depended on it. Suddenly there is a huge expolsion and the wall at the end of the… Read More

13th October 2004 No Comments

Am I real? – Mod Story Idea

Here’s another mod story idea, this one was first conceived for Half Life, but it could be used for another game with the right theme. As with my other mod story ideas I will start by setting the scene with my crappy 50’s-style writing and then explain the basic story outline after that. The opening… Read More

3rd October 2004 2 Comments

Repetition – Mod Story Idea

Here is a mod story idea. The characters, setting and details can be changed to anything whilst still leaving the story the same. I’ve started by writing a short story to help set the scene. A man sits at a corner table in a quite bar on the edge of Fortune City. He’s waiting. He’s… Read More

21st September 2004 2 Comments

Understanding the world

I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of 5 babies, all under the age of 13 months. It was very interesting to watch their interaction with one another and the environment. I began to think, “how could we make a game of this?” It would be difficult to put ourselves inside the mind of a… Read More

20th September 2004 No Comments

New Themes for Old Games

I have almost covered this in another post (Remaking Games) but this article is taking a slightly different direction. In the original article I discussed the idea of whether game makers should revisit old game with a fresh perspective. My first thought was to give the basic premise of the game to another studio an… Read More

12th September 2004 No Comments

A Game And Film Tie-in Idea

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

There have been a few movies made into games and fewer games made into movies but what about a new game/film released at the same time. I suppose The Chronicles of Riddick fits the bill, but hear me out.

The film starts with a 10 -15 minute intro sequence at the end of which the main character has a choice of two paths. For argument sake let’s say he takes the left path and on goes the film. The game starts with the same sequence as the movie (either using the film footage or made within the game engine) but the player takes the right path.

28th August 2004 No Comments

Mod Production Idea

Introduction There is no doubt that the mod making community has some incredibly talented individuals. I think we would also agree that making a mod is generally a large commitment. I was thinking about this as I was voting in a poll at a now forgotten mapping website. So here’s the idea….

20th August 2004 No Comments

Cruise Ship Level

I’m always looking for level ideas, although I don’t really build levels! Large buildings and vehicles interest me. Here are a couple of vehicles that may make great levels. I found this image via February-7. It got me thinking about how interesting it would be if it was a level for a game. I have… Read More

12th August 2004 No Comments

You Are What You Eat!

Introduction I have always noticed the different types of health available in FPS games. The collection of health is a necessity and some developers try to make the presentation both interesting and relevant. The three examples that spring to mind are the Nali Seeds in Unreal, the Half-Life soft drinks dispensers and the food and… Read More

24th June 2004 3 Comments

What exactly does “Single Player” mean?

Introduction I’m working on a little idea that blurs the line between SP & MP and I have been thinking about what defines a single player game. I should also mention that I’m only viewing this from the perspective of First Person Shooters. I’m not suggesting that every SP game/mod/level has to have these points… Read More

31st May 2004 No Comments