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Discussion Topic 003

In the recent Half_life sub-reddit thread Shocking how many people haven’t played the whole series, or even ANY of it. There was an interesting comment: The_Dook said In my opinion, you’re not a pc gamer until you’ve at least beaten one of the main Half-Life games. and it got me wondering…

If we had to recommend 10 PC games that a person must play in their life, what would they be?

I am not qualified to answer this because my gaming experience is pretty limited but there are plenty of RTSL readers who have played a LOT of PC games.

I’d like you to list each game and say why each game should be played. Please don’t put “Because it’s Awesome” because that doesn’t help anybody.

We see enough of these sorts of lists for movies and books, and I know they are available for PC gamers too but I have never really read or looked for them.

Looking for to seeing your suggestions.

14th December 2015 33 Comments

Discussion Topic 002

A couple of weeks ago Scott Warner, Game Director for the Star Wars Project at Visceral posted a tweet and a image saying “Don’t do this in level design: prize behind counter is gated by locked door but counter could be scaled by anyone.”.

You can follow the thread if you click the link above but as with many Twitter threads it gets mixed up in other tweets.

Essentially, he said that it was an immersion issue and I disagreed.

I tried to organize a podcast with him about it but it never happened.

29th November 2015 21 Comments

Discussion Topic 001

Welcome to a new category. I’ve been pondering this one for a while and decided to try it. The idea is to start a topic and just let the discussion flow. Unlike the Poll Questions which require a few choices for readers to select, these topics will be more open ended and might contain multiple related-questions.

Just like the Poll Questions, I am very happy for readers to suggest their own topics – just email me.

So, here we go.

How many people who buy the Half-Life games actually play mods?

Since this would be a guess, that’s why I haven’t made it a PQ.

I’d like to think it was pretty high, but there must be quite a few people out there that don’t know about mods.

How do you think they could be told?

The idea of a “huge” potential market is very interesting to me. A bit like I wonder how many Harry Potter (and Star wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who etc etc) fans know that there is SO much community made stuff.

1st November 2015 4 Comments