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Single player maps and mods for the mod-turned retail game Black Mesa.

Most will need to be installed via the Steam workshop and most only work with the retail version NOT the mod.

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for Black Mesa

Gordon Freeman must escape the facility.

But the HECU are looking for him.You must fight your way through the facility and try to find a way out.


Total Downloads: 52115th June 2015
2 Comments and 2 recommendations, 1 say "Play It Later"


for Black Mesa

Starting in a tram, you travel 50 metres and then immediately get off.

A scientist awaits you, along with an Alien Grunt.

Get to the room above and reach the top door if you can.


Total Downloads: 4362nd June 2015
7 Comments and 2 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Dungeon Crawler

for Black Mesa

Starting just outside a testing area, you must collect your suit and proceed to perform some tests.

There are three areas which contain different enemies.

Pass each one and progress to the next area.


Total Downloads: 5011st June 2015
11 Comments and 3 recommendations, most say "Maybe?"


for Black Mesa

While attempting to escape Black Mesa, Freeman’s tram is halted by a military lockdown at an administrative facility chiselled into the side of a canyon wall.

Freeman must restore power to the tram and, along the way, discover what happened to the scientists.


Total Downloads: 1,79231st May 2015
48 Comments and 11 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!