Name Game Status Filename Link Brief Notes

We’ll finish this list one day, we promise. Click the column headings to reorder the list.

Bugstompers HL1 To Add A good one; dust off point = gangway/elevator from ‘Aliens’ + Mega-snarks!
The Puppy Years HL1 To Add Amusing stealth mission + puzzler, you play as agent 00K9 (geddit?)
ChickenMix (1) HL1 To Add TWHL Stupidly impossible escape/combat/instant-death. Not good.
Castle Disposed HL1 To Add GameFront Simple puzzles, marginal combat.
Derailed HL1 To Add TWHL 30sec of combat – end.
Cause of Death HL1 To Add TWHL Ok in WON, but in Steam gman stalls in intro cut-scene, halting map.
Black Mesa South HL1 To Add Fatal crash HL Steam.
Buddhist Wars 1.0 HL1 To Add Buddhist_Wars.1.rar ModDB Fatally crashes HL_steam & WON.
Death is Dead HL1 To Add Works on HL Steam.
Discoman HL1 To Add FilePlanet French. Works in HL WON & Steam. Blocky maze + dark + many f’assns, not fun.
Dungeon Death HL1 To Add Ok in HL WON
Escape (Mark Whitling) HL1 To Add FilePlanet
Fathom 2.4 HL1 To Add GameFront Crashes HL WON on new game, ok in HL steam.
Fight for Life HL1 To Add FightForLife.1.rar GameFront Crashes WON on approaching suit
Freeman’s Return 1 HL1 To Add Works on WON. Stupidly high enemy damage – impossible.
Freeman’s Return 2 HL1 To Add Works on WON. Worse stupidity than Return 1.
GMan Invasion V2.5 HL1 To Add gi25.rar GameFront update file from V2.2 to V2.5 (12/12/2012)
Gman House HL1 To Add Gman_House_Half-Life.exe Works on WON. ‘Whacky’ (crap) puzzler.
Graber1 HL1 To Add gi25.rar GameFront All in Russian; stupidly difficult; eventually crashes WON. Steam ?
Haywire HL1 To Add FilePlanet Slightly fun 2D horiz. scroller – buggy or impossible. OK in WON. Steam ?
Hazardous Materials 2 HL1 To Add hm_ep2_full_setup.exe GameFront 02/2013-Author reports ‘death by HL update’.
Infiltracja (Filip “Kane” Herzig) HL1 To Add Good, combat, but all text Polish.
Lands of Lore V2 HL1 To Add GameFront
Last Life HL1 To Add Vossey
Mission to Kill (1+2) HL1 To Add Vossey
No Exit HL1 To Add ne.rar GameFront
No-Life HL1 To Add FilePlanet
Nuclear Winter HL1 To Add NW_install.exe GameFront
The Trap (V1.51) HL1 To Add hl_the_trap_v1.51en.rar GameFront Update to the latest V1.51 english version
Prisoner Escaped (1) HL1 To Add GameFront
Prisoner Escaped (2) HL1 To Add GameFront
Projekt_Einstein HL1 To Add Unquenque
Radiation Alert: Episode 1 HL1 To Add radalert_ep1_11.7z MediaFire
S.W.A.T HL1 To Add swat-mod.rar ModDB Cool Lego citadel + ‘plane! 🙂
Sky Mesa HL1 To Add ModDB
Underground Territory HL1 To Add demalition
Half-Life: Uplink Extended 1.1 HL1 To Add ModDB
Zombie Edition v 1.1 HL1 To Add ZombieEd11.rar GameFront
Accidental Assassin HL1 To Add ModDB
DaRk FoRcE preview release HL1 To Add ModDB
Escape from The Darkness (V1) HL1 To Add eftd_final.exe GameFront
Half-Life Borderlands (V0.4) HL1 To Add bdlands.exe GameFront
Half-Life: Induction (V1.2) HL1 To Add induction_v12.rar ModDB
Last Mission Demo HL1 To Add MediaFire
Malevolence v1.4 Open Source Beta HL1 To Add mal14beta1open.exe GameFront Intensely boring.
Mission Impracticable 1 HL1 To Add Demalition
Opposing Life2Life HL1 To Add oplife_final_hd_7z.exe GameFront
Run Run Run HL1 To Add Pcosmos Very short
Santa’s Revenge HL1 To Add TWHL Crashes WON after few mins
Secret Santa 2011/Saving Santa – Rimrook HL1 To Add TWHL
Scientist’s Adventure Beta (V1.1) HL1 To Add ScientistBeta.7z ModDB Short Beta only.
Space Prisoner HL1 To Add sprisoner_install.exe MediaFile Good but crashes won after 1 map. NB Yandex d/l is wrong/rubbish. Use Mediafire link for the working .exe installer.
Stargate – SG1 Missions HL1 To Add SGM_1.0.exe GameFront Stand-alone game & launcher. ModDB. SP missions for MP mod ‘Stargate TC’. n.b. Mission launcher broken. (Whole can o’ worms right here..)
Stargate TC SG-1 Missions Demo (English) HL1 To Add stargatetc_sg1_demo_en.exe ModDB Non-standard installation (HL.gcf+gcfScape) Read. Launcher=broken
Swiss_Cheese Halloween (V2.0.1) HL1 To Add GameFront
Technical Problems HL1 To Add Atomic Gamer (3mins)
Test Lab 16 (Kasperg) HL1 To Add TWHL short but fun.
The Escape (Neophus) HL1 To Add Gamefront Includes map7 fix. Also map6 patch here. Very hard!
The Gate HL1 To Add thegate_steamfix.rar GameFront Raiders of lost Ark/Stargate mashup. Noclip easter egg – missing underwear! 🙂
The Gate Revamped V1 HL1 To Add TheGate.rar GameFront Added Steam compatibility, model reskin, sounds. NB easter egg revoked! 🙁
(The) Mansion HL1 To Add DSLExtreme Not good.
The Unknown Menace HL1 To Add GameFront
Time To Run HL1 To Add Pcosmos
Time To Run2 HL1 To Add Demalition
Unnamed HL1 To Add unnamed.rar ModDB Dodgy Russina conversion.
USS Defiant DS9 HL1 To Add TWHL
Wanted! HL1 To Add wantedsp.rar ModDB n.b. says WON only, may work on Steam..?
WAR mod HL1 To Add WAR_install.exe ModDB
X-treme Violence HL1 To Add xv.rar ModDB
You are in Army now HL1 To Add army_part1.rar Pcosmos Dodgy Russian mod. Titilating booby posters (pun). n.b. Instruction “Need to find sink” should read “Need to find toilet”.
Lands of lore HL1 To Add Gamefront Non-HL fantasy conversion.
Paranoia HL1 To Add paranoia_v1.2_setup.exe GameFront Non-HL total conversion (looks good, though!)
(The) Abandon HL1 To Add Incomiiiiiiing! Fun, but ONLY if you enjoy CONTINUOUS aerial bombardment.
Agamemnon Icarus Glass HL1 To Add TWHL Hangs/crashes WON on transition.
Alien HL1 To Add
Alien Survival HL1 To Add alien_survival.rar GameFront
Project AMOD Beta (V1.1) HL1 To Add amodv1.0_16.06.04.exe ModDB
ArrangeMent:REBIRTH HL1 To Add AmREBIRTH_v150.rar MediaFire (Apply patches)
Awful Changes HL1 To Add City17 Expansion pack for mod: They Hunger (2 maps)
Beach Party HL1 To Add ModDB Stupidly impossible.
Can You Live HL1 To Add TWHL Pointless 1 room infinitely spawning killbox.
Canned Tuna V1.5 HL1 To Add ModDB Excellent tweak to vanilla HL – 2 mega-weapons + jetpack!! Fun.
Challenge (AlekZanDer) HL1 To Add challenge.rar ModDB
The Crabulator HL1 To Add FilePlanet Poxy single room survival killbox; infinite crab & enemy spawn. “Flush It Now”.
Danger1 HL1 To Add TWHL Short, but very compelling.
The Dark Secret Part 1 HL1 To Add GameFront
The Dark Secret Part 2 HL1 To Add Dark_Secret_2.7z ModDB
The Dark Secret Part 3 HL1 To Add Dark_Secret_3.7z ModDB
Deep HL1 To Add TWHL Tiny.
Devil Mesa HL1 To Add TWHL Very short.
Dream1_ver2 HL1 To Add TWHL Short.
Dying at Sea HL1 To Add TWHL 2muchvideogame’s map!
Escape Off (Sasha) HL1 To Add MediaFire Tiny little ‘deposit’.
Freeman HL1 To Add Pcosmos Crashes WON on transition to map 2
Freeman’s Escape (Blackdeicide666) HL1 To Add
Funhouse HL1 To Add TWHL
The God Mod HL1 To Add tgm11.exe FilePlanet Stupid trashing of HL. Unkillable insta-death ‘zombies’.
Gunman Chronicles HL1 To Add Unknown dump Steam patch for owners of original WON Gunman Chronicles. (Gunman was good!)
Half-Life 2 Techdemo HL1 To Add FilePlanet 20secs of ‘Mousetrap’ style fun; that’s all.
Half-Life: Day One (OEM pre-release demo) HL1 To Add Half-Life_Day_One.rar GameFront quote: “If shot sufficiently, Gman runs away” = must be worth a try!
Half-Life: New Life (Beta 0.1+2) HL1 To Add hlnl_01_beta.exe ModDB Patch to 0.2 Beta here. Another reskin.
Half-Life: Time Machine HL1 To Add Time Machine.rar Yandex Crashes WON on transition. n.b. unfinished.
Headcrab Frenzy! HL1 To Add hcf_setup.exe ModDB Uuurrgghh.. name says it all.
High Tech HL1 To Add hitech02.rar Pcosmos Seems familiar – rename/steal?
hl_desert_attack HL1 To Add hl_desert_attack.rar Ridiculous infinite-spawning arena. Impossible.
House HL1 To Add House.exe Missing Metro map causes crash.Unfinished.
IckyLab HL1 To Add TWHL Crashes WON on transition.
Index Two: Episode One HL1 To Add 4f_hl_indextwo_ep1_setup.exe MediaFire ? Wouldn’t initialize – untested.
Killer Mod Demo HL1 To Add killermoddemo.exe MediaFire Difficult, no English text anywhere.
ministeve: the begining HL1 To Add TWHL Miniscule novice map.
Night Shooting HL1 To Add night.rar Yandex Stupidly hard.
Nightmare: A horror map HL1 To Add TWHL “horror” – nope.. horrid, yes..
Occupied Territory HL1 To Add Pcosmos
Ominous Reality HL1 To Add TWHL
Oxidum HL1 To Add Gamebanana Unfinished. Saves are broken. Need noclip. No ending – just respawning grunts. Read.
Prisoner Escaped HL1 To Add PRISONNER ESCAPED.EXE Pcosmos
Prisoner Escaped 2 HL1 To Add four0four
PS07 Mod 2.6A HL1 To Add ps07b26a.exe FilePlanet ? Won’t initialise (Host error)
Pulse: EP1 Beta1 HL1 To Add ModDB Most stupid arena ever; you vs. 50 f-assassins – very clever. Has known bugs & crashes WON eventually on transition.
Rooms (by Ghost2) HL1 To Add> TWHL Another stupidly difficult insta-death duffer. “Flush It Now”.
sand_01 HL1 To Add TWHL
Silenced Halls HL1 To Add Pcosmos Miniscule novice map.
Shaft (Part 1) HL1 To Add Atomic Gamer (3min) Sometimes crashes WON on transition.
Small Battle 1 HL1 To Add TWHL 20second novice mapper arena.
Small Battle 2 HL1 To Add TWHL Tiny, 10second pointless novice mapper arena. Missing WAD.
Snark Planet Demo HL1 To Add snark_planet.rar ModDB ? Incomprehensible, all in russian.
Split-Second HL1 To Add themightyatom
Star (by Skoumal) HL1 To Add star.rar Yandex Crashes WON on transition.
Tower (by PeRfEcT) HL1 To Add Tower.rar
Trigger Happy 2 HL1 To Add Atomic Gamer (3min)
Two Towers (by satchmo) HL1 To Add TWHL Short
Vital Signs HL1 To Add TWHL
Wake up and stay alive HL1 To Add wake_up_and_stey_alive.rar
Weird Dreams HL1 To Add TWHL Tiny; largely pointless.
Outbreak HL1 To Add Pcosmos
POPulation HL1 To Add Pcosmos
Project Focus North HL1 To Add FilePlanet Big, but cheesy.
Project VIP HL1 To Add vip.exe Pcosmos Incomprehensible foreign installer – RHS button cancels, LHS button extracts game files into c:\Games\Half-Life. It installs 2 mods, VIP & Before. (Before says it only runs on HL & crashed on New Game, so untested)
Black security demo HL1 To Add BlackGuardHL1Mod_Install.exe Gamefornt Was a demo of dead mod – now deleted. Has become Half-Life:Black Guard (same Chinese mapper) released May 2013.
5 Worse Ways To Die HL1 Maybe TWHL Nil combat. 5 impossible ‘escape the room’ puzzles.
BoomeNShtein3D HL1 Maybe boomershtein Pointless troll map. Crashes on death of first opponent.
hlife_hotdog_compo26 HL1 Maybe TWHL 100% puzzles, 0% combat.
Island Bombing HL1 Maybe TWHL Combat, but TINY map.
Engineering Mankind HL1 Maybe TWHL Pointless, 3min, no combat.
compo26 (by hlife_hotdog) HL1 Maybe TWHL 100% puzzles, 0% combat.
Macky’s Adventure HL1 Maybe ModDB Cartoonish Japanese total conversion, non-HL.
Mission Mc Poker HL1 Maybe ModDB Pointless troll map.
Prize HL1 Maybe GameFront ‘Temple of Doom’ style treasure hunt/puzzler
Red Mesa 1 HL1 Maybe redmesa.rar ModDB Abysmal troll map.
Red Mesa 2 HL1 Maybe redmesa2.rar ModDB Utterly dire troll map.
Rooms: TWHL COOP Project HL1 Maybe rooms.7z TWHL Tourism map. Nil combat, just many pretty rooms.
Secret Santa 2011 – Soup Miner HL1 Maybe TWHL Gift map. Japanese themed puzzler.
Somewhere_in_Time HL1 Maybe GameFront Maybe nil combat? Crashed soon after start..
Adam HL1 Maybe adam.rar ModDB Non-HL premise, 18+ content.
Akimbo: Half-Life 1.0 (Beta) HL1 Maybe akimbo.exe strategyinformer Vanilla HL, but with dual pistols & bullet-time.
Blbej Den HL1 Maybe Gamefront Blocky, crude all Czech, nil English effort.
Codename HLDino HL1 Maybe mod_hldino_beta1.0_setup.exe ModDB Steam patch. Very poor, crudely made, pointless Chinese novice effort.
Dungeon Death HL1 Maybe ModDB Doom style dungeon puzzler
Evil Barney mod HL1 Maybe FilePLanet Vanilla HL, but Barney is your enemy. Pointless.
Far Crab HL1 Maybe GameFront Working demo of a dead mod.
Flat-Life HL1 Maybe Chickenfist Unfinished, dead mod. Top down mode or scrolling platform 2D arcade style HL.
Half-Life: Gold HL1 Maybe hl_gold.exe ModDB Meant to be a full reskin of HL. Did not work on Steam (grey walls) + breaks WON (“hl.exe has been changed”=reinstall HL)
Hammertime HL1 Maybe hammertime.rar ModDB Demo of a shockingly bad troll mod. You have been warned!
Headcrab-BOSS HL1 Maybe ModDB Daft joke, you vs. giant headcrab; that’s it. Have to copy & rename missing wad.
Half-Life – High Tech HL1 Maybe FilePlanet Terrible. Have to copy & rename missing WAD, laggy, buggy & broken. Novice mapper effort.
Half-Dance / HL Dance HL1 Maybe TWHL Non-HL farce. Another typical Chickenfist ‘deposit’.
HLywood HL1 Maybe Pcosmos Very silly non-HL slapstick.
Marine Invasion 1&2 HL1 Maybe TWHL Daft premise, also overwrites Valve maps (C0a0)
Operations 1942 HL1 Maybe ops1942_20_full.exe GameFront Non-HL war conversion.
Black op mission HL1 Maybe Bom.rar ModDB Bloated, buggy demo of a dead mod. Patch 1 & Patch 2.
Black Silla: Assault HL1 Maybe BSA-DEMO.rar GameFront Broken demo of a dead mod. Patch.
Cat Life: GS/Cat-Life Demo HL1 Maybe Gamefront Just a short (buggy?) demo of a dead mod in which you play as a cat. Puppy years, anyone?
Fat-Shift HL1 Maybe FAT_SHIFT_TEST_MAPS.rar ModDB WON-only part-demo of a dead Argentinian mod.
Firefighter Demo HL1 Maybe Firefighter_FIXED.rar ModDB Tiny demo of a lost/deleted/dead mod.
Kleiner’s Adventures Mod Demo HL1 Maybe kainstall.exe GameFront Broken/pointless demo of a very dead mod.
Prize HL1 Maybe GameFront 100% puzzler, no combat, NPCs etc.
Red Mark HL1 Maybe 51_redmark.7z Russian; crashes WON & Steam HL almost immediately. Red Mark = Brown Mark? Patch meant for WON
Big Lolly HL1 Maybe bl.rar ModDB Non-HL silly cartoonish conversion.
BooM HL1 Maybe hlboom_gold_setup.exe GameFront Infamous nonsense troll map. The widely recognized ‘datum of dung’.
Crack-Life HL1 Maybe CrackLife.rar ModDB More stupid troll nonsense. Abysmal fecal deposit.
Fudge-Life HL1 Maybe ModDB Idiotic troll mod. Pointlessly, V2
Half-Life: Prince of Persia HL1 Maybe pop3dDemo.rar ModDB Non-HL fanatsy conversion. 2 level demo of a dead mod.
Sector 6 HL1 Maybe sector6first2maps.rar ModDB Shockingly bad noob ‘deposit’, 2 empty maps which should never have been released. Dreadful.
Dream (Skal’s TWHL Compo 28 entry) HL1 Maybe GameBanana 100% ‘dream’ mod, 0% combat – weird puzzler.
The Blood HL1 Maybe theblood.rar ? Couldn’t start it, no maps showing – unknown. Patch.
TWHL Cubicles HL1 Maybe GameFront No combat? Just cubicles…
Zombies HL Beta Demo HL1 Maybe GameFront Short demo of a shelved mod.
Project VIP HL1 Maybe vip.exe Pcosmos Unknown French mod – didn’t trust installer.
Other world HL1 Maybe Other_world_sv-prefinalr1.exe ModDB Arcade style weird blocky jumping puzzler. Non-HL. No combat, npc’s, maps, anything – just jumping over blocks for… 78 levels!!!
Zombie-X 1.0 Final HL1 Maybe ModDB ? Demo of a dead mod. Stolen Gunman assets. Crashes WON on start, not appearing in Steam library – no info.
Christmas-Life HL1 Maybe GameFront Dire, tedious platform jumping conversion. 100% platforms, 100% jumping, 0% enjoyment.
2009 EB HL1 Maybe 2009EB.rar Yandex Incomprehensible Russian ‘deposit’. Goes all H.O.M. on 1st map transition.
2338: Human-Future v0.5 alpha HL1 Maybe FilePlanet ? Broken; essential menu options greyed out – can’t start it.
A Black Mesa Christmas HL1 Maybe TWHL 3 mins of amusing Xmas maze. No combat.
Enigmatik HL1 Maybe enigmatik_en.rar Vossey No suit, no weapon, no npc, no combat – pointless French ‘escape the room’ puzzler/’deposit’.
Amckerns Explosion Wars HL1 Maybe aew_full.exe ModDB ? Broken; essential menu options greyed out – can’t start it.
Barrel of Grunts / BOG HL1 Maybe TWHL Utterly pointless ‘deposit’. Locked in a room with 50 Marines = certain death.
Brainbread 1.2 HL1 Maybe brainbreadv1.2.exe Gamefront ? Broken; essential menu options greyed out – can’t start it.
Challenge (Urby) HL1 Maybe TWHL Tiny 2min teaser/demo of a mod.
CataXen HL1 Maybe TWHL Tiny 1min demo of Xen catapult principle/construct.
Citizen Arms HL1 Maybe GameFront Broken demo of a dead mod.
Classic Games HL1 Maybe classicgmod.rar Broken wreckage from a dead mod.
Cold Experiment V1 HL1 Maybe Homepage. Broken detritus from a dead mod. Needs ‘Spirit’ (Spirit of Half Life) installed first.
Dead-Way 1 HL1 Maybe ? Archive part 1 Archive part 2. ? Unable to combine split archive – unknown. Homepage.
Desert Combat Mod HL1 Maybe FilePlanet Very short bodge-up.
DiamonD Half-Life HL1 Maybe DiamonD_Half_Life_Final.rar Hitmodel Another hi-def reskin of Half-Life. ModDB page.
Half-Life: Redux HL1 Maybe Half-Life_Redux_Install.msi V3.0 FileSmelt Another hi-def reskin of Half-Life. ModDB and homepage.
Half-Life: Baby HL1 Maybe hlbaby14.rar GameFront N.B. Needs some sort of custom thingy to work ( / is 404).
Half-Life: Enhanced (Beta) HL1 Maybe HLE_Beta.rar ? Some sort of partial HL1 reskin/revamp.
Half-Screwed HL1 Maybe GameFront ‘Humorous’ slapstick farce/borderline troll mod. HL weapons replaced with silly things; may only be multiplayer.
The House HL1 Maybe thehouse.rar GameBanana 30secs of next-to-nothing. Pointless sub-Beta.
Land of Legends: Heroes of Loria HL1 Maybe GameFront ? Broken; essential menu options greyed out – can’t start it.
Nightshift_FsC HL1 Maybe TWHL ? Needs Counter-Strike WADs.
Spellbinder – The Summoning Tower HL1 Maybe TWHL Utterly ridiculous, tiny text-RPG medieval conversion effort. Title screen took longer than the 30second ‘quest’! Avoid.
SSH:Mod Messup 1:WTF HL1 Maybe SSH_ModMessup1_WTF.rar Attention-starved troll’s nonsense
attempt at humour. Large, unpleasant ‘deposit’; “Flush It Now”.
Stoka HL1 Maybe Yandex ? Didn’t understand (or trust) the foreign-text (Czech./Polish?) installer – unknown.
Thanatophobia HL1 Maybe thanatophobia.rar GameFront ? Untested – crashes WON on new game.
They Hunger: Tactical (unfinished) HL1 Maybe hunger_t.rar ModDB ModDBpage. Broken wreckage of an abandoned mod.
Threatening Skies Pre-Demo HL1 Maybe TWHL Just a very long, very slow, very boring tram ride in a tunnel. At the end Barney won’t even let you out! Utterly pointless.
Tokyo Museum (Corbusier2) HL1 Maybe TWHL Tourism map; no combat. (Hawaiian shorts optional.)
tower (by ministeve) HL1 Maybe TWHL ? Won’t initialise – “Host Error: PF_Setview_I”. Untested.
Underground 2 (Unfinished: demo) HL1 Maybe hl1_underground2-demo.7z Isolated-Design Just a demo of a dead mod.
Vietnam 1967 HL1 Maybe Vietnam1967 cd verze.rar Vietnam1967 ? Unusual (untrusted) CD installer package thing. Untested
Visual Realism Enhancement HL1 Maybe FilePlanet ? Some OpenGL tweaks said to make HL prettier. Untested.
Half-Life: Residual Point – White Force ‘Beta’ (2002) HL1 Maybe GameFront Early version of Residual Point mod; player is a Soldier instead of Scientist. (Untested)
Zombie-X HL1 Maybe GameFront Broken wreckage from a dead mod. (Untested)
Zone HL1 Maybe (Don’t bother.) ModDB page Wreckage from a bad-looking, dead mod. (Untested).
Desert Strike HL1 Unknown/Lost
Enemy 2 HL1 Unknown/Lost
Fallout (by simb) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Index Two: Episode One HL1 Unknown/Lost
Operacja Mirra HL1 Unknown/Lost
Split-Second HL1 Unknown/Lost
Blade HL1 Unknown/Lost
Classic Games mod HL1 Unknown/Lost
Crowbar of Time HL1 Unknown/Lost
Dark Territory HL1 Unknown/Lost Stalled/shelved
Death in the Dark HL1 Unknown/Lost
guitar star HL1 Unknown/Lost “pre-alpha”
Half-Life 1.5 HL1 Unknown/Lost
half-life: history (TWHL) HL1 Unknown/Lost Stalled/shelved
Half-Life: Sewer Beta HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l = malware
HL RPG HL1 Unknown/Lost
Icon of Hell HL1 Unknown/Lost
Icon of Hell Lost Episode HL1 Unknown/Lost
Meth Life HL1 Unknown/Lost
Otage HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead.
Sagharmath HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l = malware
AMOD HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Santa’s Revenge 2 HL1 Unknown/Lost
Xen Assault (Demo) HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
ADIYL HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
(The) Alien World HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
All Out HL1 Unknown/Lost
Bloody War HL1 Unknown/Lost
HL Colonial Marines HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Confession HL1 Unknown/Lost Shelved/dead
CrazyCrabs (Madcrabs 2) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Crimes of 1932 HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Crisis 51 HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Crysis 3 HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l = attack site (malware)
Dark Fortune HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Dark Rock (They Hunger expansion) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Dark Truths HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Das Fesnter 45 HL1 Unknown/Lost
Dead Shift HL1 Unknown/Lost Stalled/shelved
Delta HL1 Unknown/Lost Stalled/shelved
Distinct Reality HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Dogs of War HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Eagle-Force HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
The Fire (Necromancer) HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l has only .rmf, no .bsp.
d/l has only .rmf, no .bsp. HL1 Unknown/Lost
Govnomod HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead?
Half-Life: Trinity HL1 Unknown/Lost
Hard Way HL1 Unknown/Lost
Heart Beat HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
HL1 Unknown/Lost
HL Pro HL1 Unknown/Lost
Impalement Productions HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Impulse 101 – The Train HL1 Unknown/Lost
Jump Program HL1 Unknown/Lost
Kleiners Adventure The White Line HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Looping Stage HL1 Unknown/Lost
Lost Time-Half Life HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Nuclear Target HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Orion-part2 HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Panic at Black Mesa HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
(The) Party (by CraZED) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Plasma (modding platform) HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
POPulation (in Contest1) HL1 Unknown/Lost
HL: Pre Disaster HL1 Unknown/Lost (has become “chickenfist2”)
Punk TC HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Remember_all HL1 Unknown/Lost = attack site (malware)
Rescue 1 (by SaCo) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Rescue 2 (by SaCo) HL1 Unknown/Lost
Return to Black Mesa HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l = attack site (malware)
Runaway HL1 Unknown/Lost
Secret Santa 2011 Stojke HL1 Unknown/Lost (by JeffMOD)
Sector 6x HL1 Unknown/Lost d/l = attack site (malware)
Shootout HL1 Unknown/Lost
Silent Dreams HL1 Unknown/Lost Snarkpit No BSP in d/l, only RMF. Untested.
MinkyHL HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
StarLabs HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
SubZero HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
Torching the Light HL1 Unknown/Lost
(The) Transporter HL1 Unknown/Lost
U.S.Rangers (USAR) HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
War 2041 HL1 Unknown/Lost Dead
War the killer HL1 Unknown/Lost
Xen Assault HL1 Unknown/Lost Stalled/shelved
Alternative Origin HL1 Do Not Add TWHL 1min of nonsense. You are a vending machine. Seriously.
CCTV for Half-Life HL1 Do Not Add TWHL Just a demo of a principle.
Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes HL1 Do Not Add ModDB Counter-Strike mod
Half-Life FX: Single Demo HL1 Do Not Add GameFront Just a demo of a principle for a dead mod.
Rumble HL1 Do Not Add GameFront Fun little panto by Unq; no player interaction.
Stargate TC HL1 Do Not Add ModDB MP only mod. Unless you want SG-1 Missions, then it’s necessary.
DM-Stoka HL1 Do Not Add GameFront Just a deathmatch map, no SP.
Subway: The longest fall HL1 Do Not Add TWHL Tiny map, poor review, critical WAD missing.
A Disgruntled Christmas HL1 Do Not Add FilePlanet Simple test construct for “A Black Mesa Christmas”
BooMario Demo HL1 Do Not Add Yandex Blatant Russian rip-off of (The) Abandon. Flagrant reskin theft. Troll ‘mapper’.
Brain Blood HL1 Do Not Add ModDB Nasty broken wreckage of a failed mod.
Chaos Theory (Unkle Mike) HL1 Do Not Add Hlfx Pointless Russian rehash of the HL tram ride. Terminally tedious, all russian dialogue. No weapons, combat, interaction – just ends in blank wall. Avoid.
Complex HL1 Do Not Add TWHL Pointless empty arena/killbox. All weapons, but no suit, only 1 grunt in a crate, no other combat. “Flush it now”.
Xen Cryo (TWHL Compo 15: muzzleflash) HL1 Do Not Add TWHL Tiny, no combat, marginal interaction.
Emissary (TWHL Compo 15: muzzleflash) HL1 Do Not Add Nildram Tiny, no combat, marginal interaction.
Gunz And Science (Mod) HL1 Do Not Add TWHL Utterly dire troll/noob map. No combat, no weapons, marginal interaction – style of a 6 year old. “Flush it NOW”.
hammy-bob classic HL1 Do Not Add ModDB Huge troll, d/l not the same as desc/screens. Infantile troll butchery of “The Abandon” mod, now with added stupidity. “Flush it NOW”.
On The Other Side (OTOS) HL1 Do Not Add Yandex Explore Gordon’s “quarters”. No combat, marginal interaction. Tourism mod.
Japanese Episodes HL1 Do Not Add Pcosmos 3 novice maps – step on cockroaches in a box room, throw grenades at static zombies (10 pin bowling) and something else. Just no.
Action Half-Life HL1 Do Not Add ahlv1_win32.exe Unusual 3rd person conversion.
Tactical Espionage Action HL1 Don Not Add ModDB This is a third person mod.

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