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Moses Perez

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20 November 2015




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Hello, I am space_modz. I am a decently educated Half-Life fan, and love to see the community grow and get creative with the engines that Half-Life runs on. I don't make any works, as I am not that well talented, but I appreciate greatly of other works that people make. I mainly like horror games and multiplayer games, but games with an interesting universe and story that is unique and not like any other seem to have a special charm that attracts me to them, and Half-Life seems to be one of those games. I also love games where the sequels deliver quite a different experience from their prequels, Half-Life being one of those games as well, as the theme and story shifted, from an alien invasion inside of a secret giant laboratory, to a whole invasion that takes over the world. Half-Life is really a game that has a huge expansive universe, and that's what I admire.
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Very horrible player when it comes to tactics. I am based around reflexes, I react quickly to situations that catch me off guard.

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Very observant, and distracted most of the time. However I will get to the point if absolutely necessary. I also play a lot of horror games, still searching for some that scare me in some way.

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  1. Worms 3D
  2. Doom
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2
  4. Mirror's Edge
  5. COD:BO3


  1. Blue Shift
  2. G-Man Invasion
  3. Brutal Half-Life
  4. Hazardous Course 2
  5. Scientist Slaughter House

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