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06 Aug 2020
16 Mar 2022

Mega City One

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

MEGA CITY ONE is the next phase in the combine invasion of earth.

New types of mega structures for more efficient containment and gaining total control of the human race. You are part of a special unit of the rebels in search for a lost Xen crystal, which the Combine need to initialize the final phase.


Total Downloads: 2,51013th February 2017
27 Comments and 10 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"

Uncertainty Principle

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

When the Combine raid your Resistance hideout, you are forced to flee into the depths of the Outlands.

But with Overwatch forces hunting you down, and the local fauna out to get you, danger is always just around the corner.

Play through four chapters of Half-Life gameplay, exploring new locations, meeting new characters and uncovering lost secrets.


Total Downloads: 7,69326th September 2015
56 Comments and 20 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!


for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Re-enter the Half Life Universe and revisit City 17 in the time before Freeman, in this fan made single-player mod.

The Resistance is threatened by a decisive Combine assault, and as a wanted Resistance member you will need to fight to escape from the Combine’s clutch.

At the same time, a mysterious force is working towards ends unknown…


Total Downloads: 13,50029th March 2011
102 Comments and 58 recommendations, most say "Personal Favourite"