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Steve Gregory

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16 June 2015




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United Kingdom

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I love HL2 adventures with an explorational perspective.
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Slow and steady wins the race

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I enjoy outdoors / explorational mods to see where the adventure takes me. Leon Brinkmann's come to mind, like Coastline to Atmosphere.

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  1. Doom
  2. Serious Sam 3
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Dead Effect
  5. retro gaming / Atari ST


  1. Ground Complex
  2. Year Long Alarm
  3. Coastline to Atmosphere
  4. Offshore
  5. Strider Mountain

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11 Nov 2017 Dark Interval: Part 1 Same for Mac, sadly
11 Nov 2017 HalloweenVilleFour [recimage id=3] So I was pranked at the start? But soon afterwards I began to wonder about thi...
05 Nov 2017 TeleportVille [recimage id=3] The start kinda sucked - and what's with that end of the tunnel if there's not...
29 Oct 2017 Street Hazard I use "The Unarchiver" from the Mac appstore... also tried two others but they all failed. I d...
29 Oct 2017 Street Hazard I should add that I had errors once again unpacking this archive. Only with the Sound folder and ...
29 Oct 2017 Street Hazard I absolutely loved this. The three maps are all gorgeous but I personally feel they were in an or...
13 Oct 2017 Forest Train I remember playing this a couple of years ago and (stupidly) didn't care for some parts of it (ii...
13 Oct 2017 Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo Works here for me. Although I did need a PC friend to unpack the archive for me. I can do it here...
13 Oct 2017 Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo I didn't want to rate this as it's not finished ofc but I must say how impressed I was. The dialo...
03 Oct 2017 Trouble Dutch A first map? I'm torn between 3/4 stars but its good and a great start for a mapper. The gunship ...
01 Oct 2017 Duality I've gotta say that I'm pretty impressed with the stealth aspect. I thought it worked rather well...
01 Oct 2017 Sniperville [recimage id=4] I didn’t like this on my first game. Seemed rather boxed in with an overly unf...
29 Sep 2017 Precursor Gotta agree with most here, this is one of the best mods. It's such a great adventure and I loved...
26 Sep 2017 ForestVille [recimage id=3] Now this is a silly map but it’s far too dark and is almost like playing a Doo...
25 Sep 2017 Lost Under the Snow Another oldie I've recently returned too and it's also a bit of a strange one for me. One the one...
23 Sep 2017 BeginningVille [recimage id=2] I thought this was an interesting concept and felt old skool too in many ways....
17 Sep 2017 CityStreetsVille [recimage id=4] An exceptional map which takes humour to a whole new level. I really wanted th...
16 Sep 2017 Epistle3Ville [recimage id=2] Loved the start which I thought was superbly done without feeling fake or with a...
10 Sep 2017 CromulentVille Once again, I had to ask my PC mate to unpack this archive as the SOUND folder contained files of...
10 Sep 2017 Quiet Rehabilitation I didn't like this on my first attempt. Stuck, in the dark, only a crowbar... Yikes I panicked wh...
09 Sep 2017 From Combines I eventually got a PC friend to sort me out with the Sound folder from this (corrupt?) archive. (...
05 Sep 2017 From Combines I'm on Mac and the mod appears to be fine from what little I've played. However, the archive does...
04 Sep 2017 BridgeVille [recimage id=4] I really REALLY enjoyed this map. It was interesting to explore and I enjoyed ...
28 Aug 2017 Imperious Everyone is right, this map feels noob with lots of things that just don't work or don't make sen...
05 Aug 2017 Venatura I quite liked this and the intentions are obvious but badly executed with a terrible framerate. T...