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Rodolphe B.

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A fan of HL since 1998... I've discovered mod's with HL Redemption in 2006, then They Hunger in 2007 and then it gradually became bigger and bigger...
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  1. Dead Rising
  2. Bioshock
  3. Soldier of Fortune
  4. Wario Land
  5. Gabriel Knight


  1. Underhell
  2. Nightmare House 2
  3. Research & Development
  4. Sweet Half Life
  5. Heart of Evil / They Hunger

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15 Aug 2017 Hunt The C-nt From the same guy who brought us the equally good The Evasion (a continuation of Shephard's adven...
01 Jan 2017 January 2017 General Chat Happy New Year. This year I'm waiting for : GoldSrc : -The Core -Residual Life 1.5 (which w...
13 Nov 2016 Explore Phillip's Collection of FPS Games - Part 1 Ah it brings back memories, the golden age of FPS was 96-00 :/ [quote] Unreal System Shock 2...
06 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Well, if that was done in 5 days, and being one of the most original HL2 mods released in the las...
05 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Ok, thank you. So, [b]Crawlspace[/b] : An unexpected map somewhat broken (the author advises no...
05 Nov 2016 Precinct 17 Short "vanilla" HL2 mod with a nice crescendo on everything you can fight (you start with Metroco...
05 Nov 2016 HalloweenVilleThree Crawlspace is not on the file? Anyways, 4 average entries, well it was better than H2Ville last...
02 Nov 2016 Fast Detect I won't review it because I didn't (and I won't) finish it but I don't understand all those bad m...
06 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Okay, I've opened up here on RTSL, because I'm a bit surprised... SM got 38 PF. 38 Personal F...
05 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I don't know if people saw it, but there is TWO endings : [spoiler] In the penultimate map, the...
04 Mar 2016 Episode 3: The Closure The biggest mistake was really to call that HL2 Episode 3. Probably it'll get more famous but...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Yeah, as I said the problem here is there is a bit too much praise on vanilla HL2 modding, and ...
28 Feb 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Damn, time goes on and too much newcomers here... You really should have played Coastline to A...
27 Feb 2016 What The Headcrab: Episode 007 Ah, "Raising the Bar" is one of the dozen "HL2 Beta" projects which we see pop here and there... ...
26 Feb 2016 Prospekt Ha, that's an interesting thing you brought on the table. I'm kind of the same here. For examp...
21 Feb 2016 Comatose Same author as Attempt to Survive, it's mainly focused on the story, the first part is hard becau...
21 Feb 2016 Attempt To Survive Atmospheric mod in a post-apo setting, you're a lone wanderer, rumbling about his past life befor...
21 Feb 2016 Nightmare House It was nice, but the "sequel/remake" is 1000 feet above this one in terms of quality!!! Anywa...
21 Feb 2016 Transmissions: Element 120 The MOTY 2015, a fantastic, Valve-like quality piece of work, it's short yes but each minute is a...
21 Feb 2016 Year Long Alarm A cool mod with nice vertical map's, however it was too "classic" IMHO to really be a PF, the las...
21 Feb 2016 Uncertainty Principle Besides Transmissions E120, this is the best 2015 Source release, in classic HL2 style. The ma...
21 Feb 2016 HalloweenVilleTwo A complete mess. I don't know what happened, but it's not good, not scary at all, no ideas, too m...
20 Feb 2016 Antlions Everywhere OK, I found this mod to be a bit "toxic" of being so much surrounded by those damn Antlions, anyw...
20 Feb 2016 Arctic Incident Interesting and short challenge with an ice-oriented theme, generic enemies changed into their "f...
20 Feb 2016 TWHL Tower Ok, it was a funny "mappack" from some good old modder's I've known since several years now, it w...