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4 January 2010


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Lover of Half-Life since the beginning. I map and mod and I still do it for Half-Life and the Goldsource engine. Headcrabs are just so cute I want to pet them. Also a former reviewer at Ten Four.
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Run & gun, quicksave & quickload.

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  1. Thief: The Dark Project
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Portal / Portal 2
  4. Braid
  5. The Swapper

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  • Mapping: Expert
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I map and mod primarily for Half-Life, not the Source engine. Long live Goldsource.

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03 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat OK, thanks. Yeah we'll get that fixed. In the meantime you can use the BlackMesaDoorVille templ...
03 Oct 2017 Hunt The C-nt A pretty solid mod here. It definitely has shortcomings so it doesn't get a Play it Now recommen...
02 Oct 2017 BridgeVille Yet another great Ville result! I always thought the idea of BridgeVille was simple but pretty o...
01 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat Which Ville are you having problems with?
01 Oct 2017 Union How did you install it? Unfortunately this is not packaged as a mod, you have to manually copy t...
27 Sep 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Rarely does a mod hit on all cylinders for me. But CAGED is not only a solid reimagining/expansi...
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22 Sep 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Doug - do you mean the alarm bit? Wesp - What bathroom are you talking about? Map name? I ca...
20 Sep 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 4 – TeleportVille Yes but the main point of this challenge is to use teleportation in an interesting way, ideally a...
16 Sep 2017 September 2017 Classic of the Month Livestream Nah it's written by the authors as Halfquake so that's what I'm going with.
09 Sep 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - Epistle3Ville The Arctic Combine is there, it's texture replacements for the Nova Prospekt soldiers. If you wa...
09 Sep 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - Epistle3Ville The assets will be included in the mod download, you don't need to pack them.
02 Sep 2017 Big Lolly Well that's my old Ten Four review just above, and it pretty much stands up to my feelings on rep...
17 Aug 2017 Hunt The C-nt I don't think that's the case at all - he maps in Goldsource!
10 Aug 2017 12/13 August 2017 Livestream Schedule Yes, I usually "replay" a mod. In this case, it's just "play" as Phillip mentioned - believe it ...
09 Aug 2017 August 2017 - General Chat Busy, busy August. Big thing here in the US of course is the eclipse on August 21st. I have a f...
26 Jul 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement Everybody's a critic
21 Jul 2017 AssassinateVille Probably not, this happens to me in some maps too. Turn it back on by putting this in the consol...
19 Jul 2017 CSS SCI-Fi 3: Hardwired About a year ago I was able to get this mod working fine by following this guide: http://steamcom...
04 Jul 2017 Bridge The Gap Solid little indoor Black Mesa styled map here. The needed bridge was obvious right away, but of...
03 Jul 2017 BridgeVille Yeah it landed in spam for some reason. I fixed it up for you.
30 Jun 2017 Livestreams for 1st and 2nd July Well, you're going up against the Tour de France, so hmmm
25 Jun 2017 Wolfenstein: The New Order I'm on Windows 10, no problems here.