Marine Invasion: Episode 1

for Half-Life

Collect your gear and suit up.

Face possibly the largest number of enemies you have ever seen.

Survive until you die in the radioactive goo.

This mod was originally released with Episode and a bonus Opposing Force map on THWL. I have chosen to release each episode and the bonus map separately.


Total Downloads: 19929th April 2015
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for Half-Life

You seem to have been kidnapped and are being kept in a bunker, guarded by zombies.

As you affect your escape, you enter dream-like states, where reality and fantasy mix.

Keep a clear head and focus on your objective and you may just escape.


Total Downloads: 18228th April 2015
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Half-Life Point Blank – Stackdeath Complex

for Half-Life

Starting with no weapons and no idea where you should go, you need to stay alive long enough to figure what to do.

There is no story and no sense to any of the areas, but that’s that not the point of this mappack.

It’s to use your skill to reach the end.

Only the strong will survive, Spartans would love this challenge.


Total Downloads: 31827th April 2015
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The Work Area

for Half-Life

You must escape your work area.

Apparently, you’ve always worked in the basement, so you don’t really know what to expect on the higher levels.

They might even have secret doors for all you know.


Total Downloads: 18524th April 2015
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Freeman Escape

for Half-Life

Your objective is the F-15 hangar.

To get to it you need to pass through a number of aggressive obstacles.

Reaching the hangar is only part of the battle, getting inside also requires some thinking.

Good Luck, Freeman.


Total Downloads: 23021st April 2015
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