The Mineshaft

for Half-Life 2

You find yourself stuck in a mine. The only way forward is blocked. Can you find something to remove the blockage.

If you can, move forward until you find a small tunnel, this will lead to a possible escape.

Good Luck!


Total Downloads: 9057th July 2015
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AGENT: Norman Shoeman
MISSION: Infiltrate Data Laboratories. Steal Sample 302 and escape.
ADDITIONAL MISSION: Retrieve 8 data chips.

Good luck!


Total Downloads: 2406th July 2015
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Donation Drive 2015

Hi Everybody, every year around early Summer I run a donation drive. I don’t like asking for donations, but it’s necessary.

In the past, I have used some buttons and widgets to collect the money, but this year I couldn’t find any I liked (Chip-in has closed).

I will therefore be giving you my PayPal email address and asking you to make donations that way. I know for people without PayPal accounts, that’s not convenient but I can’t see another way to do – if you know a good way, please let me know.

3rd July 2015 10 Comments

Military Duty

for Half-Life

You are Alexander Shepard; Corporal and a soldier of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit.

You don’t know exactly what’s going on. But orders came in to pack up everything and head out for a highly classified mission.

The destination is Black Mesa Research Facility.

Nobody knows for sure what has happened down there but you will find out soon enough.


Total Downloads: 4,95728th June 2015
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AvsM 2: Project XEN

for Half-Life

You are J.C., agent of a secret organization known as OATA.

After barely escaping with secret plans of terrorist group RWG, this sequel answers: what are their secret plans? What is Project XEN? How to stop it?

After escaping X-LAB on AvsM1, story of this mod starts after few hours, J.C. arrived to his base to get some rest and have a beer, but new mission awaits him.


Total Downloads: 1,37021st June 2015
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Nightmare House

for Half-Life 2

You are driving across the coast to visit your family when suddenly your car starts to break down. You end up rolling right in front of a house before your car completely quits on you.

You have no cellphone so your only choice is to ask the inhabitants for some help. You open the giant, rusty gate and begin to walk up the path.

You are barely five feet in when the gate slams shut. Something doesn’t look right about this house…Welcome to the Nightmare House.


Total Downloads: 86419th June 2015
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Your Town’s Generator has broken and you must repair it and steal a Power Module from the Army Base.

Explore two dungeons with different enemies and weapons.


Total Downloads: 33118th June 2015
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You find yourself in what seems to be an underground base.

Things are not looking good.

Can you find a way forward without getting turned into a zombie or worse, killed?


Total Downloads: 19917th June 2015
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