Half-Life / Valve Memorabilia

It’s been a long time since I posted soemthing in the Reader-to-Reader section of my blog. I have been meaning to post this for a few months, but finally made the time today.

I present to you my collection of Half-Life memorabilia. I don’t own that much, partly becasue I can’t afford to and partly becasue I don’t want too many things like that.

Under each photo is a brief description, and if you have any questions just ask.

I may have a look for some other boxes of the games, might be nice to have the full collections, inclduing all the versions of HL2. I’m pretty sure I have the Half-Life Generations packaging somewhere.

If youa re wondering about the blue back in some of the photos, I keep all the stuff in that, which is a waterproof bag. I am terrified of them getting soaked in a flood (it does happen in my town but it’s highly unlikely – I’m just over-protective).

Okay, here are my photos….

29th August 2015 5 Comments

Poll Question 317 – Does playing violent video games make players violent?

To be honest, I am surprised we haven’t dsicussed this exact question before.

The only previous poll I can find close to it is from August 2007: Poll Question 043 – Are Single Player FPS games too violent? (for some reason the actual resulst are not visible and I have decided to find a plugin that will keep the poll data on the site, instead of outsourcing them).

I got the idea from a BBC article entitled Do video games make people violent?. Its headline is: More than 200 academics have signed an open letter criticising controversial new research suggesting a link between violent video games and aggression.

20th August 2015 17 Comments

Baby Game

for Half-Life 2

To save the baby, you must keep pressing the red button.

This puts the baby back at the beginning of the track.

As you do this enemies spawn.

How many times can you save the baby?


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The Future of Mapping Challenges

With the last two mapping challenges producing few entries than we hoped for, I think it’s a good time to question the mapping challenges.

I have been running these for over 5 years now and there have been ups and downs throughout that time.

What I would like to do with this post is question almost every aspect of them and see if anything interesting comes up.

6th July 2015 27 Comments

Military Duty

for Half-Life

You are Alexander Shepard; Corporal and a soldier of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit.

You don’t know exactly what’s going on. But orders came in to pack up everything and head out for a highly classified mission.

The destination is Black Mesa Research Facility.

Nobody knows for sure what has happened down there but you will find out soon enough.


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Nightmare House

for Half-Life 2

You are driving across the coast to visit your family when suddenly your car starts to break down. You end up rolling right in front of a house before your car completely quits on you.

You have no cellphone so your only choice is to ask the inhabitants for some help. You open the giant, rusty gate and begin to walk up the path.

You are barely five feet in when the gate slams shut. Something doesn’t look right about this house…Welcome to the Nightmare House.


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Other Games We Play

As part of the Reader to Reader series of posts, I thought we could talk about the “other” games we play.

I’m not talking FPS, because we did that in the Your Favourite Underrated FPS Games post, I’m talking about everything else.

For this post, let’s stick to video games and we’ll do other types of games in another post.

If you have any images you want added to the post, either link to them or send them to me and I will size them and embed them in the post.

I’ll start the ball rolling with myself.

7th June 2015 23 Comments