for Half-Life 2

“It’s the night that lasts forever. You’ve just found a way back into the winding non-euclidean streets of Insomnia City after after a long soul search in the great white void.

Time is running out and so are options. Enemies are closing in on all sides and everyone’s waiting for the inevitable.

This is it, the beginning of the end. Every question about who you were and why you’re here is irrelevant.

All that matters now is survival, and what you will become. Paranoia has taught you much, but it’s time to move on, on to orders of time and space still stranger.”


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Sam Combs’ Notes from Critical Jim Video

When I suggested the idea of level design critique videos to Jim, it was always with the hope of having the author benefit from Jim’s eye for detail.

After the first video, for Station 51 by Sam Combs, was streamed and made available on the RTSL YouTube channel, the response from the community was overwhelmingly positive.

Sam published his response to the video on his Tumblr blog and has kindly allowed me to republish it here.

7th April 2015 1 Comment


for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

HunterVille is the current mod in The Ville Retrospective event.

Here are all the entries for my HunterVille mapping competition. I would like to thank everybody who entered.

I consider it a HUGE success and as you will see when you play the maps, the quality and ideas were truly amazing. I had real trouble picking a winner and I suppose in many ways, that’s a great position to be in. I feel some pride in thinking that my competition has encouraged the mappers to make and release these maps.


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April 2015 General Chat

So, here we are. Spring is in the air, daylight is getting longer.

Some of you, me included, may have a few days off from work or study, so that’s always cool.

What gaming plans do you have this month?

1st April 2015 28 Comments

Half-Life 3 Review Writing Competition Results

Back on 27th February, I announced a writing competition, asking for people to write a review of HL3.

I received 4 interesting entries.

Continue reading to see them all and then select your favourite.

And the winner is…

23rd March 2015 5 Comments

RaiseTheBarVille – Joint Mapping Challenge with MapCore

As announced last week, here is the moment you have all been waiting for! Run in conjunction with MapCore.org and lasting 4 full weekends, this mapping challenge with stretch your imagination and abilities to the limit. It’s time to fire up hammer and let those creative juices flow. The Theme and Your Objective We’d like… Read More

19th March 2015 60 Comments

March 2015 General Chat

DOH! I forgot about the chat post and I am 4 days late. Sorry about that.

So far this month, we have had the Source 2 announcement and even the BBC had coverage of Half-Life on its site – YAY!

I’m off on a long weekend trip this weekend to recharge my batteries, fingers crossed it’s sunny.

What have you seen in the news recently?

4th March 2015 20 Comments