What The Headcrab: Episode 008

Howdy All. I’m a few days late with this episode but hopefully you will forgive me.

Plenty of news this podcast as well as a break from tradition.

One quick word of warning, I sometimes refer to things on the screen and if you just listen to the podcast it may seem strange. Sorry.

Also, I seem to say “Kinda” a LOT this episode, not sure why that is, again sorry.

So, let’s get started.

16th March 2016 7 Comments

What The Headcrab: Episode 007

OMG, yes, that’s right, I finally managed to produce another WTH podcast.

I’m so sorry for the delay. As with the last one, this is just about the mods. Almost everything is taken from ModDB.

Since it’s been almost two months since the last podcast and we have had an influx of new members/readers thanks to the YouTube channel Valve News Network, let me quickly summarize the podcast.

What The Headcrab is a podcast that updates listeners on what’s been happening in the Source/Gold Source single player modding world. Initially, the podcast covered Reddit, YouTube and GameBanana but it quickly became apparent that there was too much to cover. From episode 6, I decided to focus almost exclusively on mods.

If you would like to know more, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

At some point in the future I may create video versions of these podcasts.

27th February 2016 8 Comments

The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 2: LiberationVille

Welcome to the second mapping challenge as part of The Hammer Cup 2016.

Theme Details

Dictionary.com defines Liberate as

  1. to set free, as from imprisonment or bondage.
  2. to free (a nation or area) from control by a foreign or oppressive government.
  3. to free (a group or individual) from social or economic constraints or discrimination, especially arising from traditional role expectations or bias.
  4. to disengage; set free from combination, as a gas.
  5. Slang. to steal or take over illegally: The soldiers liberated a consignment of cigarettes

That’s exactly what we want you to do! Build a map that allows the player to liberate something of your choosing. The “something” can be a person or people, an item, or anything else you can think of!

Pick any of the definitions above. We particularly like the fourth regarding the “COMBINation”.

Maybe the City 17 rebels are trapped and need your help. Maybe Alyx has been captured. Again.

Maybe you’re a car thief. Maybe you impulsively hoard garden gnomes. Maybe Barney has borrowed your crowbar one too many times.

The options are wide open, as long as you can liberate it!

As always, ask as many questions as you want, either via the comments here or privately if you prefer.

The map will be judged on how well it fits the theme AND the elements listed below.

18th February 2016 84 Comments

Please suggest mods for future videos

Recently, I have a seen a few videos about SP HL/HL2 mods and I don’t think they are very good (not that I think mine are), but they have a LOT of views. I think I can do better, not just better than the videos I currently produce (which are only uploaded streams and the new Minute Mods series) but also better than the ones I have seen.

I have created what I believe is the best resource for single player maps and mods and with regard to videos I am not doing a very good job of utilizing that resource.

What I would to start to do is create some videos that showcase some mods but use aspects other than the generic “Top 10 HL2 mods”. Well, I do want to do that, but I am sure there is a lot more I could do too.

12th February 2016 28 Comments

2015 Awards Winners

Single player maps and mods are often considered the little brother of multiplayer releases. But not here on RTSL. They take the centre stage and deservedly so in my not-so-humble opinion.

Below you will find the winners of the RTSL Awards 2015 in 6 categories. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the non-winners.

This was a great event and will only become bigger next year.

Oh, and talking of winners, have you seen and played the 2015WinnersVille mod? It contains the winners of all the 2015 RTSL Mapping Challenges.

For those interested, the previous three stages can be found here: Stage Three, Stage Two, and Stage One.

25th January 2016 6 Comments

RTSL on Facebook

Just in case you missed the tweet and mention in a post, RTSL is now on Facebook.

Along with Twitter and Tumblr, I will be posting short updates about the site.

Some longer things will be posted to Facebook and Tumblr, with a tweet linking to both of those.

I know that not all of you use Facebook, but it only takes seconds to copy and paste to create a new post, so iit’s not too much effort and I hope it will help readers stay engaged with the site.

I should mention that LiveStreams will for the time being only be announced on Twitter, partly because Twitch automatically tweets and partly because it seems more appropriate.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.

10th January 2016 1 Comment

Gauge 2.7.0 Now Available

Okay, first of all, let’s talk about the name change. When MapTap was first envisaged, it was just designed for single maps and unpackaged files. Over time we started adding more and more features. Now, MapTap installs mods, so the name “MapTap” limits its perception as useful.

With all that in mind, I decided to re-brand it. It is now called “Gauge”. My thinking behind it is that it fits with the idea of Valve and Steam, without using one of their brand names.

The version numbering will continue from the previous versions. The name change is from this point forward. I will need to make the changes to the sub-site, buttons etc, but those will have to wait a few days.

9th January 2016 15 Comments

Awards 2015 – Stage One

Okay, so here we are Friday 1st January 2016, so time for the Awards 2015!

Just a reminder before we get started: These awards will consist of three separate stages, each a week long. Full deatils can be found here: Awards 2015 Format.

Stage One: Nominations.
Stage Two: Refine
Stage Three: Winners

There are 5 awards on offer: “Best Source Release”, “Best GoldSource Release”, “Best Ville Entry”, “Best Moment in a Release” and “Most Anticipated Release”.

What you need to do now, is look through the sections below and if you feel that I have missed a nomination, make a comment and if at least 3 people agree, it will be added to Stage Two, next week.

Now that I have written the post, I am wondering whether we should separate the *Villes into their own new category. It seems a little unfair on the mods create by one person to have them compete against mods created by multiple authors. What do you think?

1st January 2016 14 Comments