Leon’s Coastline to Atmosphere

for Half-Life 2

This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers one possible scenario.

After the big explosion you fall to the ground and are very badly injured.

Some people find you and take you home to a small village outside the city where the citadel was built.

After 3 months you’re strong again and want to fight on.

I have added this to the frontpage because there has been a patch released that addresses issues that have been casuing this mod to crash. I have also been live streaming it. – Phillip


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Poll Question 328 – Do you ever replay sections of mods that you originally cheated in?

Those readers/viewers who have been following or watching my recent playthrough of Coastline to Atmosphere: Phillip Sings Badly (Yes, the series is called Phillip Plays Badly, but if you watch the video for long enough, you will understand why) may have noticed I cheated on a particular section. In fact, I “cheated” twice.

The first time was because of what I believe is a design error – I left the buggy and progressed forward, only to come back and find the buggy behind a gate that had risen.

Now you could argue that I left the buggy in the wrong place but I argue “How is the player supposed to know?!”. In this case I used impulse 82 to spawn a new buggy. There was no way I was going to replay that whole section again.

The second time, linked to above, seems an absolutely unbeatable section. Every single time, I was instantly killed by a strider, even though I had 100 health points. That seems totally unfair.

Now because I was live on Twitch, I kept playing for a while and eventually used BUDDHA mode and continued. If I had been playing alone, I might have kept trying.

However, yesterday, I reloaded the section from the beginning and replayed it. I finished it in a few moments and felt cheated.

I felt cheated because it was very easy to do but not from where I tried last time. Yes, I know that might not make sense, so just watch the video if you can bear it.

This weeks question was formed from that exact experience. Often you just need to approach a situation with a different tactic and stopping playing and coming back another day is all it needs.

If somebody asked me “Did you cheat when play CtA? I’m not sure what I should say. Technically, I did cheat, but I also beat the section without cheating too.


Oh, if anybody wants my save file to see if they can pass that section from my exact situation, just le me know. In fact, I might make a mini-challenge from it.

12th November 2015 10 Comments

This Weekend’s Livstream Schedule: ElevatorVille, Decay and HL1 Anthology Giveaway

We have at least two livestreams scheduled for this weekend and hope many of you can watch and join in the chat.

Phillip will also be finishing Coastline to Atmosphere at some point during the weekend. Check the RTSL Twitter feed for the latest details.

In addition to the streams, we are starting what we hope will be a new regular feature: A live game giveaway.

So, check out the details below and we hope to see you online with us.

All the streams are on the RTSL Twitch Channel with chat enabled.

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What The Headcrab: Episode 003

Howdy All. Here we are with another quick “What The Headcrab” episode. I have a feeling it’s been pretty quite recently, maybe everybody is playing games, instead of making mods etc.

If you don’t know what this podcast is about, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

Below is the podcast, along with the links to each topic mentioned, along with my very brief notes.

7th November 2015 9 Comments

POSSIBLE changes on the site.

Firstly, let me stress: NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED YET.

I am posting this to get feedback on a possible change to the site.

The Background

As many of you know, originally the site covered many, many SP FPS games, maybe 20. Over time that got cut down to 15, then 10 and now we have 5. All for Half-Life and that’s perfect. In addition to creating the maps and mods posts, I also started creating lots of other types of posts; now grouped into Phillip’s Blog. These types of posts intersperse the main content – the maps and mods.

I enjoy creating these types of posts and I know that a few people enjoy reading them.

4th November 2015 54 Comments

Poll Question 327 – After Gameplay, which is the next most important element?

My association with The Citizen and The Citizen Returns is long. I know both main developers fairly well and even voice acted in them. However, when The Citizen Returns was released slightly over a year ago, I delayed playing it because I just didn’t have time. As time went on, I kept saying, “Oh! I’ll play it next week”. Of course, I never did.

Then Jim Patridge was “asked” to do it for his Critical Jim and he seemed to slip into full berserker mode and verbally trashed it.

29th October 2015 12 Comments

What The Headcrab: Episode 002

Howdy All. Here we are with another quick “What The Headcrab” episode. It’s been a few weeks since the last one, but I have tried to be judicious in selecting the posts.

If you don’t know what this podcast is about, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

Below is the podcast, along with the links to each topic mentioned, along with my very brief notes.

25th October 2015 14 Comments