The RunThinkShootLive 2016 Awards: Stage One

Okay, so here we are; almost FEBRUARY! and it is definitely time for the RunThinkShootLive 2016 Awards.

I am sorry for the delay in getting this ready.

Just a reminder before we get started: These awards will consist of three separate stages, each a week long.

Stage One: Nominations.
Stage Two: Elimination.
Stage Three: Winners.

Full details can be found in this post.

There are 5 awards on offer:

  • “Best Source Release”
  • “Best GoldSource Release”
  • “Best Black Mesa Release” AKA BlackSource
  • “Best Ville Entry”
  • “Best Moment in a Release”

I have decided to remove the “Most Anticipated Release” award because RTSL doesn’t cover In-Development mods. I have only just decided to run the “Best Black Mesa Release”, so there currently isn’t an award image – I’ll have to get one made.

What you need to do now, is look through the sections below and if you feel that I have missed a nomination, make a comment and if at least 3 people agree, it will be added to Stage Two, next week.

Due to my time away from the site late last year, I might have missed some releases, so this nominations week is essentially to ensure you can remind me of any worthwhile releases.

In addition, the “Best Moment in a Release” will need plenty of community input.

Best Source Release

The RTSL Release database is telling me there have been 26 Source releases posted on the site, not including Black Mesa releases. Eight of those were Villes. I have chosen the best releases but also added three others – I am sure you can guess which three!

None of the Ville Mapping challenges have been included for entry in this category because I feel that would be unfair to compare one person’s work to a group working under different objectives.

Best GoldSource Release

Well, this is a very sad state of affairs. Only 2 GoldSource releases in 2016?! What a pity! Have I missed any?

Best Black Mesa Release

I was pleased to see that there have been 8 Black Mesa releases on the site in 2016, enough to have its own section. It seems to me that the Black Mesa releases are different enough from HL2 and Ep2 to deserve their own award – I hope you agree. There might have been other releases on the Black Mesa Steam workshop, so let me know if I have missed any. Here they are in reverse chronological order.

Best Ville Entry

Let me be clear, this award is NOT about the best Ville mod, but the best entry WITHIN a Ville mod. Below are all the Villes released in 2016. With The Hammer Cup 2016, that’s a LOT of entries to think about. I’ll include the winners from each Ville but feel free to let me know if you want others included.

On the topic of last year’s Villes, I WILL be releasing a BestOf2016Ville mod in February, which will include the best entries from throughout the year, but I’ll have to replay them all first.
So, beloiw are listed the Villes themselves and I would like readers to suggest individual entries.

Best Moment in a Release

Have to admit, I am a little stumped for this category.

I can only think of the TWHL entry that kept you looping back on itself.

Please, please, please suggest some others.


There are new icons for each award, courtesy of Jeff Muñoz (Homepage, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr & LG). HUGE thanks to him for his hard work.

I have made changes to include the new RTSL logo, but if I can contact him I will ask him to do a proper job (He has the source images) and also make a “Best Black Mesa Release”.

Awards Structure

This year’s awards will be split into 3 one-week voting stages.

There will be FIVE awards: Best GoldSource Release, Best Source Release, Best Ville Entry, Best Ville Release and Best Moment in a Release. In 2014 there was Best Overall Release, but that didn’t seem fair as the engines for Source and GoldSource are so different.

Voting will be like the standard Poll Questions systems. I like the idea of limiting it to members who have used at least 25 recommendations during the year, but for now it will be public.

Stage One: Nominations.

For the Best Source Release, Best GoldSource Release award category I will list the top few or so possibilities, which will be taken from the Recommendation System. Readers will then be able to make their own nominations. If a nomination gets at least three other readers nominating it, it moves onto the next stage.

For the Best Ville Entry and Best Moment in a Release, I will make some suggestions but again, readers will be able to make their own nominations and if a nomination gets at least three other readers nominating it, it moves onto the next stage.

Stage One nominations starts on Monday 30th January 2016.

Stage Two: Refine

Voters will be able to make 3 votes for each category.

At the end of this stage there will be just two options left in each category.

Stage One nominations will start on Monday 6th February 2016.

Stage Three: Winners

This final stage will allow voters just one vote in each category. The two options will fight it out for the right to be called “WINNER 2016”.

Stage One nominations will start on Monday 13th January 2016.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions related to the Awards format, now is the time to make them as once the voting starts it is highly unlikely I will change anything.

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Help me create more and better content - please support me on Patreon


  1. Best moment in a Release:
    The map HOME from BacktrackVille, where after you complete the map normally, you have to restart it again and find the Revolver in the dresser which was there all the time.

    And of course: MAMH, rescuing the Hunter.

    Edit: I have another best moment: The map Abyss from ChasmVille, where you ride the Gondola and these giant antlions fly past you.

  2. Unq

    Nothing against 23-down, as he’s been an active part of the HL community for a long time – but why is Military Duty eligible? It was released in 2015.

    Suggestions for Best Ville Release:

    – MAMH from LiberationVille
    – A Hero Once More from LiberationVille
    – Liberation Version 1 from LiberationVille
    – High Wire from ChasmVille
    – Abyss from ChasmVille

    Suggestions for Best Moment:

    – The appearance of the giant G-man overseeing the final chessboards in Dimension C from AnyVilleVille.

    – The reveal of the Combine outpost in Outpost 57 from ChasmVille.

    – Spotting the distant giant gnome in Mobius from BacktrackVille.

    – Adjusting the HDR levels in Liberation Version 1 from LiberationVille.

  3. If we are doing a BestOf2016Ville and if I might be a part of it, please let me know in advance what maps of mine may be included. There are a couple things worth fixing in High Wire and MAMH, in particular.

    1. Ditto. I think I actually made an updated version of my trapville entry, but only “released” it to some mapping pals.

  4. JamaicanDave

    There are a few more Black Mesa releases, but the notable one missing is:

    A spy in a madmans way

  5. Sharp*S

    Since I saw Hunt Down The Freeman Demo on there. I suggest adding ARRANGEMENT’s demo under the Goldsource category.

    Looks beautiful.

    There are a lot more quality Goldsource ones out there, you just have to look.

  6. Besides MAMH and A Hero Once More, I would also like to suggest Wendigo (HalloweenVilleThree) as one of the best entries for Villes in 2016. Best moments for me can also be found in Wendigo:

    -when you enter the main building, you can hear something tapping on the window and can see a dark figure for a fraction of a second if you turn quick enough.

    -You are in the basement and on the way to the elevator after restoring power to it. Suddenly you’re ‘attacked’ by the unknown being.

  7. While I admit it’s not really required nor needed to put me into consideration once again for a certain voting of the best gold source 2016 mod vote. I do understand Phillip in doing so by his definition of things since day 1 Planet Phillip or nowadays called runthinkshootlive existed.

    Once a certain mod or map added content no matter how insignificant it was new. I added 1 new map and 2 new secret locations within present maps.
    Never the less I believe Unq is correct. I do not deserve a 2nd chance. Lets face it there aren’t many more Hl1 mods coming these days. My mod was an exception out of the formula in present days.
    Hl1 Infection will eventually get released this year. It basically requires only 2 more maps and Neclipse has placed me in leadership of his mod. But time at the moment plus morale are not that high. It only requires these 2 more maps. Present maps wont be changed much to none so to maintain him as main author of it.

    As for the current voting. I can’t vote due to the same reasons mentioned above but whoever wins I salute you and am looking forward to play it once I find some time. 🙂

    Good luck guys.

  8. What happened to this actually? And what is going on with the dates?

    Stage One:
    Stage One nominations starts on Monday 30th January 2016.

    Stage Two:
    Stage One nominations will start on Monday 6th February 2016.

    Stage Three:
    Stage One nominations will start on Monday 13th January 2016.

    Shouldnt that be 2017? Other errors too.

    1. Yeah, I really let this slip. Not sure what to do anymore.

      1. Unq

        Maybe package up a BestOf2016Ville and call it done with?

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