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Street Hazard

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

“You are one of the last surviving rebels in a war-torn city after a prolonged combat against the Combine during the Uprising. The main Citadel has been destroyed giving the Resistance a high ground in the battle while leaving the Combine forces disorganised without proper communications.

Because of this as well as the rebels’ persistent resistance the losing Combine had decided to use their last resort, the headcrab shell bombardment, consequently abandoning the plans of regaining control over that area and instead causing a zombie outbreak. This counter measure has caused almost the whole population of the city to turn into zombies including a considerable number of Combine Soldiers, as well. Right now there are still some small isolated Combine squads remaining in the region.

Since the shelling, you have been staying alone in an abandoned and half destroyed house for a short time. Though at this moment, having no other survivors to assist you and the zombies closing in, you have decided that it’s finally time to try and escape from the zombie filled city and find a new and better place to live in. You grab your only firearm, the shotgun, with the little ammo you have left and set forth through the hazards on the streets.”

Total Downloads: 4422nd October 2017
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Seek and Destroy Mod

for Half-Life

You play as Gordon, who has been sent to seek and destroy an alien/human spacecraft.

You will need to negotiate a variety of enemy and tactical obstacles.

Careful use of your weapons and ammo is advised.

Good Luck!


Total Downloads: 14521st October 2017
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Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Soon after the 7-Hour War, with Humanity defeated a survivors join the nascent rebellion.

After escaping Nihilanth’s control, Vortigaunts are forming the alliance with rebels, hoping to defeat the common enemy and return back home.

As a player, you’ll play a role of the man who survived the war and join the rebellion and prevent Alliance from completely conquering Earth.

Total Downloads: 3218th October 2017

Tunnel Woes

for Half-Life

You find yourself in a tunnel.

A familiar tunnel, but then again everything in Black Mesa looks familiar.

There’s only one way forward, so get moving.

Are you going deeper into the complex or moving towards freedom?

Only time will tell. Good Luck!


Total Downloads: 3717th October 2017
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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

“A few days ago, you received a letter from the Civil Protection : you’ll be relocated.

Today is the day. You’re at the trainstation to move on City 17.

However, there’s something wrong with this place…”


Total Downloads: 7877th October 2017
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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Epistle3Ville is the third 50-hour mapping challenge.

It contains 10 official entries and one bonus map.

The focus of this theme was to create a map inspired in some way by Marc Laidlaw’s Epistle 3 blog post as well as any Ep3 details.


Total Downloads: 2,23416th September 2017
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Quiet Rehabilitation

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Localised on the other side of the Coast, the Combine used to run one among other abandoned sections of the block cells as an area to detain citizens who were determined to be a threat to the Combine action.

Later on, these cell blocks were left behind, including countless prisoners and citizens who tried to escape by their own through vents, old offices, maintenance facilities and sewers.

You’ll find yourself stuck in one of those old cells on another side of sector A5 at Nova Prospekt. Be sure to acquire any kind of weaponry and supplies during your escape route, because you’re not alone on this mission.

Many unauthorised and unidentified creatures are wandering around the place. Watch your corners and try not to make any huge noises, you might attract those strange things to hunt you down. Or even worse: the Combine itself.


Total Downloads: 78031st August 2017
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Welcome to the very first (hopefully of many!) Black Mesa Mapping Challenge.

This release features 9 maps, each based around the theme of “What’s behind that door?”.

Mappers had to create a map that used a previously locked door from the retail game.

Unlike standard Source mods, this release features a special way to install the maps – don’t worry, it’s not difficult, just different. This is due to the game itself, not something I have changed. There are text and video installation instructions.


This has been updated to version 1.2 – see below.


Total Downloads: 87929th August 2017
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Hunt The C-nt

for Half-Life

Take control of Jane Doe, a HECU grunt, while hunting for the assassin who left you and your buddies for the Grim Reaper.

Play through a variety of locations and explore new parts of Black Mesa.

Can you beat the final boss?


Total Downloads: 73615th August 2017
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From Combines

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

You are captured by the Combine and turned into an Elite solider.

Accept. Comply. Execute.

You take your orders from the Combine Overwatch and they comprise a variety of mission types.

Protect your fellow soldiers AT ALL TIMES. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the mission.


Total Downloads: 6629th August 2017
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