Sweet Half-Life

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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Basic Details
  • Title: Sweet Half-Life SP Pack
  • File Name: hl1-sp-sweet.7z
  • Original File Names: shl_release_10.zip, SHL_10_patch_101.zip, shl_patch_mediaaddition.zip
  • Size : 18.98MB
  • Author: M Ellis, K Satou, & SHL Team
  • Date Released: 31 August 2001

Download Options

Download to your HDD [19MB]

Installation Instructions
  • Extract the contents of the hl1-sp-sweet.7z archive into either your \SteamApps\[username]\half-life or \SteamApps\common\half-life folder (whichever is relevant to your particular Steam installation).
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Sweet Half-Life should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


Sweet Half-Life is a HALL of FAME entry



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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Kyle


  2. Mikko Sandt

    The best HL1 sp-mod along with Timeline 2 & 3.

    The author’s name is Koumei Satou – he’s Japanese and made Peaces Like Us (HL) and Mistake of Pythagoras (HL2 – the best single-player HL2 mod).

  3. tommy

    when I try to get a game running it says Invalid DLL Version!!!

  4. Ezequielhl

    A must play with (as usual) with cool scenes.

    Like the HL story? this is your mod.

  5. john

    just getting in to the mod but did have some loading troubles. I had to start it in software and not open gl, then after loading in both patches it cleared up. I also have the hd pack in I believe hf v 1.1.1. or someting and went back to open gl and it took the better graphics. I dont know why before it would only show the first part then go to a black screen but you could move gorden. I emailed the developer and pointed out the tidbits. so far is it really good.

  6. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 5/5
    Good: Great length; lots of new content; scripted scenes are movie-like.
    Bad: Old textures.

    I first heard about Sweet Half-Life from an email, and I have to admit, I thought it was a kinda cheesy name. It doesn’t give any clues as to what the plot is of the mod, nor does it sound mysterious or anything, or instill a sense of awe in the player. But I decided to give it a go (after waiting in line forever at Fileplanet), and I am very glad I did. This is easily one of the best mods based off of the stock Half-Life textures and content by far.

    Quick overview: You are a Black Mesa employee who also happens to be named Gordon, though Freeman is not your surname, and you do not posses a degree in Theoretical Physics from M.I.T. Instead, you are a mid-level manager appointed to a storage section of Black Mesa. Sweet Half-Life takes place over the same time period as Half-Life 1, in case you were wondering.

    Okay, where to begin? I’ll start with the content. There are new models in the form of friends and enemies, from this world and the next. You finally have some scientist buddies in HEV suits to help you in Xen against the Gargs! There are new weapons for you to use, and they look great. The arms look great, nothing out of proportion, animations are fine, and the new weapons use their own ammo (except for MP5 grenades – they are shared).

    Next, we have the sheer size and length of Sweet Half-Life. It is nearly a third as long as Half-Life 1, and all of the maps are LARGE. You won’t see the ‘loading” screen very much, its great. All of the levels are well laid out, the architecture is impressive, and textures line up accordingly and accurately. Moving on, are the scripted scenes. Wow. These are very, very good. Valve themselves would have a tough time doing better.

    I hate to make the review short, but I can’t devote a whole paragraph to something that doesn’t exist. If you want me to really find something that I didn’t like, it would be that there weren’t many new textures. There were some, but not as many compared to Poke646 or They Hunger. That’s about it.

    Compatibility: Sweet Half-Life was built for the non-Steam version of Half-Life, meaning most of its content is contained in a .pak file. So if you have the non-Steam version of Half-Life, then you should be fine. However, I’m not one to play on outdated technology! So I did a little experiment. Using GCFScape, I was able to unpack everything from the .pak file into their correct folders in the \half-life\ folder in my Steam directory, and everything played fine. So, those with Steam are still able to play Sweet Half-Life!

    Summing up, this mod rocks, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone.

  7. would like to play this one but, after the intro, my screen goes black. I can hear myself move around, but can’t see thing.

  8. Is the vvideo setup for open GL ? Are you using the steam version or original?

  9. Original. I’ve tried it in Open GL, Direct 3D, & plain software mode. That was the first thing I tried but, still the same thing. I thought I had played this one some time ago but, I don’t think I have.

  10. Ah, in the readme file, it says not to play if you have the HD pack. I had read somewhere at some time that you could modify this without uninstalling everything. Is this correct & if so, how do you do that?

  11. john

    goodness goddess alyria. just a few posts up or being a goddess look down. hehe. I had the same problem. load the patches from the authers site. it will work, I can give ya a hint ole mighty one. it is a great hard mod. I am stopped on the what I believe to be the final battle. it says I cant win, but I refuse to surrender. hehe. post if you have any more problems and me just a mear mortal will attempt to help thee.

  12. john

    p.s. after loading in the patches use open gl.

  13. I went to the sites last night. An English version which had no d/l links listed (http://sweethalflife.freeservers.com/) and the Japenese site but, even being a Goddess, I can’t read Japanese. I’ll see if I can find the patches somewhere else. I didn’t even see that post above so thanks!

  14. john

    i would think a goddess would be able to read any language. but then the simple minds of we mear mortals. I am stuck downloading the newest patch for the offical army game but will do what I can to see if I can give a a good link. stay tuned it might not take that long. I think I have it in my favorites.
    and in another note, do you like anami? the author has put some in the mod. very neat. also this guy also made the half life 2 mod mistake of phythagorious, a outstanding mod. will update ya…

  15. all patches are on his english site available here.


  16. Just disregard my above comments. Found the english version of the site with the patches. I just like to play the games, not get too overly technical about it. After installing the patches, it still does the same thing. Does it have to do with the HD pack (which I have)? How do I correct that problem?

  17. john

    ole mighty goddess alyria. I fear your powers are not that strong if thou cant read the japenese. but, fear not for I have the links. links in english, my fair lady. hehe.


    look at the download part and get all the patchs. my copy a sierra haflife .1.1ect..has worked fine with hd pack on all the mods I have played. I gave up on steam hl1 a wile ago

    note to phillip, maybe include the link above to this posting site. for phillip is the one true god. I bash aliens and make meny a sacrifice in his name. good luck let me know what happens.
    ps. I might not be able to ge to you till saterday night if this doesnt help.

  18. Uninstall it.Or use it with steam.Mine works fine in steam.

  19. Er, I posted this question earlier on “Ask a question”. How do you install hl to run in steam? I bet this is why I never see any girls posting around here. Bet you guys hate it. Oh well, I’ll check back later to see if anyone helps further. Now, I have to go bake cookies & stuff for my nieces/nephews.

  20. Install steam.It will then search your pc for any other compatible games and install them for you.Then it will ask you to enter your key.If,like me you had a stand alone half life disk it will will also give you opposing force and blue shift.If it does not ask for a key you can activate it by clicking the games tab in the toolbar.

    EDIT:I like cookies too.Peanut butter is my favorite (wink wink)

  21. Well, I already have steam installed. For some reason, HL 1 isn’t in my list of games. I guess I’ll just have to uninstall Steam & go through the whole process again. Sure is a lot of trouble to play just one game.

    Hey andyb … my favorite is the peanut butter too. I’ll think about you while baking them. I bet you like peanut butter fudge too?

  22. Fudge?Yummy! If you have steam installed click the games tab in the toolbar and select “activate a game”

  23. john

    alyria, I went to planet half life to get you the link to the upgrade for hl 1 to the final version which is what steam uses.
    they changed their file layout I couldnt find it quick. but I suggest trying that.
    good luck…

  24. Too late. Oh well, to be continued …

  25. Oh yeah andy … btw, if this doesn’t work … suffice to say your ass is mine!

  26. Something really told me you’d say that.

    Okay, I uninstalled Steam, re-installed it & Half Life 1 is not listed anywhere. Now what Mr. Smarty?

  27. As I said above,select the games tab (beside store tab) and select activate a game.

    Edit: I had a custom GUI so I reverted back to default.The toolbar goes File, View, GAMES, Help – select Games

  28. There’s nothing there to select except my HL2 games. If I click on Activate a Product & put in the key for HL 1, it tells me it’s already activated. Just never mind. Thanks andyb & john for all your help. Happy Holidays to all!

  29. Finally! I finally uninstalled my HL & re-installed it without the HD pack. Mine came as the platinum collection, so I did it as a stand alone. Works perfectly fine now. Although, I SWEAR, I read somewhere that there is a way to disable the High Definition by renaming a file. I wish I could remember where I saw that at.

  30. john

    we mortals rejoyce as goddess alyria now begins to save us in the world of sweet half life.
    sorry to hear about all the trouble you had. great mod.

  31. Okay, I was getting really discouraged during the first part of game play. Some of these mods become monotonous to me if they don’t present some real change. I love to be intrigued & I know most of you guys love being in Black Mesa. I, however, love being taken out of that element every once in a while. So, I was humdrumming along until it got to the “twist” (so to speak). Everything changed after that. What a remarkable game! It quite simply took my breath away. Those bad ass aliens were awesome & tough little buggers but I loved the spaceship. The music also set the right feel for it. I could go on & on about the great technical quality of the mod, but most of you guys already know that. Definitely (as suggested) one of the BEST hl mods to play. I plan on playing through it again as soon as I finish Black Ops.

  32. A good mod this with some groovy Sci-fi references, Brazil and 2001 to name the easy ones. Nice branching story and “impenetrable” B-movie plot. Really good maps and set peices. BTW use Explorer or look in either HalfLife of Valve folders for Pak1.pak, rename it to say PakOff.pak and you have disabled the HD content.

  33. BTW, I beleive ‘sweet Half Life” is a play on the title of ‘suite d’HL Invasion” the (in)famous french mod.

  34. BTW, I beleive ‘sweet Half Life” is a play on the title of ‘suite d’HL Invasion” the (in)famous french mod.

    I don’t think so because at was release two year before

    BTW Update author and release date

  35. Darth Marsden

    Ok, since you all seem to be such experts on this mod, perhaps you can help me with a rather nasty problem I have with it.

    I install the game into my Steam version of Half-Life, load it up and start playing. All initially seems fine, however when I try to shoot any living creature with the pistol (I’ve experienced this with the headcrab and the “zapper” alien), the game crashes on me. I can fire the pistol as per normal, but if I hit a creature, then I get dumped back to the desktop.

    I’ve tried using every patch from the website, but to no avail. I’m even using the original models, but the problem still occurs. Any ideas?

  36. Ltemup

    Where or what do I do after turning on the reactor and killing the 2 gren monsters?If you jump in you just float around

  37. Ltemup

    All set figured it out thanks

  38. Alex

    What do I do at the part with the spinning pipe?

  39. Alex

    Find a went in the roof somewhere

  40. wlodi

    i run this game, but first level don`t run, it is black screen, please help!

  41. More info would be helpfull.Are you using steam or the original release.What do you mean by first level cant see.I no follow.Do you have half life or half life 2?

  42. Make sure you don’t have the High Def pack installed.

  43. wlodi


    I have Half-Life 1 and I installed High-Def Pack. Black Screen is in first mission, after intro…

  44. wlodi

    oh, one thing

    I see intro with men who are making for machine 😛

  45. Uninstall the high definition pack and update half life to

  46. wlodi
    Play It Now!

    THANKS IT` WORK I finished this mod and I think is really good!

  47. shawn
    Think Twice

    This mod is HUGELY flawed, I was at it for a couple of hours and ran into at least four sequences of play where if things don’t happen in a certain, obscure order, you can’t progress through the game.

    I’ll describe one example. At one point a marine is fleeing an alien. Both are coming toward you. You, of course, shoot the marine before he can kill you. The problem is, if you do that, the alien then doesn’t perform an unlikely action that allows you to proceed through the mod. There’s no reason for you to think the marine has to live (only to be killed by the alien) for the mod to continue. So you wind up running around for 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get to the next section.

    As I noted, this happens way too often. Also, the AI is poor by HL standards. Several times enemies stand around waiting to be shot; even the sniper babes will wait to be taken down.

    I appreciate the effort the designers put into this–they obviously worked hard. It’s too bad (as with so many mods) they didn’t do just a little more testing and tweaking.

  48. tox (dev)

    Great effect, Great bug

  49. Vlad

    This is so cool and in this mod you have scientist with HEV on them and they can carry a weapon the best part is that they can’t be killed so easy

  50. zockopa

    Without any doubt one of the ten best SP-Mods for any shooter I ever played.
    Some tricky parts,brains needed now and then. The mod must be played twice
    to play it all. It starts easy but it gets hard later.

  51. Mel
    Play It Later

    A top quality game with lots of unique and new stuff plus a good balance of gameplay, however, it lacked a buzz for me . It’s still one that you should go download and play it may buzz better for you.

  52. Poisonheadcrab

    ok mod, somwhat fun with some cool and funny parts in there but overall pretty boring.


  53. SuperFlyTNT
    Play It Later

    Definitely worth playing for the story and “different-ness” of it. I found it very puzzling and frustrating at times… and I’m actually still playing it.. Right now I’m stuck in the part with the tall pedestal and the ship that flies around blasting you with blue/red scanning lights. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. The hints page is nice, but it would be cool to have a walkthrough, not all things are covered by the hints. e.g. the hints say to get the “long jump” thing, but what is it, how is it used, etc? If anyone has any hints for that red/blue blasting ship, I’m all ears.

  54. SuperFlyTNT

    OK, it wasn’t that hard… just shoot for the two engines… after this point, the game is essentially over… some really cool scripted sequences follow. Apparently there’s an alternate ending… in the hints page here: http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~ks_wca/shlhtm/shl_fm_e.htm I didn’t see several of those, so I must have taken route B. Guess I’ll have to go back and figure out what route A was.

    Overall, a very good mod, worth playing for sure. I can’t believe it’s now 2008 and there are still good mods out there for HL1 that I haven’t played yet.

  55. This mod would be great, but it has a flaw in it. When one gets to the scientist that needs to be rescued, the one behind the table, he fails to follow or otherwise move from his spot. I found this particularly frustrating. If anyone has any ideas about how to remedy the situation. I’d be interested.

    1. intooblivion
      Play It Now!

      You have the high definition models installed?If so, then the scientist is missing a jump over table animation, therefore making him stuck. The same thing happens with a marine earlier in the game, but since he’s killable it doesn’t matter.

  56. Anonymous

    I take it you know the trick of reverting to an earlier savegame and thereby re-enter the level and hope to trigger the scientist that way? Other than that, can’t think of anything…

  57. anonymous

    Great effect, Great bug

  58. rafar

    I can’t go ahead on map SHL09…after explosion helicopter…no exit…anybody can help?? thanks

  59. After you get off the train go up on the platform to where the section is boarded/fenced off.Eventually the guy in the hev suit will blow up the barrier.Its a pretty long wait.One of the few things I didn’t like about the mod.

  60. rafar

    sorry…is about the second explosion (helicopter falling down)…on the hall of torture..barney is killed for marines
    after kill all…im back and no exit…thanks

  61. Personal Favourite

    Go back the way you came in.get back out to the main hall and go towards the guarg and a hev guy will kill him.Then follow the hev guy.He goes in a portal that goes away but the grate there is breakable so you can move on.

  62. rafar

    ok..thank you Andyb….but there any bug on this map?? and if the hev guy dont come?? thanks.

  63. No bugs that I have seen.It takes awhile for the guy to show up thou.

  64. rafar
    Play It Now!


  65. megaman951

    I got a problem with this mod. I get stuck right at the beginning, right after the “g-man machine” scene, there is a bunch of letters coming out of a wall, and then nothing, just a black screen….

  66. Gilfrarry

    You can load the next map manually by typing “map shl1” in the console.

  67. Stefan

    how could this get a gold rating on tenfourmaps.

    boring and ugly. avoid liek the plauge.

  68. Play It Later

    I’m very dual minded on this mod. This is almost certainly a case where the author pushed their modding abilities to their very limit, there are numerous cases where scripted sequences might go bad and result in something that needed to happen to progress in the game not happening, but when the scripted sequences do work, they work brilliantly. This mod actually has a divergent path, so you’ll want to play the game twice (or at least one and a half times, if you leave a save point to backtrack to at the proper point. Hint: Gonarch)
    There are also places that have bad voice acting, at least one npc model that doesn’t fit the HL1 style AT ALL, and it doesn’t protect you from getting into areas that you can get trapped in at all, but I think the various amusing skits and classical sci fi references along the way make the game well worth putting up with the few minor niggling details.
    One point of note is that the beginning has a sequence where you have to protect a scientist from a Garg without any weapons at all, however the game doesn’t give you any hints at all that you need to protect the scientist except by possibly shutting down the game when he dies and saying “game over” (it doesn’t even give you a “failed to preserve mission critical personnel”) Knowing this in advance should help make that sequence far less frustrating.

    Keep a running list of backup saves so that you don’t have to start over completely if you end up with a futzed up scripted sequence. It’s heavily flawed, but also heavily epic when you managed to get around those flaws, and I’m not one to use the term “epic” lightly.

  69. crpl.shepered

    how do you find the power station in the place you meet the seconed gargantuin thing

  70. YOO

    what, this is one of the greatest hl mods out there.
    Check this out, now thats some amazing stuff:


  71. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    Oh weell just as it’s name says, this mod is sweet is great, defenetly one of the best HL1 mods ever, also I played with the steam fix verssion which is available, on mod DB, and is highly recomended, I had no bugs at all, and is a really cool verssion, you only need to have the steam HL1, and forget about bugs, well only for little strandings in some elevators, but in spite of that this is a great mod, like those like they don’t do any more in this days, with altern paths and new weapons and ennemys, really koumei satou is a must play in the HL universe, the UFO robot at the end reminds me it’s mistake of pytagoras HL2 mod, also a good one!,

    play it now!, remember to downlad the stem fix and that’s it buddys!

  72. Maybe?

    This mod is really if you like everything over the top. Lots and lots of enemies at once, with plenty of ammo for the powerful weapons. However, in my opinion, just throwing 3 gargantuas at me at once does not make for a fun experience. The level design is poor and it is terribly unclear what you have to do at times. Also, the way things were presented, like the cutscenes, and the Half-life dialogue used when it didn’t really make any sense, just left me with a feeling of a really unprofessional and poorly done mod.

  73. Play It Later

    Don’t get confused by the name of this mod, it’s really sweet – cause it was made with love, well-mapped and contains plenty amounts of action etc. etc.!


    -Long playtime
    -Amazing design and gameplay
    -Tons of action, guaranteed!
    -Pretty neat ideas (won’t tell now!)
    -Different ways after chooseable after some playtime (yes, means 2 different endings)
    -New weapons, sounds, enemies etc.
    -Very nice scripted sequences, surprising!


    -Some bugs (scripts, clipping, crashes)
    -Partly huge areas, a bit long walktime
    -Sometimes boring-looking levelpipes, not much detail
    -Minor performance issues (Xen) EDIT: okay, I accidently played in GL not D3D O:)

  74. Play It Now!

    The spaceship may not be the greatest design, but fighting the aliens was fun, especially with their own original weapon. Overall, this mod is enjoyable. The final fight is way too hard and that’s followed by the surreal bit which should tell you not to take it seriously.
    The only glitch I had was getting stuck on various lifts/platforms. I had to noclip to move off them.

  75. Ten Four Reviews
    Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

    I first played Sweet Half-Life soon after it first came out, coming up on a full year ago. I remember loving it. But what I forgot is how awesome the experience really was – it required my playing it all over again to remind me how fun SHL really is. I can only hope you can forgive me and Ten Four for taking so long to post a review.

    SHL comes to us from a small team, led by Marc Ellis and Koumei Satou, who is known for previous mapping efforts including the well-received Peaces Like Us for Half-Life. And KS’s style shows through in this pack – though not as blatantly weird as Pieces, SHL has some touches of offbeat design that keep it interesting.

    Just about everything is simply sharp in Sweet Half-Life. The level design, the puzzles, and the game flow are all first-rate. SHL has a couple of new enemies (including a pretty tough heavy grunt), new weapons in addition to the original HL weapons, and even friendly scientists in HEV suits that can kick some serious ass with the rocket launcher or the tau cannon.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 16th July, 2002 by Unquenque.

  76. Play It Later

    Buggy, but worth the time in the end. This is another old Half-Life mod I’ve been meaning to play for ages, and I finally got around to. The mapping is stellar, and there’s some clever modelling too- like the HEV scientists. It has some very neat scripted sequences and cut-scenes as well.

    However, on the other hand, this mod has some really annoying bugs. There were a few times doors that were supposed to open simply didn’t, and I was forced to use no-clip just to advance. Still, despite this, it really was an interesting mod with a lot of effort put into it. Don’t rush to download it, but if you have time, definitely play it.

  77. Please tell me at what point the action begins mods. I Freeman suits suit, doing an experiment and further events develop normal HL. When the story begins this mod?

  78. Zekiran

    It’s like the spammers aren’t even trying.

  79. Maybe?

    I give this one first, a thanks for the spammers for bringing it to my attention, and second, a big hefty “maybe”.

    While the individual portions of the mod are all pretty good – the mapping is pretty and quite half-life-ish, the choices of enemies are good, and there is custom content all around – it just doesn’t work at all for me.

    The scripting is, for lack of a better word, “fragile”, in that the mod from start to finish MUST, I mean, MUST, be played with specific goals in a specific order, or else everything falls to pieces VERY quickly. As in, within moments, if you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to, it simply fails to do anything. Whether this is because the scripts take too long to execute, or because ‘you forgot to touch this wall and run the other way’ or something… no idea, but I had incredible difficulty even figuring out where I was meant to go and what to do, from the beginning.

    I had to use the ‘hint’ page linked above, and even then – it made no sense because many scripted bits were outright missing or broken in my first couple tries. – yes, ‘couple’ of tries, I tried at LEAST three times to start the game and get anywhere in that one hallway with the garg exploding through it, but… since there is no direction before you figure out who you MUST save and how you MUST do it, it’s a matter of restarting every time.

    I noticed later, after god-moding and noclipping around in order to reach spots or survive fights, that there are breakable windows which take FAR more effort to remove than you’d expect. Thus: I didn’t break them until they were no longer an issue or perhaps they were and I’d never know. I still have no idea how I made it to the ‘end’, because there was no physical way I could have gotten back into the one crawlspace without noclip.

    If you didn’t pack up exactly the right amount of weapons / ammo, you’re completely screwed in the multiple-garg fight. Totally and completely – because the ‘give item’ feature *doesn’t work* in this mod. Also, for whatever reason, most of the tripmines didn’t go off even when there were TWO of the damn things standing right in them.

    I didn’t recognize most of the screenshots in the hint-site list, so I’m not sure I even played ‘the whole game’. If there was a divergent way to play I cannot imagine that it’d be possible to figure out where to go there either.

    So… points for it being nice to look at with extremely challenging fights, but… wow there was absolutely NO direction and no clear instruction or even UNclear instruction about what to do. No lighting cues, no sound cues, events that blew past me in another room for no apparent reason, etc. Overall, it’s meh. I wonder if it was better before Steam, or if there’s something completely broken about it now with any subsequent changes.

    I did really, REALLY love the little bits with Gman and hidden spots – but never got back to those spots to see whether they worked for me too, or what. Generally with Valve’s work, he would show up and you’d pursue where he was – that was impossible, as far as I can tell, here, because none of the places he was seen with the sole exception of at the very beginning in the tile-floored room, was reachable.

  80. Play It Now!

    This has to be my favorite Half-Life Mod that I have played so far – Nice levels, loads of guns and ammo.. and to top it off loads of enemies to kill!!

    Some cool custom items too such was weapons make it feel a bit fresh in a Half Life world that can be a bit stale and repetitive. The maps are linear but fit in nicely into the Half Life world and there are certain areas that are impressive.

    Has some minor flaws such as the voice acting not being that great – but I certainly wouldn’t call it bad.

    Think this mod would have been more popular if it had a better name “Sweet” just doesn’t fit in..

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