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“It is based in a house that you mysteriously wake up in..and the apparent owner of the house has a little sinister game for you…the puzzles in this map are quite hard (There are clues lying around, but you need to look carefully!) and the best of it is…you only have 30 (Real life mins) to collect the five “Keys” and get the hell out of there or be trapped in there forever..”


This map needs to be placed in your hl2mp folder and then you need to start a Deathmatch game, choose Create Server and select sp_sawlife. That’s what worked for me.

Basic Details
  • Title: Saw Life
  • File Name: hl2-sp-saw-life-2.7z
  • Size : 891.62kB
  • Author: Megdude
  • Date Released: 14 September 2006
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Video Walkthroughs Note

These videos contain SPOILERS and should only be used if you are REALLY stuck. You have been warned!!

Video Walkthrough Part 1

Video Walkthrough Part 2

Video Walkthrough Part 3

Video Walkthrough Part 4

Video Walkthrough Part 5

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  1. I shot them off the shelves

  2. Cubedude89

    So did I? What does it do.

  3. do you see a hole in the floor now near the wall opposite where the stairs are?

  4. I just went through it again.There are 3 shelves with boxes.Also dont forget to use the red button.

  5. Cubedude89

    red button? lol, Ill go through it again.
    I’ll get it sometime.

  6. yea.every room you need to activate the red button/switch

  7. Cubedude89

    lol. oh ya. I did that.

  8. did a short vid of that puzzle for ya

    saw vid

  9. That’s very niice of you! I think that’s the future of wlakthroughs. The VideoThrough! I claim copyright on that name!

    Seriously we should create a really cool walkthrough of the next big HL/HL2 mod released and include an overhead view with plenty of screenshots and videos like that.

  10. I claim copyright on that name!

    Too late, I just found somebody used that word in 2004 meaning a video walkthrough.

  11. andyb, maybe you could record and upload a video for part 5?

    BTW, I’m uploading the video to youtube and will embed it in a comment (Or the post) as soon as it’s finished. Hope that’s okay!

  12. Okay, I’ve added the embeded video but it is part of the post, I couldn’t get it to work as a comment, sorry.

  13. I will do a video of the whole thing upto the last part .That I have not beat yet(havent really looked at the puzzle to figure it out yet).

  14. andyb

    puzzle 1

    puzzle 2

    I wish these were better quality but fraps uses about 1 gig of space for each avi(more for more FPS) then I got a free avi compressor to get them down to a sharable limit(under 100MB).If I did the whole thing at once it would probably be(after compressing)about 300-500MB so I did it in sections.

    Part 2 with the levers is tricky because its hard to get the right lever to move.I seems the one you want to move never happens but the one beside has no problem.

  15. Cubedude89

    Wooo im downloading now andyb. Thanks. Maybe think about compressing to WMV next time.

  16. Don’t worry about downloading, look to the bottom of the main post, that will be much quicker!

    I’ve uploaded them to youtube for you.

  17. Cubedude89

    LOL, crap. Well too late lol.
    Ive already downloaded it.
    i did the boxes like that and that didnt happen for me. Ill try again later.

    Thanks guys.

  18. If no text showed on the screen for you when you did the puzzle then you didnt hit the red button right.Only time text will show is after pressing the button or putting a ball in the gallery.Just a thought of something you may of overlooked.I cant show anything else to help ya since the vid shows it all.

  19. ok I beat #5. I’m gonna show my attemps at it also.This is unedited footage of me being stupid in a game.I’m uploading it know so Phillip will have it when he wakes up.

  20. Max

    ok I did puzzle 3, and then hes asking a favor to put some toy in a box? wheres the toy, and what box?

  21. Phillip is slacking.He’s had the files for a week now 😉 anyway check post 45

  22. OK, I’m uplaoding the 3rd puzzle as I type and WIll uplaod the 5th later. I will have to edit the 5th because it is over the Yuotube limit and I’ve neveredited a video before. Hopefully it’s easy!

  23. whats the max size? I’ll reupload an edited one.

  24. No need, I’ve done it and it’s uplaoding now. The max file size is 100MB or 10 Minutes.

  25. Part 3 and Part 5 videos have been uploaded. A big thanks to andyb for supplying them.

  26. cubedude89

    WOOOT SAW 3 rocked!!!

  27. cubedude89

    GUESS WHAT PEOPLE!! I finally beat this mod. WOOOOOOOOO lol I started it on 16th of September and today is November 28 lol. LOL!!!! Congrats to Me!!

  28. LoL have a beer and relax.Wait for the puzzle map 😉

  29. MacGyverite 4 life

    WAS FUN I FIGURED OUT I NEEDED TO REMOVE SHADOWS TO PLAY SO I COULD SEE THE DOG TOY IN THAT ROOM, also I don’t know if the basement level worked right, I escaped with 90 health and went to the last room and then I crossed the fire and died but I pulled the lever before I did so when I came back I got the last ball and then used the first one you see as the key to escape. Is this the right way I don’t want a video, I want a FAQ
    cause downloading those videos takes too long.

  30. Play It Now!

    I played this map a few weeks ago and after a while solved all the puzzles. I just watched the videos of the solutions and in a few cases my methods were totally different.

    This is how I solved the puzzles. I’m fairly certain most of these aren’t the official ways…

    Puzzle 1: I didn’t even notice the numbers on the ceiling but I did notice the four people in the picture. I picked up the shape with four sides and fired it at the picture. It turns out any shape will break the picture.

    Puzzle 2: Your host bangs on about 5 levers and 5 doors. After much trial and error I invented a new numeral system called binary. 5 in binary is 00101.

    Puzzle 3: Stand in the doorway and shoot the light with the gravity gun a few times. Find the door that opened and from the doorway aim for the back right corner of the room. Grab the X with the gravity gun and take it back to the first room and from the doorway fire it into the room.

    Puzzle 4: While your host is banging on about something grab one of the little gas tanks and drop it in the hole with the ball. Wait till he shuts up. Get out of the room quickly!

    Puzzle 5: I can’t figure out an easy way to do this one. Pick up the metal box with the gravity gun and holding it in front of you work out which squares shoot flames and which ones don’t. DON’t walk on the ones that do!

  31. BadPrankster

    I really like this map! I am a huge saw fan.
    Could I make a mod from this map? Thx 4 teh map!!

  32. Could I make a mod from this map? Thx 4 teh map!!

    You will need to contact the author. I can’t find the file at the moment but there should be an email address for MegaDude in the readme.

  33. BadPrankster

    There is no email address in the readme file:
    Readme for sp_sawlife2: Created by Megadude

    This is a small co-op or single player, (hence the map being called sp_sawlife2), map for HL2DM, set in an abandoned house. You awaken trapped in a dirty, run down room, to the sound of a loud alarm. It soons quietens, to be replaced by a person's voice. They tell you that you have to complete a series of challenges. If you succedd, you can go free. If you fail, you will be trapped in the house forever. You only have 30 minutes to complete the challenges and escape, so you should hurry.

    To play this map, put it in your half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps folder.

    This map is for personal or server use only. It is not to be uploaded or made available to other websites, without my permission.

  34. his profile with a couple steam contacts is here

  35. cubedude89
    Play It Later

    that should be illegal, to be anonymous and leave an avoid it recommendation.

  36. Gilfrarry

    A greater cause for concern is the lack of informative reasons for his negative review. Is my opinion less valid because I choose not to use my real name, or my real pseudonym, or any more or less permanent affiliation with my current identity? Would Anonymous” opinion carry greater weight if it were attributed to polyhedronfellow21?

  37. cubedude89

    Yeah I agree, a lack of explanation is the greatest “cause for concern”

  38. Zoxia

    I’m stuck at dogs toy, where is it, what is it? help!

  39. Henry

    can someone help me plz?i dont get it, I download the mod and put it in D:\Archivos de programa\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\peternu1\half-life 2\hl2\maps I guess is like this but….create a server ? I dont see any multiplayer in half life 2 menu..i try counter strike source but wtf.. Xp NOTHING can someone plz tell me how do I play this puzzle? I need to download half life 2 multi?

  40. I’m stuck at dogs toy, where is it, what is it? help!

    Have you tried the video walkthroughs?

    i need to download half life 2 multi?

    Yes, you need to download and install Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.

  41. spysappingmytoaster
    Play It Now!

    wow vista has a use know I dont need to extarct it hahahahahahahahahhah vista finally wins.

  42. Rawr-thing
    Play It Now!

    Yes peoples. I’m a little late, but play it NOW. Rawr.

  43. yoshimitsu
    Play It Later

    i have a question… after the game, what happpens, all thet happens is that you dissapear!

  44. raond11

    Hmm really good work. Make something new, something great! But this is really good. Thanks for the map.

  45. Ed

    Any luck with the link update?

  46. Play It Later

    I recently broke down and installed HL2:DM JUST to play this mod. Was it worth it? Yes, but only because I had gotten HL2:DM free as part of an NVIDIA deal. I uninstalled it as soon as I beat it.

    This is a puzzle mod. A GOOD puzzle mod. Hardly on the level of R&D, but considering it was released 3 years prior, I think that’s a moot point.

    The first puzzle was relatively easy, just requiring a bit of observation.

    Second puzzle just required you to pay attention and keep at it.

    Third puzzle was when things got difficult, up until then I thought all puzzles would always be contained within just one room.

    Fouth puzzle was a short little aside, nice little pallet cleanser after puzzle #3, particularly frustrating if you were running short on time.

    Fifth puzzle was easy, provided you didn’t panic, but was also the first real sign of being in danger.

    Sixth puzzle was a pain in the butt. I figured out easily how to tell what path to take without getting hurt, but the path itself was so narrow that I died about 16 times before completing it successfully the first time.

    The last puzzle was the simplest of all, but also the most ingenious.

    I really think all of this could have easily been done in HL2 though, by merely disabling saves, but DM does ensure that pausing the game still lets the timer run down.

    All in all, if you’ve got any interest in puzzle mods, this warrants at LEAST one play through. Both NVIDIA and ATI offer deals that allow you to download DeathMatch for free if you have their graphics card, and you only need a computer with that brand graphics card for the initial installation. After that you can use your profile on any computer and it’ll still work.

    If puzzle mods aren’t your thing though, you’ll undoubtedly hate it.

  47. devtenty

    i just have a black screen with the crosshair in the middle

  48. @ devtenty

    I think you might have missed that you need Half-Life 2: Deathmatch in the main post.
    If you haven’t got Deathmatch it’s just GPD£2.99 from Steam
    Just type deathmatch into the Steam search box and select:
    Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and pay up.
    After download then as BadPrankster says
    “put it in your half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps folder.”

    If you have Steam open, shut it and then restart it.
    Then as Phillip says in the main post:
    “start a Deathmatch game, choose Create Server and select sp_sawlife”
    or you can start Deathmatch in your games tab.

  49. Anon_218766

    how to download saw mod for half-life 2

    1. We tend to use one of the download links listed beneath
      PlanetPhillip Download Servers
      in the main post at the top of the page.
      Works well for me.

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