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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
This modification offers a multi-level side story of Gordon Freeman while en-route to City 17 via Highway 17 in the infamous buggy.

When Gordon’s buggy was taken by the Combine Dropship, some maps of combine outposts hidden in one of the buggy’s side compartments were lost. Gordon was immediately dispatched by Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Eli Vance to locate the buggy and return the missing maps.

Setting: The entire modification is set at night on a small, rocky island off the coast of City 17. Rugged terrain, abandon structures, and multiple combine outposts will make escaping this island hell more than just a walk in the park.

His plan: Gordon surrenders to the combine so he could be transported to the facility where the buggy was left for scrap. Upon his surrender, he found himself in a small prison facility on the rocky island, waiting for a visit from Dr. Wallace Breen who would read his sentence personally. A familiar face woke him from his deep sedation…

His mission: Locate the buggy and find a way to return to City 17 with the stolen maps.

PDF Walkthrough Now Available

A PDF walkthrough is now available on


This is a fast paced and highly intense single-player modification for Half-Life 2.

Game Style: Lost Coast style in terms of an add-on mission

Game Time: Estimated 5-7 hours (first time through) depending on your skill level and difficulty setting

Chapters: There are 9 chapters with a total of 27 playable levels. Each chapter should take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

Difficulty: Very challenging — especially on Difficult mode.

System Requirements: Personally I have no problems running the mod (my system is average based on the Valve polls that have been published), but the poly count is high — there are a number of large open areas, so keep that in mind when configuring your settings before you run.


Download Options

Download to your HDD [78.1MB]

Installation Instructions:

If you have a previous Beta release you need to delete the folder before you install the new one.

1. Unzip the zip file into SourceMods (a folder called Offshore should be added)
2. Restart Steam. Offshore will show up in your game list.
3. You should see the new game in the your game list. Enjoy!

PlanetPhillip Note

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  1. Zargon

    I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I am unable to see any textures or HUD displays! I can see smoke, bullet holes in walls, all that jazz, but I can’t see fire effects (I/E I shoot a barrel and I hear it light on fire, but I don’t SEE it light on fire, and I can’t see any explosion effects for the barrels either, I just hear them explode and they just turn into barrel pieces and fall apart), blood splatters when shooting and killing enemies, and I can’t see specific HUD elements such as the Flashlight’s icon in the Flashlight indicator box at the bottom/center of the screen, only the bar showing how much power is left in it when I turn it on. Also, I can’t see the usual EP2 ammo display for the current weapon I’m using, (I take out the SMG, and next to the word “ammo” in the HUD, there’s no graphic of the SMG round like there is in EP2, this also goes for all the guns). I also can’t see the ammo types I’m picking up, only the numbers with no ammo graphic next to them at all like it shows in EP2. Also one last thing, if I open up the console, there’s a bunch of red error messages. Something about not loading or finding particle system elements correctly? Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? Somebody please help me, I really REALLY want to play this mod! -D-? Any ideas? :/

  2. I like this mod. But I had to start using showtriggers_toggle because there were places I obviously wasn’t triggering the events that would let me go to the next map. I also had to noclip a couple times because I could not figure out how to get where I was supposed to go. (I don’t know if that was lame-itude on my part, or what.) Also, it seems that if I did something “unexpected”(?), the trigger wouldn’t work, so I had to reload and figure out what I shouldn’t do.

    There were two places where it completely locked up on me (twice, in each case), and I had to reboot my computer.

    Aside from the bugs, which sound like they don’t happen for everyone, this is a good mod. I might like it more than CtoA, if it weren’t for the issues I had.

  3. Play It Now!

    In spite of the issues I had previously, and in spite of having to clear stacks of crates/barrels & whatnot from doors, etc. (which got old after awhile; near the end there was a pile of desks and benches–I was pretty sure there wasn’t a vent beneath them, but I had to move everything just to make sure), this is one of my favorite mods.

    Aside from the trigger issues I sometimes had, I thought the design was excellent overall (enemy variety, etc.).

    1. Personal Favourite

      Absolutely great mod! It doesn’t innovate all that much, just serving up a generous helping of solid HL2 action. I played about an hour a day for about 10 days and had a good time all the way.

      It is challenging, but after every big battle there’s plenty of health and ammo around (provided you take out zombies with the grav gun). And there’s no story at all.

      For me, it ran great throughout and only one time did I take the “wrong way” and not hit an important trigger. That would be the ledge “across from the helicopter’. I climbed up on boxes onto the ledge WITH the helicopter, took out all the enemies below, jumped down, took out a second wave but never triggered the gunship, thus never opening the exit door. Trapped for a do-over. Still, the do-over was not that hard.

      One hint; the Hunters go down with one shot from the combine-gun alt-fire, which save a lot of trouble.

  4. Zestje

    In the last weeks I have played almost all of the maps and mods for HL2, EP1 and EP2 listed on this site with above average rating, but this one is one of my top favorites. I agree 100% with eeVee’s comment. The indoor maps have very good layouts and the oudoor maps also look great!

  5. Play It Now!

    Wow! Huge world and plenty of gameplay. Not really anything new and exciting, but lots of fun. Challenging without being too hard. Definitely play this one.

  6. Zekiran

    While I appreciate the effort that the devs put into making visually interesting areas… what many folks have said about this mod is true: it’s far too repetitive. And, far, far too difficult. Too many things are simply not intuitive or not visible (I had to get a tutorial for the first 5 minutes – that is NOT a good sign) (I completely bypassed an encounter by running a different direction away from an antlion guard, and had to circle back to make any of the triggers go off).

    On the whole it’s “good with a taste of terrible’, rather than ‘terrible with a scattering of good” but I’d still say: reserve play on this mod for when your tolerance for being frustrated is very high. Otherwise you’ll wind up swearing at the computer more often than not.

    Five words:
    should have play tested more.

  7. smallengineguy

    This was an AWESOME mod to play! Congrats to the person who put so much thought into it.

  8. Personal Favourite

    I have a few Personal Favourites and this joins Strider Mountain at the top of the list.
    Great game.

    1. Hec

      OH also I loved strider mountain we agree in that buddy!

      1. 😀 That’s no buddy, she’s my wife 😀

        1. Hec

          OH sorry, I didn’t know girls also like to play HL2 as much as boys do!! thats great!

          1. Damn Straight – girls play too!

  9. Play It Now!

    This was one of the best mods I’ve played from here. Some issues with lag on some levels was irritating but overall a great job. Thanks for 3 afternoons of adventure.

  10. Play It Now!

    A pretty cool mod, with the first half a little long and boring, with several sequences already seen 100 times before…
    From chapter 5, it becomes more and more interesting, with several good fights, good challenges, some chilling moments, the utilisation of vehicles, and it goes like that until the end, with a final fight pretty difficult against hordes of Combine and Hunters, gasp!!!
    It take at least 6 or 7 hours (at least) to complete, so it’s not as long as the Leon’s mods, but it’s still a little too long for a simple side-story about the buggy (who is seen and used only one chapter before forever losing it, oh crap…).

    Overall, I take great pleasure… A pretty good story.

  11. Personal Favourite

    Astonishingly good. By far and away the best HL2 map of all time (to date).

    For those playing for the 1st time I reccommend the walkthroughs because some of the door switches are very remote to the door.

    I keep playing this mod and I’ll keep on playing it.
    There are just so many different moves and tactics you can use that make this so replayable.
    This is at least as good as the retail games. Simply amazing.
    Enough said.

    The acme of gaming perfection

  12. Play It Now!

    Hours of play time, mostly fun and well crafted, but, as has been previously said, the locating of doors and vents behind filing cabinets and the like has been over-used. Some of the puzzle elements were fiendishly difficult (I even had to resort to noclipping to work out how one or two worked), but all in all a great mod.

  13. Think Twice

    Im not going to really go into detail here but…
    The mapping is decent, lighting isn’t as good as it could be, but I’ll gloss over. My main gist is with the gameplay. Sure the shootouts are good, but there are so many problems with this mod.

    Starting without weapons or suit
    Difficult to know what to do
    Many areas are exact clones of another part of the map
    Many areas (particularly ones with leeches blocking the way) can be easily circumnavigated at the expense of a little leech damage
    Sheer failure to comprehend what makes a map play well

    So sure, the detail is ok, the shootouts are nice, but the rest of it is utter garbage

  14. Personal Favourite

    This game………….. WAS AWESOME! Although, there was one bug when it says your health, suit, and everything. But it fixes if you save and reload it. THIS GAME WAS SOOO FUN(And complicated.) THAT I BLEW UP! *Takes a deep breath* Well… I finished the hole mod in 2 days. :( But it was still super fun!

  15. Play It Now!

    i started this when it first came out, it was great. I did mess up and missed the bazooka. went back got the bazooka. then the game took on a new light.
    each large area was a fight, man what combat. lots of hunters.
    I loved it, would recommend taking one large combat area at a time.
    looking for the next installment from the developers. thanks had lots lots of fun…

  16. Play It Now!

    I found the first few chapters very boring and repetitive. Indoor design was of pretty low quality throughout with tons of basically empty rooms with the same set of props.

    However, after about two hours (the entire mod took me six) the going gets more enjoyable and there’s a considerable visual improvement especially with outdoor areas. The downside is a huge drop in fps. The two Strider beach maps are the kind of moments that’ll remain in your head for a long time despite the crappy fps I got. Too bad the stunning outdoor maps were not matched by equally impressive indoor maps.

    I liked the ending, although I’d have changed the sky to something with a hint of a rising sun as you catch the train out of the island.

  17. Louie

    Great Work! Loved this mod!

  18. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    JUST AWESOME! There are average mods, good mods, excellent mods, and this one, with is by now surelly a classic into the HL2 mods universe, you may think why??, well is just because this master piece combine perfect action with great maps with some logic path-pulzes and they are full of combat and fluid-dynamic game play.

    Lots of explorations and well balanced maps, I also love being in the middle of a combine ambush, and the storyline doesn’t have to have lots of dialogs to explain, because explain itself, simple, just escape of that island of hell! I really felt something hard to feel with other mods: in this mod I felt like I was playing HL2 game again, this mod is pure Gordon in the flesh.

    Maybe some troubles in connecting some levels can be found, but they are minimal the action you get every level just worth it, love to torn apart those striders with the magnusson device, love all those tons of explosives in the whole way…..

    Just finally, the action, time play and great simple concept of this mod, made it defenetly one of my personal favourites!

    My Ratings
    Playability: Mini Review Bar System Detail: Mini Review Bar System
    Originality: Mini Review Bar System Puzzles: Mini Review Bar System
    Challenge: Mini Review Bar System Battles: Mini Review Bar System
    Storyline: Mini Review Bar System Lighting: Mini Review Bar System
    Variety: Mini Review Bar System Audio: Mini Review Bar System
  19. Play It Now!

    I love this mod! But it gets pretty boring in the middle. Everywhere I turn there’s a Metrocop, or a Combine Soldier. Oh well, still great!

  20. I have a simple question. According to the walkthru while on the dock, you must crash through the end of the dock down to the sand. It says to do this where the power pole is. There is a fence at that end of the dock that will not break. Is this the right spot? If not just where is this jump to be made?

    1. One of my top 3 mods of all time Filthy McNasty. I know it well.
      I think you’re just going in the opposite direction.
      Have you just found the yellow Jalopy for the first time? If yes:
      You drive off the end of the dock which was behind the Jalopy when you first came across it.
      Drive under the dock you were on. Return to walkthrough.
      If no, is there a screenshot of where you are?

      1. Thanx for the help Jasper. I could not find the spot you were talking about. So, I decided to cheat. This move is strickly against my principles regarding playing hl mods but I had enough. I was able to move forward. But what really is giving the most problem is video. At certain points, while in an outdoor area I get video distortion and lose the video for the game. Did you have this problem also? To anyone who have experienced the video distortion pls help me out. It’s a great mod but I’m going nuts.

  21. Pedro The Swift

    I thought I might play this again,, but it comes up with an engine error,
    Is this a different version from the 2008 original(patched?)
    if so I’ll download it again,,

    I read on the steam forums it didnt need fixing,,,

  22. Personal Favourite

    The opinion on this mod is quite varied.

    The only word that can describe this mod is FLOW. It has a great flow and lots of combat. Even though some of the indoor areas are a bit repetitive, it is not a chore to play compared to some indoor crawls such as Strider Mountain.

    This mod reminds me of the best of the old school HL1 mods, it has quite a different feel and style compared to current HL2 mods.
    The art direction and object placement is also well done, making this a visually pleasing mod to look at.

    Lots of memorable set pieces in this game. Make sure you play it!!

    HINT – I did not pick up the RPG early in the game and got to the part where you needed to destroy the combine flyer near the helicopter. To fix this issue do the following…..

    Make sure the console is enabled by going into “Options” ” Keyboard” ” Advanced” and tick “Enable Developer Console’

    While ingame press the ~ (tide) key to bring up the console window. Type “weapon_rpg” and hit enter to give you the missing RPG !!

  23. Adam

    I’ve found myself in the strangest predicament. I’m not sure when I downloaded this mod, but I have it, and can’t get it to work. I’m getting that dreaded setuparrayprops_r engine error when I try to run the game using the Orange Box (I’ve also downloaded all the other SDKs that I could find in the “tools” section on Steam).

    I know this is a common error since updates and whatnot, but I can’t find any fixes. Not only that, but I find barely ANY mention of this mod anywhere else on the internet! Sure, I can find YouTube and references, but the author’s homepage is dead and it’s not listed on ModDB. I found that to be the strangest thing of all. What gives? I hear this is an incredibly long and involved mod, so what’s the deal here?

    I couldn’t find anything relating to this problem after Googling a ton of different things, no patches, and no fixes. The one generic fix was to change the SteamAppId to 218 and add an AdditionalContentId 420, and that allowed me to boot up the game, but there are missing textures and events, rending the mod unplayable.

    Has anybody else run into this? Any solutions?

    1. Adam,

      Firstly, try downloading the mod again from here, that way we can eliminate a bad download. Secondly, do all your other Episode Two mods work okay? Thirdly, according to gorpie Offshore doesn’t require any changes to work. I have to admit I haven’t checked myself but I do trust her. If I get some time, and I stress the IF, I will install it again and see what happens.

      Hopefully some other PP readers will also try and help.

      Let me know about point two.

      1. Adam

        Thanks for the response. Turns out I must’ve downloaded a bad mod. I saw the mod fix page, which was why I was confused. Downloaded it again from here and it’s smooth sailing. I think I initially downloaded it from when I went on a downloading spree a while back before I knew about this website. Last time I download from there!

        1. Yes the DL from here is the only one that works. The download from moddb (or somewhere else ?) was no good.

          Such a shame there is no website or page for the team who made this, A kickass action mod.

  24. Avoid It!

    This mod is a grueling nine chapters long which is the longest mod I have played to date. I give it’s author an E for effort. Unfortunately, that is where my praise will end.

    The enviroments here are the same, over and over again with not much in the way of sub-enviroments. Prison facility, dark beach, prison facility, dark beach. rinse, repeat.

    The mapping is mazey and even though it is linear like a good HL2 mod should be, it isnt always clear where to go. “Pull a switch, backtrack, remember that locked door?”. A player can spend many moons in the same general area. It gives a feeling of non-advancment. Add to that the drab enviroments, and you have a recipe for bordem.

    There isnt much ambience either, Lacking in both wind/background noises, and lack of periodical background music. This only serves to add to the game’s overall dullness. Over and over again I would play a chapter for 10 minutes, then skip ahead to the next chapter hoping for some relief. I got none. Sure the battles are ok, plenty of weapons/ammo and all that. And although bland, the archatecture/construction seems good. But a game is supposed to be much more than just decent battles and dull gameplay and bland enviroments. It is supposed to be about advancment, exploration, and not being bored.



    1. I just tested it and it worked perfectly. Last night my host had problems and this may be the reason. Please try again.

  26. Personal Favourite

    By appearance it’s something pretty simple. But there’s an overall design to the game that’s actually really amazing. The architecture of the maps was fantastic. It was usually complex but not confusing, and had a sense of realism that was really observational.

    The whole mod takes place on a single island, so it’s a relatively small space. But the entire island seems to have been converted into an enormous compound, with layers and layers of corridors, flooded basements, cavernous warehouses, and horrific prison blocs. Frequently, when you begin a map, you’ll see areas that are cut off, locked, or inaccessible. But as you progress through the level you explode open walls, turn on or off power, or find a hidden air shaft that takes you to that inaccessible area.

    It’s pretty brilliant architecture. As I made my way through the surprisingly long game, I started to believe that the author really had a calculated, deliberate design for the whole thing. The author knew the layout of the whole compound, not just the areas of gameplay.

    And the gameplay is excellent. The combat is seriously intense and offers plenty of opportunities for truly epic moments. The lighting, mapping, and the architecture all facilitate the combat. Cover, for you and the enemy, is placed very well but it’s also easy to walk into a killing field. The Combine are always positioned in strategic positions, and you definitely get the feeling they are in control of the island.

    Some might consider the mod to be repetitive or too long. And there might be something to that. I found some of the jumping puzzles to be a bit maddening and checkpoint placement was pretty damn erratic. And I don’t think there’s much of a story. But I can’t get the mod out of my head. The gameplay was a hell of a lot of fun and satisfying. The layout is intelligent and realistic. And it’s clear the author put a lot of thought into it. So despite its minor shortcomings, and because it made such a lasting impression on me, I do believe it is one of favorite mods.

  27. Personal Favourite

    it still amazes me how guys create such amazing mods… and since most of these guys do these mods in their spare time then that makes it even more amazing
    this map took me around the same time as half life episode 2 which shows how big it is … however it was a great mod to play … puzzles are good ( maybe a bit hard at times ) and the combine battles were not too frequent …
    overall one of the best hl2 mods around … however one small critisism… after all that work why not do some ending credits showing who created the mod and all the other guys who helped .. just a thought
    well worth my “personal favourite “

    1. Coincidence! Just finished playing it again; how many times did you die in the final train station battle? Yes, an excellent mod – once you figured out that how he hides all the blasted vents, which are the only way to progress! That, an the combine battles were often overwhelming. But yes, an awesome chunk of work for one guy/team!

  28. Yohan

    The download for this mod is broken/missing

    This is important, because the Moddb version of this mod is broken and does not work. The Planet Phillip one was the only working one.

  29. Unknown

    I have mixed feelings about this mod in many ways the cons out-way the pros hugely which is a real shame because this mod is full of potential.


    Lag: There are, so many NPCS, and Props that this has caused crashes, and terrible lag through-out Offshore.

    Ending: When you get to the end of the mod you really don’t get that fulfilled feeling when it’s over. There was no cut-scene, no special reward, really nothing when you finish.

    I know that a mod doesn’t necessarily need that to make it worth-playing, but for much larger mods it almost feels like a “Must” since the player has invested so much time into going through the mod especially one is big as Offshore.

    Repetitive: Expect to fight the same enemies through-out 90% of this mod. This mod literally feels like “it’s never going to end”! That being said this mod really does require a lot of patience if you want to finish it.

    Blinding Light: There is a feature in Offshore that is incredibly annoying that you will come across in later chapters. Every time an npc attacks you the screen will show a flash of light which is very intrusive, and annoying.

    Too Many NPCS: I usually don’t complain about the amount of npcs, but this mod really takes it a step above. I do appreciate the level of effort, but I thought the amount of npcs always spawning was ridiculous, and this will happen through-out every level just about.

    Too Much Health And Ammunition: It was almost impossible to die in this mod, but of course this depends on how well a user can play through the mod. There was copious amounts of ammunition, and health through-out almost all levels.


    Outdoors: This is one of the few mods where a large majority of the mod is actually outdoors instead of inside. It has a fairly good ratio to switching between indoors, and outdoors.

    Level Design: The mapping isn’t super amazing, but still a little on the average side I would even go as far as to say some of the maps are a little above average.

    Offshore Is A Huge Modification: With about 22 maps most being incredibly big expect to spend at least a week playing this mod of course this depends on how much time one has.

  30. Anon_1392540

    Doesn’t work anymore, it comes up with an error everytime I try to start it

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