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The concept is this: You are Gordon Freeman when he was doing his freshman year at LiTh University. Although many think he studied Theoretical Physics at the MIT that is wrong. He actually studied MedieTechnology with us. And he even was in the same team as us when we were doing a map for hl2 as a project in one the courses we were taking.

To celebrate that we had finished this map we have a party and Gordon shows up, drunk as usual. Soon he passes out and wakes up somewhere far away. He thinks he is in Poland (at least there are a Polish flag on the wall) but what the heck is he doing there?!

Basic Details
  • Filename:
  • Release Date: 29 May 2005
  • Approx Size: 19.8Mb
  • Game: Half-Life 2
  • Type: Map
  • Author: Freshman Team
  • Download: Filefront
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Help me create more and better content - please support me on Patreon


  1. Playbus

    This is easily one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen for HL2. It’s short, but very sweet. Lots of custom stuff, and it’s all designed and scripted very, very nicely. The general quality of the mapping is high too. And it’s original. There’s no other map quite like this out there! There’s not really that much of a game to play in the end, but that’s not the point. Everybody should download this, especially mappers looking to be made to feel small, hehehe. I wish I could do this.

    This gets 10/10 from me.

  2. The Abandoned Workshops

    Very short map with no real gameplay but running away from a helicopter inside an apartment. The best thing about this map is walking through it and watching the very well made scripted sequences, which are fantastically made.

    The design is good for the map, with a realistic apartment fell with well chosen textures.

    A nice map to play if you’d love to see some really good scripted sequences.


  3. Gunther627

    None of the DL links work, They all lead to “:Cannot display” pages….xD

    1. The Filefront link worls for me.

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