CSS SCI-Fi 3: Hardwired – Half-Life 2

for Half-Life 2

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a single-player modification for Half-Life 2. Waking up to find himself an augmented clone of Gordon Freeman, the player must fight time-travelling Combine forces and other enemies across 42 unique and re-playable missions.

Missions are set in 18 retail and 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps, which are installed intact to the player’s CS:S game folder. The mod edits the entity data for each map as it is loaded, adding and modifying entities to create a seamless single-player experience. The maps remain unchanged and are fully playable in Counter-Strike: Source. Maps have been contributed by established designers, including Bluestrike, Schuzak and d00ds.com. Combat locations range from a snow-covered country church to a dense pine forest to a sun-baked tropical island.

Players enter each map through the mission hub and can choose to play each one at a time or all in 3 linked campaigns. Each mission features a series of goals, such as to rescue hostages or destroy targets, which must be completed to move on to the next map or return to the hub. There are multiple approaches to each goal, and in each map the behaviour and armament of enemies and the distribution of resources are randomly determined within defined parameters. Thus, no two plays are the same, making CSS SCI FI a truly re-playable single-player experience.

Key features at a glance
  • Single-player.
  • Requires Source SDK Base and Counter-Strike:Source.
  • Retains look and feel of Half-Life 2 while adding new weapons, enemies and abilities.
  • Includes a custom mission hub, weapon test range and full configuration utility.
  • Includes 24 custom maps for Counter-Strike:Source.
  • Features 42 replayable non-linear missions, each with multiple goals and hidden secret weapons.
Updated File Features
  • Support for 64 bit systems and non-standard Steam locations.
  • Now runs on the Source SDK Base, meaning that only Counter-Strike: Source is required.
  • UAC support for Windows Vista and 7.
  • Streamlined configuration utility.
  • Updates to the translations .csv (get this version if working on a translation).
  • Faster loading times and minor bug fixes

CSS SCI FI is packaged in an executable installer. This installer does not write to the registry or make any changes to any installed programs. When executed, the installer performs the following tasks:

  • Ensures that Steam and CS:S are installed.
  • Locates the user’s SourceMods directory, creates a new directory for CSS SCI FI, and installs the mod resources within it.
  • Locates the user’s cstrike/maps folder and installs 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps within it.
  • Sets up script files within CSS SCI FI to link the mod to the user’s cstrike/maps folder.
  • Places a shortcut to the mod launcher on the desktop
  • Executes the CSS SCI FI Configuration Utility (see below for more details).

The process is safe and causes no other changes to the host system.


The Mod MUST be installed with the executable. Mod’s Author – “There

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  1. SPY-maps
    Play It Now!

    for a long time I am reading the comments here, and severel times I did watch the screens of this mod, and its amazing qua quality. what did hold me back not to download and play it was that I didn’t had CSS installed. to be honest was I to buzzy and lazy to do so. yesterday I decided to finally give it a try after installing CSS and I have to say, its even better as I had thought and hoped. first of all was I really very amazed by the way you made us players install your mod. the large menu that you get when you install it, with all the questions about how you like the mod to look and play is simply awsome !!! I really am yellous on it, would have liked to have a simular program for our sp-mod SM. I have played about half of all maps , and its great. it was hard to stop playing, this mod has something what makes you can’t stop, you’re interested in what the next map will bring. I am not a fan of CSS, because I don’t play mp at all, although I have played CSS for severel days when HL2 was first released. so I do get a bit back that feeling of playing CSS in those days, but then in sp form.
    i do like how the blood can gore can be improved, it makes it so much more fun. and all the weapons are great, although I personaly don’t like the different versions of the A2 weapon. but that’s just personal.
    seems I just downloaded it when it when reading, reading all the complaines above about the install. to me the install was very smooth and clear, it took a littlebit of time to get through but it makes that you can play right away ones you’re done, and that is nice. one other thing I did notice and surpriced me was that ones it was installed I could play right away, without having to close and open steam again. very nice future !!!
    again, I am quit yellous of your project !!! really well done, and as modder/mapper do I know how much work a project like this does take, even when you did use a small amount of original maps that were a bit rebuild. simply amazing you were able to pull this all of alone.
    again, great job and thanks for this great sp-mod !!!!!


    (its not a Personal favorite, but Play it now! is really what it deserves !!)

    1. fitzroy_doll

      Thanks Leon!

  2. BeeZ
    Play It Now!

    Well, I got some very interesting question for everyone, who could answer. And maybe a good idea also! Here it goes:
    Is that possible to create some Ultimate Config Utility for ALL HL2 original episodes and mods? Which could detect installed programs and add or change some files in them to give them the list of possibilities of CSS: Hardwired?
    Because, just imagine playing the original games and other mods without HUD with regeneration and without crosshair and with improved raggdolls (they are awesome!)… well, you got the idea, don’t you?
    I’m not a bit a programmer myself, so that’s why I’m asking.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m stuck on de_aztec. I’ve fulfilled the requirements but the level isn’t ending.

    1. BeeZ

      I had same problem. My solution was:
      Load the autosave in the beginning of the map and use trap ware (or whatever is it) only ONCE – at strider of course. And I killed strider before killing any newly arrived combines.

      1. fitzroy_doll

        I’m not sure what’s causing this (comments seem to suggest that deaths by hopwire don’t cause the npc_combine to fire the ondeath output, but I haven’t been able to replicate this), but I do know how to fix it.

        I’ll release a fix for this and the crash-while-using-bullet-time-in-cbble later this week.

        1. fitzroy_doll

          A patch is now available (here: http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi_patch/CSS_SCI_FI_3_patch01.zip ) which fixes these issues:

          -Aztec mission does not complete (I was not able to reproduce this error, but believe it was caused by some deaths not triggering the ondeath output on some npcs. If this error occurs but all enemies have been eliminated, the mission will now complete after a short pause).

          -Cobble APCs cause crash when attacked during bullet time (I was not able to reproduce this error, but the most likely cause has been eliminated).

          All users should download and install the patch. Users who are not running the final version of the mod (users who are still running the HL2-based version) will be prompted to download the final version (hosted by PP above) during installation. After the final version is installed the patch should be re-run. After the patch has been successfully applied, the welcome message in the console will begin “You are playing version 3.01 final”.

          Get the patch here: http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi_patch/CSS_SCI_FI_3_patch01.zip

          1. Hec

            Hey buddy if u see this, I loved ur mod, but i’d like to ask you if you have a patch fix for the DUST1 AND DUST2? maps that I couldn’t played I was kicked out to the desktop when trying to charge them, so please I kindly hope u could check tahat issue!

  4. gsp1995

    Indeed a lot of work has been put into this mod. But, after concluding 5 missions, I just noticed It’s boring as hell. No hard feelings, but It’s always the same thing, only killing and etc. I like variety, so I highly recommend this mod to super duper shooter maniacs. But still, I give it a Play It Now, because these 5 missions I’ve played were very fun, but the rest, is just the same thing. Indeed a lot of people will disagree with me.

  5. fitzroy_doll

    Here is a new trailer for the mod:


  6. In order to provide some guidance for the less straightforward missions, I’ve posted a few hints and mission overviews here:


    This page contains spoilers, but will help if you are stuck in Aztec, Xmas, Chateau, Forest, Venice or Rush.

  7. Peter

    I am stuck in de inferno unable to shoot down the chopper. any ideas somebody?

    1. fitzroy_doll

      First you need to find the rpg, which has in target area A. You can then make use of the rpg ammo which has been stashed in various places around the map. Once you have the rpg you will also then have a rebel assistant, who will supply you with rockets until the helicopter is destroyed. If the rebel is killed another will take his place.

  8. Personal Favourite

    Funnest Mod I have ever played so far. Love the new weapons too!

  9. I picked up CSS a month ago during a promo, and just installed CSS Hardwired. Tried to enter the weapons room in the game lobby, and my machine crashed hard. No weapons training for me, I guess! Here’s hoping I have better luck down the road.

  10. fitzroy_doll

    You need to start CS:S to the menu screen at least once prior to running the mod – if you haven’t done that then do that first. It sounds like the game is crashing at an autosave, as there is one right before the entrance to the shooting range. You can disable autosaves if they are a problem for your computer (disable_autosave 1 in the console). You may also want to follow the recommendations at Steam support https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?p_faqid=397 for general game crashes, as you may have a problem with your system memory.

  11. Zekiran

    This was certainly one of the best and most fun things I’ve ever downloaded. I’m very glad that I bought CSS when it was cheap a few months back (when I still had money 😉 ) so everything is available to me.

    I did have some trouble with one or two maps, I attribute that to me not knowing cs at all. But I love that they’re little short vignettes and you can drop into one, play a short time and then log off without feeling like you’re pressed for time.

  12. Seriously, what he f**k.

    This is the second time I have installed the mod… and the patch… and ONCE AGAIN the game crashes farely at the beginning resulting in screwing up my mouse sensitivity for my entire PC. Now, don’t think I’m stupid. I’m doing nothing wrong and it is in fact the mod and not anything else.

    I deinstalled the mod and also tried the system recovery, but no. Everything fails. I don’t know whats going on, but I suggest trashing the coder of this thing.

    The mod itself is good. Nice idea and its challenging, but I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON.

    The last time, I had to reinstall windows to get my settings back… Great, another wastage of an entire day…

  13. ftizroy_doll

    There’s nothing in the mod or the installer that could do what you’re describing. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you don’t have Counter-Strike: Source installed. Steam will cause problems if you try to mount content you don’t have. Or, you had some kind of problem installing the Source SDK base, which is downloaded by Steam automatically when the game is first run if it is not already installed. I can look into it if you send me your install log (..\SourceMods\CSS SCI FI\install.log).

    1. It wasn’t the installer. It was the game sometime after I started it. It crashed to the dekstop with some kind of link error. It was too fast to be seen.

      Then my mouse sensitivity was screwed and I wasn’t able to restore it in any way.

      Also in TF2, the usual movement of my hand would result in a 180 degree turn. After the crash I would make a 360 degree turn. And generally now, the movement is slightly to strong and unpredictable. It feels sorta loose and I know it cause I have a specific sensitivty I have gotten used to over a long time.

      That was the first time. And it resulted in the EXACT same manner as the first one. That can’t be a coincident. However, I’m going to my friends house now to get an external hard drive to secure my files.

      Once again, the mod idea is cool and I wish I could finish it, but I will never and other users don’t seem to have such problems…

      1. fitzroy_doll

        Like I said in my first reply, there’s nothing in the mod that could do this. It includes no settings for the mouse whatsoever other. If you want any further assistance, don’t reply here – email me with an install log and a console log as described here: http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi/#contact under error reports.

        1. Well, I’m sorry. Out of anger I removed anything that ahd to do with the mod. However I think I owe you an excuse for posting this stuff here.

          I wanted to remove my recommendation image, but I’ve seen you have already done so. I only hope other users don’t get this problem. I also won’t be replying here anymore as you wished.

  14. TW

    What the hell? Every time I play the game, it crashes on me. First in the weapons area in the Hub, after which I applied the patch. Then it crashes as I open the door in the very first area. Then, it crashes in the very first loading screen. What’s going on?

    1. Strange. Do you have CS: Source installed and run at least once?

      1. TW

        Yup. Installed, almost certainly ran it before installing, just to be safe I ran it after having this problem, and it still persisted.

        1. You did install it with the executable, not by copying a folder over, didn’t you. if you did, then I am out of ideas.

          All I can suggest is to visit the homepage and under credits is a section called Error Reports. Follow the instructions and I am sure the author will help you.

          Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

          1. Anon_220875

            No problem, I’m just glad someone responded. I’ll try reinstalling it and if there’s a problem I’ll send an error report. Thanks.

  15. fitzroy_doll

    A new version of CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is now available. This is the complete cumulative file containing all the fixes from the 3.01 patch, plus many new refinements.

    A full list of changes introduced in the 3.02 version can be found here: http://amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi_patch/changelog.txt. Here is a summary:

    * Mission briefing now appears after the first autosave of each map, so that the mission objectives and hints can be reviewed when a map is restarted from the autosave.
    * Added an autosave to the hub when returning from single missions. Players can now rely on the this save to return to the game between sessions.
    * Minor gameplay improvements to Compound, Inferno, Italy, Piranesi, Tides, Battleship, Spirits, Thunder and Stratocorp. Minor efficiencies added to all scripts.
    * Removed option to limit player to 10 weapons (caused problems in several maps including the mission hub due to weapons stripped not being deducted from the player total, so that weapons could be lost but new ones could not be picked up).
    * Replaced option for vector crosshair with a simple fixed crosshair without a reticle.
    * Removed Combine health increase from “Extreme” difficulty setting to make this option more playable. This setting works well when combined with the easier in-game skill options, so that enemies can be killed quickly, but are aggressive and very accurate.
    * Includes fixes from 3.01 patch (Aztec fix).
    * Added a big icon for the new Steam library window.

    Until the file is updated on Phillip’s servers, you can get the new complete version as a torrent here: http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=4141 or from Moddb here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/css-sci-fi/downloads/css-sci-fi-3-hardwired-final

    A patch for previous versions (3.0 Final (2009-10-23) and 3.01 patched (2009-11-08)) is available here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/css-sci-fi/downloads/css-sci-fi-3-hardwired-patch-30301-302 For any other earlier version download the full version above. You do not need this patch if you download the full version above.

  16. Shadowk1ller

    Im getting an error when I want to launch the mod, it says, “Failed to load the launcher Dll” what should I do???

    Ill apreciate some help here, its not the first time, it happens in the Strider mountain too…:(

    1. fitzroy_doll

      This is an error in Steam, not this mod or Strider Mountain. Try validating your SDK base files: Steam://validate/215 and Counter-Strike: Source files: Steam://validate/240
      If that doesn’t help, search Google for your exact error message – seems to happen when Steam can’t find the correct executable, but validating should correct this.

      1. Shadowk1ller

        That doesnt work…i tried uninstall the SDK and CSS, and nothing, CSS works but SDK Base and the mods dont…so what can I do? Plz help…

  17. Personal Favourite

    Fantastic – always enjoyed playing CSS, and often wondered what some of the maps would be like wit a few Combine and zombies instead of human opponents.

    The level switching system is a brilliant concept – As I have a fairly frantic lifestyle, I find it helpful to be able to ‘drop in” to a map whenever I get ten or fifteen minutes to myself, which isn’t often!

  18. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    Well, this mod had 9 recomendations by the time I was writing this, now with my recom” are 10! yep, this mod is so worth it, defenetly one of the best and a MUST PLAY IT!, if you don’t have Counter Strike Source, get a debit card and purchase it inmediately from steam!, I have to say that this magnificent mod was the main and only reason for me to purchase Counter Strike Source, and guess what? I am not regret it at all, this mod was a god’s delight to play!! I mean it.
    Great maps, most of all were awsome. This mod shows all the big potential that source engeine has to create awsome dimond mines as this mod is. I love play all the CSC original maps in a extreme SP experience, I have to say that I don’t get used to play MP mods or games, “cause im terrible on them I get killed in tnhe 2nd second I enter the game and then the same in the bloody respawn!!!!!!!, so CSC compensed those terrific maps in a wholy SP experience for me,, altough I couldn’t play the DUST1 and DUST2 maps I think that for a buggy reason, I didn’t care because every other map I played was defenetly worth it!
    I get so impressed by the individual maps developing, those members on the mod team ARE awsome developers, so awsome that i’d love to play another 2nd mod of them that’s for sure, love the forest map, great trees I felt like I was there sorrunded by huge secuollas and great combat, also love the CMB farm mission and the option to chosse betwen play individual missions and the campaings are so cool, altough this mod doesn’t have a pretty complicated story to tell, I don’t care, cause im Gordon Freeman and I am in a mission killing combines in great combats so that’s all I cares for , this mod also could be named as “FREEMAN” -THE SINGLE RESSISTANCE MISSIONS- and even with that simple name, we still would have a master piece to play in our hard drives…
    So finally, please don’t hesitate to play this jewl. Love the improoved efects, the optional setting for the game, see lot’s of blood comin” out of those hated cmb ennemys and their freakin bodies explode as the old days in HL1, also absolutely loved the new weapons smart fited in the mod, love the sniper riffle and the classic AK47, that i’d like to play in almost all maps with it.
    God!!!! this mod has everything u can even drive a CMB APC TANK, so well those were my words, and the final 14 words: “THIS IS A CLASSIC MUST PLAY MASTER PIECE IN HL2 MODDING UNIVERSE”

  19. Think Twice

    As a Previous poster said..”boring”.
    rescue hostages,destroy something…over and over again.

  20. A critical patch for CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is now available.

    This patch fixes fatal incompatibilities in the retail maps DE_Dust, DE_Dust2 and DE_Inferno. This patch is required for all versions, including 3.02 complete.

    For new players:
    3.02 full version
    map patch

    For players who have the up to date 3.02 version but just need the patch:
    map patch

    For players using one of the out of date versions (3.0 or 3.01) downloaded from links in the post above:
    3.0/3.01 -> 3.02 patch
    map patch

  21. Personal Favourite

    Awesomeist mod! I know “awesomeist” is not a word, but who cares at this case? Just imagine playing CSS but with HL2 enemies in it! I bet Day of Defeat: Source is next! The creators of SMOD really know how to make fun mods with fun new weapons and enemies! It would be better if EP1 and EP2 enemies were in it, but no matter! Possibly they might make a remake, who knows?
    EDIT: Why do people keep saying mods are set in the HL2 Universe? They are not, unless they are made by Valve, this is not HL, this is what the name of the mods are. Well, that’s my opinion.

    1. Thanks for your comments and review.

      It’s an interesting point, the universe identified as the setting for the mod. When people talk about mods being set in a particular universe, they mean that the game takes place in the same “world” as the original game. This is distinct from setting mods in the same canon storyline, which, as you say, only Valve can control. So, in this mod, for example, it’s the HL2 universe in that the Combine are the enemy, rebels are your allies, the weapons behave as expected and it all generally has something to do with battles taking place on Earth against a backdrop of inter-dimensional warfare. However, it’s also not the HL2 universe in that the constant reappearance of allies with the same faces, the player’s ability to die and re-appear at will, and the ability of Barney and Alyx to be killed over and over are all explained as the result of a mysterious cloning operation taking place in a seemingly abandoned and improbably well-stocked dimensional portal facility. So it’s a mixture of the HL2 universe and another universe close by.

  22. Play It Now!

    This is by far the hardest mod I have ever played! The missions are well designed and the new weapons and effects are amazing, but the combat is at a level many times more realistic than I am used to in the HL universe! It may be my set up is too advanced for my combat abilities but I will persevere and hopefully prevail!
    At this level I would never have got over that “Strider Mountain”……….
    An amazing piece of work!

    Ps. More ammo please!

  23. Play It Now!

    Maps usually take 20 minutes, so great for a quick game. Good variety and design. The final map is ridiculously hard and I gave up; even in God mode it took ages to down the gunships because the RPG’s are mostly duds.

  24. where is the download link / area for this mod???????????
    should have been before the screenshots and the ratings.
    but it does not exist AT ALL

    1. Yes, this was to do with the move to a new host and an error with the format of the database. It’s a huge amount of work for me but I promise to fix it soon.

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