ChaseVille: The Third 6×10 Mapping Competition

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to the third mapping competition in the 6×10 series.

Back in May 2007, I wrote an article entitled Chase

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Help me create more and better content - please support me on Patreon


  1. Mr. Walrus

    MAN I wish I were around for this one, I would’ve done a zeppelin/airship chase >_<. Anyway, really, really cool idea! It gives the mappers a lot of freedom, and I think their imaginations will come up with some truly awesome ideas and maps. Good luck everyone!

  2. gsp1995

    Damn. I’ve waited so long to finally participate in one of the competitions, but I’m traveling tomorrow and I won’t be able to work on the map away from my computer :/

    Good luck to everyone that takes part of it!

  3. MisterAddy

    I’d like to have a go at this, but basd on my previous Source SDK experiences, my map will either a) get broken by Hammer and not be finished, or b) be terrible. Ah well, I can try right?

  4. s.anchev

    If you want an example, there is the assassin chase scene in Underhell Prologue.

    here :

  5. I was eager to know what the new theme would be. I want to participate but I have no idea what to do with this one (considering the tight time). Might give it a go but not until some clever idea comes to my mind.

    … just writting this gave me one, not sure how it’s going to work though.

  6. Hec

    This just blew my mind when I readed it, it’s going to be a sure classic if we have cool entries!!!

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