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Single player mods for the mod-turned retail game Black Mesa.

Most will need to be installed via the Steam workshop and most only work with the retail version NOT the mod.

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Welcome to the very first (hopefully of many!) Black Mesa Mapping Challenge.

This release features 9 maps, each based around the theme of “What’s behind that door?”.

Mappers had to create a map that used a previously locked door from the retail game.

Unlike standard Source mods, this release features a special way to install the maps – don’t worry, it’s not difficult, just different. This is due to the game itself, not something I have changed. There are text and video installation instructions.


This has been updated to version 1.2 – see below.


Total Downloads: 86629th August 2017
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Superbus Via Inscientiae

Gordon finds himself in the questionable territories of the Biodome Complex, but his goal of escaping Black Mesa remain the same.


Total Downloads: 1,0645th September 2016
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