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Single player maps for the mod-turned retail game Black Mesa.

Most will need to be installed via the Steam workshop and most only work with the retail version NOT the mod.

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“A teleporter mishap deposited Gordon deep within Black Mesa’s engineering levels.

Unfortunately the high powered machinery was acting as homing beacon for incoming vortigants.

Can Gordon find another teleporter before it’s too late?”


Total Downloads: 31626th May 2017
9 Comments and 5 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!


The transit system had taken Gordon to within a whisker of the surface, and safety.

However the military, ostensibly there to rescue the facilities personnel, had cut power to all the surface access doors.

The test reactor housed in Area 3’s nearby laboratories offered a solution to this predicament.

If Gordon could fire it up he should be able to redirect power to the access doors from the control room.

The way ahead was dangerous, but with luck this would be the final escapade.


Total Downloads: 66923rd February 2017
12 Comments and 6 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"


Trapped deep underground in the Black Mesa research facility and beset on all sides by hungry aliens, failing systems and government soldiers determined to silence everyone involved with the project.

How hard can it be?


Total Downloads: 61217th December 2016
10 Comments and 7 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"


Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Gordon is forced to venture through a dilapidated, hostile environment in order to clear the tram line of an alien infestation.

Offering approximately 15-30 minutes of gameplay, Scylla takes the player through a winding environment full of deadly hazards and enemies. Your performance may alter parts of the level as you progress. Be sure to watch out for special NPCs; not all are obvious.


Total Downloads: 89912th September 2016
20 Comments and 5 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!

BM Overtime

Although Gordon managed to survive the resonance cascade and escape the laboratories, the situation was rapidly deteriorating.

His only hope of reaching safety was the Black Mesa Transit System.

Typically the one available tram was on the far platform. With the bridging offices becoming increasingly overrun with hostile lifeforms Gordon would have to work overtime if he was to make it.


Total Downloads: 7283rd September 2016
9 Comments and 5 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

BM Small Lab

“You woke up in the test chamber by teleportation and you need to activate the teleporter that would get out of Black Mesa, but it needs to include the 3 energy generator, which are somewhere in the lab, your task is to incorporate these generators simultaneously exterminate monsters, and then go through teleport, and what is on the other side will see the teleporter.”


Total Downloads: 5537th August 2016
18 Comments and 6 recommendations, 3 say "Play It Now!"

BM: Quarantine

Gordon’s misadventures in the Black Mesa ventilation system left him trapped within Sector C’s chemical research wing.

Like many areas of the facility, the wing had gone into quarantine following the resonance cascade in a vain attempt to contain the invading organisms.

Gordon would have to find someway, or someone, to lift the lock down if he was to escape.


Total Downloads: 94726th July 2016
43 Comments and 11 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Vengeance At Dusk

Your father, mother and brother have been taken and “they” are coming for you next.

Can you escape through the house and attached complex?

Only time will tell.

Good Luck.


Total Downloads: 35828th March 2016
20 Comments and 4 recommendations, 1 say "Play It Later"

Gorge Mesa

Starting in an unexplored part of Black Mesa, you find yourself cornered.

The only way is forward and that require guile and sometimes brute force.

Use all the resources you can, including scientists, to reach the outside and hope that leads you to safety.


Total Downloads: 7495th January 2016
23 Comments and 5 recommendations with no significant bias

Communications Detour

The military has hindered your progress by shutting down a communications array on the far side of the facility.

You need to power up the communications tower in order to re-establish a communication link with the scientists held up in the Lambda Complex.


Total Downloads: 91428th November 2015
5 Comments and 4 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!