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  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

    · Other Games · 23 Replies
    My Rolling Review

    This is a place holder post for my rolling review, which will be posted as comments. Each time I play, I will add a comment detailing my thoughts and feelings as well as some screenshots and other information.

    Feel free to join me as I play.

    The post has details about the game.

  • RTSL Graffiti

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 2 Replies

    I am very pleased to announce that some exclusive RTSL graffiti has been created by Monkeymo and I would like to thank him for all his hard work.

    We worked together to get exactly what I was looking for but he did all the work. After some feedback from the modders over on the official The Hammer Cup 2017 SMC Discord channel a grunge/grimmy feel was settled on.

    Crowbar converted the images into VTF (files that can be used by modders) and made the demonstration map, from which the image below have been taken and I would like to thank him too.

    The graffiti is available for use by any mapper and no entry to any mapping challenge is obligated to use them. They can be used in any non-commercial Source release but a credit to Monkeymo and RTSL MUST be included.

    In future, I may offer a small prize (or even extra points if the judges agree) for clever use or placement of the graffiti in maps entered into mapping challenges.

  • Beware the All Powerful Google!

    · Phillip's Blog · 4 Replies

    Firstly, I just wanted to say that ALL files I upload are scanned and virus, malware and gluten-free. Okay, maybe not the gluten part but the virus and malware for sure.

    Very early this morning, I received two emails from Google saying that my visitors to my site would be warned that it contains links to malware.

    All I need to do was clean the infection and contact them.

    I checked the example link and as I expected, found it to be virus and malware free. I asked for a review and got a fairly quick reply saying that my review had been declined.

    As with Wikipedia, there’s no fighting against big all-powerful corporations.

    No doubt my search ranking will drop and results will appear less often but if my files are clean and Google says they are dirty, there’s nothing I can do.

    I just wanted to reassure viewers that you are safe with my files.

    However, if in the very, very unlikely event that you do actually find something wrong with any of the files hosted here, just let me know.

    If you have any questions, just ask.

  • Venatura

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 23 Replies

    Staring in a lift with Alyx, you find yourself in what at first seems an abandoned cliff-side village.

    Obviously, things aren’t what they seem.

    Can you survive until the ultimate encounter?

    Only time will tell.

  • One Man Army

    · Half-Life, HL-Mods, Play · 11 Replies

    “An operative for an unnamed infiltrate-and-assassinate corporation has to invade an enemy facility and cripple their production of missiles and other weaponry.”

  • Five Zero – Stone Temple

    · Half-Life, HL-Mods, Play · 9 Replies

    A room. Two levels. With three doors. Two locked, one not.

    Three crystal cylinders. A crowbar.

    Put them together and what have you got?

    Play to find out.

  • The Future of RTSL Hosting

    · Read, Site Related · 4 Replies

    A couple of days ago I work up to find the site offline.

    It’s a horrible feeling, especially if you don’t have time to fix it before leaving for work or worse, having to wait for somebody to do something before you can do something else.

    This fairly brief post will explain the result of that outage.

  • June 2017 General Chat

    · General Chat, Read · 18 Replies

    What a start to June!
    As you probably saw, the site was down for all of yesterday and for that I apologise. I want to make it clear that it was NOT Nodecraft’s fault and I fully support them. I will be moving hosts very soon and will explain properly soon.

    I hope to start livestreaming again soon, maybe even this weekend and I am dying to get back to mapping.

    I think the Steam Summer sale starts soon, so I’ll no doubt be buying some games for my collection.

    What plans do you have for June?

  • The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 3 – BridgeVille

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 14 Replies

    Hello and welcome to the third challenge for The Hammer Cup 2017.

    Below are the details.