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  • The Hammer Cup 2017 Overview

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 14 Replies

    Hello and welcome to 2017!

    I am very pleased to announce that RTSL will be running another Single Player Source Mapping Challenge Event and this post explains everything you need to know.

    Instead of assuming everybody reading this knows all about The Hammer Cup, I will start by explaining it. And move onto the details.

  • January 2017 General Chat

    · General Chat, Read · 30 Replies


    Let’s hope this is the best year for HL modding ever.

    As some of you may know, I have been away, but I’m back for 4 days and then off for another week.

    I’ll be posting some maps and mods when I get back, but nothing before.

    What have I missed in the last 10 days?

    And what plans do you have for 2017?

    What is this post?

    Each month I create a “General Chat” post for readers to post whatever they want within the limits of being a family-friendly website.

    Please don’t post reviews, questions or comments about maps and mods listed on the site – post them on the respective post – all those comments will be deleted. I do this to ensure that when a reader visits a map or mod page, all the information is in one place.

  • Stalwart

    · Black Mesa, BM Maps, Play · 10 Replies

    Trapped deep underground in the Black Mesa research facility and beset on all sides by hungry aliens, failing systems and government soldiers determined to silence everyone involved with the project.

    How hard can it be?

  • RTSL in 2017

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 18 Replies

    See that cat above? That’s how I have been feeling the last 6 months. I just haven’t been able to get the energy to do any work on the site.

    However, I have almost reached a decision to continue with the site BUT before I make that final commitment, I want to be sure.

    In a few days, I am going away for the Christmas holidays and then on 4th January I am going for a holiday in the sun. I will relax, looking at the ocean and ponder life’s unanswerable questions: “Can Gordon talk?“, “Should I stop pretending to be a bad player?“, “should I extract all the modding knowledge from Don’s brain and become a mapping giant?“, and of course “Should I continue running the site?“.

    I suspect the answer to them all will be “YES!“. So, let’s just assume that for the rest of this article.

  • Hard!Ville AKA HardVille

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 57 Replies

    UPDATE: A late entry was received and has been included in a patch and an updated file. It will not be entered into the voting system.

    This Ville contains 6 entries, each with varying degrees of design quality, visuals and polish.

    The theme was designed to encourage difficult gameplay and challenging scenarios.

    You decide if the entrants achieved this.

  • Explore Phillip’s Collection of FPS Games – Part 2

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 4 Replies

    Here is the second video in my series of FPS games exploration.

    It was recorded during my recent 12-Hour Autumn Playathon.

    The format is more or less the same as the first, but this time I tried to include a view of my screen, so viewers can see some details of the games I research.

    If you haven’t seen the first part, I recommend you watch that too.

    I hope you enjoy it and also hope it will encourage you to explore your collection.

    I will add a list of games covered very soon.

  • Poll Question 362 – Would you prefer achievements to be hidden until after the first playthrough of a game?

    · Poll Questions, Read · 22 Replies

    Having just purchased The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, I looked at the Steam page and found there were 14 hidden achievements. Initially, that seemed really unfair. How was I supposed to reach an achievement if I didn’t know what it was? That’s like playing darts with the lights off and not knowing where the dartboard is.

    But then I looked at the Bioshock 2 page and found all the achievements listed and that seemed almost as bad. if I am just going to play a game to reach the achievements, won’t that take away some of the spontaneity of the experience?

    So what is the middle ground? I don’t know, but perhaps it is that the achievements are hidden until after the first playthrough. Any achievements gained on the first playthrough are “Gold” or something, although people will just look for them online simply to get the gold star I suppose.

    In fact, maybe make it so that it is impossible to get ANY achievements on the first playthrough!

    Maybe there could be hints with the second and subsequent playthroughs to help you find the ones you missed.

    How do you feel about the display or not of achievements?

  • Hard!Ville Mapping Challenge

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 54 Replies

    Even though I am not a very good player, I love challenging but doable sections in mods. I don’t mind replaying sections again and again if I know I can do it. It might not be pretty or fun to watch if I am livestreaming, but I sure as heck enjoy it.

  • Explore Phillip’s Collection of FPS Games – Part 1

    · Phillip's Blog, Read · 12 Replies

    I’m a collector of FPS games. Well, I was until about 5 years ago and then I stopped. When I moved to Spain from London about 15 years ago, I packed all my collection into boxes and put them into the basement meaning to get them out and display them. Alas, that never happened.

    For the last few years I have been meaning to explore the boxes and see what I have and FINALLY I did it yesterday!

    Below is the video of the livestream “event” and I certainly enjoyed it, as did the people on the stream.

    People often expect me to be an expert of all these old games, but the reality is I haven’t even played 95% of them. In fact, from the list below I have only played 2!

    The video last an hour and consists of me taking a game out of the box and briefly talking about it and checking the net for more information.

    I’ll do one of these every week or so until I have gone through all my collection. Soon I will have the chat text as part of the video so that should make more sense when I respond to a point raised in the livestream chat.

    I hope you enjoy it and also hope it will encourage you to explore your collection.