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  • Audio Interview with Ethosaur

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    Here is an audio interview with Ethosaur, maker of The PTSD Mod.

    We talk about his modding history, the process he used to make the mod and what the mod is all about.

  • Hunt The C-nt

    · Half-Life, HL-Mods, Play · 2 Replies

    Take control of Jane Doe, a HECU grunt, while hunting for the assassin who left you and your buddies for the Grim Reaper.

    Play through a variety of locations and explore new parts of Black Mesa.

    Can you beat the final boss?

  • 12/13 August 2017 Livestream Schedule

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    There are at least two livestreams scheduled for this weekend and I hope that many of you can watch and join in the chat.

    Full details of each day’s stream are below as well as the links to stay up to date on the streams.

    Issues with the chat

    In the last stream, there was an issue with a user posting offensive messages. I apologise for this and thank the moderators and thank my moderators for addressing it. If this continues, I will look into only allowing approved users to post comments on the live chat. An approved user is a person who has posted a comment on one of my YouTube videos and then been approved by me.

    I will also be looking into other chat features including YouTube Sperchat and Nightbot.

    Saturday 12th: From Combines

    Phillip will play the recently released From Combines. You play as a Combine Elite soldierand there are some bonus maps too.

    The livestream is scheduled to start 8am Eastern US, 1pm UK, 2pm Europe.

    Sunday 13th: Research and Development

    Don FINALLY plays Research and Development! It’s part of the Classic of the Month event, which sees Don replay a classic mod each month.

    The livestream is scheduled to start 1pm Eastern US, 6pm UK, 7pm Europe.


    Check the RTSL Twitter feed for the latest announcements.

    All the streams are on the RTSL YouTube Channel with chat enabled.

  • From Combines

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 14 Replies

    You are captured by the Combine and turned into an Elite solider.

    Accept. Comply. Execute.

    You take your orders from the Combine Overwatch and they comprise a variety of mission types.

    Protect your fellow soldiers AT ALL TIMES. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the mission.

  • The PTSD Mod

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 8 Replies

    PTSD mod takes place in the mind of.. well someone with PTSD, experience memories, nightmares, memes and all sorts of crazy stuff.

  • Imperious

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-Ep2 Maps, Play · 5 Replies

    “You are sent on a mission to destroy a combine base.

    The rebels have figured out if they can make you light enough, they can trick the combine into taking you into their docking area via a container.

    So, you have been scrapped of everything but the bare minimum, a pistol and a crowbar.”

  • August 2017 – General Chat

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    Firstly, please excuse the larger than normal featured image. It’s Half-Life 2 running on 16 monitors at 16K resolution. You can see the full video here: GAMING at 16K RESOLUTION?? – HOLY $H!T from the Linus Tech Tips channel.

    Secondly, I’m back from my holiday and feeling refreshed and raring to update the site.

    The BlackMesaDoorVille Mapping challenge is underway and at the time of posting this chat has 16 days left. You can follow the discussion and WIP images on the official RTSL Mapping Challenges channel on the SMC Discord Server.

    I’ll be posting some recently released mods over the coming days too. I’ll also be re-adding the CONTACT and SUBMIT pages very soon too.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to reminder all users that the RTSL Twitter feed is the best place to stay up to date with all the news related to the site, including details of livestreams.

    Talking of Twitter, I’ve started a new daily (hopefully) tweet series called RTSL: On This Day, where I post a map or mod that was published on the site this day. In case you didn’t know, I take the map or mod from the On This Day page. It lists everything that was posted on that day, all years and all types of posts. Take a look, you might find something interesting.

    Other plans this month include LOTS of mapping and I want to finish Wolfenstein: The New Order and even start Old Blood.

    Well, that’s me done.

    What plans do you have for August?

  • BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement

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    Hello and welcome to the very first Black Mesa Mapping Challenge.

    This game offers so many mapping opportunities that it is a great shame more SP maps haven’t been released.

    Hopefully, this mapping challenge will encourage mappers to make their first BM map and also inspire mappers who have already released a map to make another one.

    Full details, including the theme, deadline date and exact rules are below.

  • Remaining Mapping Challenges’ Dates

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    I’ll be honest and say I wanted to fix the dates for the whole year in January and release them but as it turned out, it was better not to due to the addition of the new 50-Hour format.

    Below are the dates of the remaining mapping challenges in 2017.

    I do not envisage changing them but I will be open to the possibility.

    Black Mesa Challenge 1: 26 July to 21 August

    YAY! Finally, got this agreed. Initially, I was going to be working with the Crowbar Collective but cancelled at the last minute and now I’ll be running this alone. Like all other mapping challenges, this one WILL have a theme but unlike all other mapping challenges, it will be for Black Mesa (obviously!).

    I have also added another week to this challenge to help with modders new to the BM set up. I actually wish I had finalised these dates sooner and could have give modders even more time to get comfortable with the engine etc – sorry.

    50-Hour Mapping Challenge 3: 9/10 September

    With the last two 50-hour challenges having over 20 entry maps each, it would be crazy not to do at least one more. As for the previous two challenges, the theme will be open enough to fit 50 hours of creation time. Think of these challenges as more experimental gameplay styles than traditional HL2 releases.

    The Hammer Cup Challenge 4: 20 September to 9 October

    Challenge 4 of The Hammer CUp will be 19 days and have a theme that requires entrants to balance design, polish and gameplay.

    The Hammer Cup Challenge 5: 8 November to 4 December

    Challenge 5 of the Hammer Cup will be a special theme and has an extra week.

    50-Hour Mapping Challenge 4: 16/17 December

    Another 50-hour challenge to finish the year. And no, it won’t be XmasVille or SantaVille, or RudolphVille – in fact it WILL NOT be related to Christmas at all.

    Final Thoughts

    As I said, I wish I had set and announced these dates earlier, especially the Black Mesa one, but I didn’t, so sorry. Here’s hoping for a spectacular release of SP maps between now and the end of the year!