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  • Street Hazard

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-Ep2 Maps, Play · No Replies

    “You are one of the last surviving rebels in a war-torn city after a prolonged combat against the Combine during the Uprising. The main Citadel has been destroyed giving the Resistance a high ground in the battle while leaving the Combine forces disorganised without proper communications.

    Because of this as well as the rebels’ persistent resistance the losing Combine had decided to use their last resort, the headcrab shell bombardment, consequently abandoning the plans of regaining control over that area and instead causing a zombie outbreak. This counter measure has caused almost the whole population of the city to turn into zombies including a considerable number of Combine Soldiers, as well. Right now there are still some small isolated Combine squads remaining in the region.

    Since the shelling, you have been staying alone in an abandoned and half destroyed house for a short time. Though at this moment, having no other survivors to assist you and the zombies closing in, you have decided that it’s finally time to try and escape from the zombie filled city and find a new and better place to live in. You grab your only firearm, the shotgun, with the little ammo you have left and set forth through the hazards on the streets.”

  • Dark Interval: Part 1

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 22 Replies

    “Dark Interval is a mod project that aims at restoring certain parts of older drafts of Half-Life 2 – namely, various original locations, characters and plot points that didn’t make it to the retail version.

    This mod is intended to provide a complete game experience; rather than restoring disparate bits and pieces, the team instead aims at building a complete and stylistically coherent world by drawing inspiration from many original concepts and drafts provided by Valve in their book Raising the Bar.

    This naturally involves filling some blanks and discarding some failed or played out designs. Dark Interval doesn’t include original levels found in the “leaked” version of Half-Life 2, and instead features brand new maps which were built from the ground up – it was decided that this was the only way to make them both stand out and be actually modern and not just modernised fix-ups.”

  • Seek and Destroy Mod

    · Half-Life, HL-Mods, Play · 3 Replies

    You play as Gordon, who has been sent to seek and destroy an alien/human spacecraft.

    You will need to negotiate a variety of enemy and tactical obstacles.

    Careful use of your weapons and ammo is advised.

    Good Luck!

  • HalloweenVilleFour Mapping Challenge

    · Read, Site Related · 2 Replies

    Can it see you?

    Should you run or wait?

    How long can you hold your breath and stay silent?

    Your hands won’t stop shaking but you must remain calm…

  • Entropy Zero

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 29 Replies

    Be the bad guy in this modification for Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 and step into the boots of a stranded Metrocop, left for dead in the abandoned City 10.

    Experience a time before the fall of City 17 – 11 months before the deployment of Gordon Freeman.

    Bring the brutality and chaos of the Combine regime to the hidden rebel sanctuary of City 10. Endure the bitter cold as you fight your way through rebel shanties, infested tunnels and subway systems.

    Survive the Combine plague, and reclaim the Combine stronghold known as ‘Pillar 10’.

  • Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-EP2 Mods, Play · 12 Replies

    Soon after the 7-Hour War, with Humanity defeated a survivors join the nascent rebellion.

    After escaping Nihilanth’s control, Vortigaunts are forming the alliance with rebels, hoping to defeat the common enemy and return back home.

    As a player, you’ll play a role of the man who survived the war and join the rebellion and prevent Alliance from completely conquering Earth.

  • Tunnel Woes

    · Half-Life, HL-Maps, Play · 7 Replies

    You find yourself in a tunnel.

    A familiar tunnel, but then again everything in Black Mesa looks familiar.

    There’s only one way forward, so get moving.

    Are you going deeper into the complex or moving towards freedom?

    Only time will tell. Good Luck!

  • Deadlock

    · Half-Life 2: Ep2, HL2-Ep2 Maps, Play · 23 Replies

    “A few days ago, you received a letter from the Civil Protection : you’ll be relocated.

    Today is the day. You’re at the trainstation to move on City 17.

    However, there’s something wrong with this place…”

  • New Game Giveaway Page

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    I have just created a new page about the game giveaways I will be doing.

    All “events” that RTSL users can win games are designed to increase participation on the site.

    This post is just to let you know about the new page.

    I will add an overview to the ABOUT this weekend.

    Full details of the events are on the page, so go check it out!