for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Set in the world of Silent Hill, this canon mod, tells its own story.

The dark atmosphere and ambience will have you looking over your shoulder.

Don’t play alone and in the dark!

Basic Details
  • Title: Alchemilla
  • File Name: hl2-ep2-sp-alchemilla.7z
  • Size : 1.19GB
  • Author: White Noise
  • Date Released: 18 January 2015
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Important Note

The original release was an installer file. My file is a simple compressed folder. If you prefer the official installer it can be downloaded from Their file is a zipped executable.

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Copy the Alchemilla folder into your SourcesMods folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Alchemilla should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


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  1. Tom

    (I’m running Win10, build 9926) …
    I downloaded from PP, but couldn’t get it to show up in my Steam games
    I downloaded from ModDB, ran the installer and got a desktop icon for the game (which works), but it still doesn’t show in my Steam games

    1. Strange. I’m sure you have restarted Steam, so that’s not the issue. Don’t know if running Win10 has anything to do with it. How about a complete system restart?

    2. I had a similar issue recently which happened when I tried installing a sourcemod somewhere that is not the standart Steam directory (like a secondary SteamApps folder on an external harddrive). Maybe that might be the issue? Always install it into C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\

      1. Tom

        that could be it – my C: drive is a SSD, and for space reasons, I have Steam installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam, but my Games are on another (internal) drive at S:\Steam

  2. I downloaded it from PP and manually installed it and it works fine.

    Although I am already stuck, found the flashlight, found the toolbox but nothing to open it. The game won’t let me pickup the scissors so not sure what else to use. Found the basement but nothing their.

    Looks like a fun and tough mod.

    1. silly me, I have found the wrench and moved on. Going to take a bit of getting use to, this mod is very different than other HL games. fun through.

      1. I’m still playing it. Don’t know why but I move on..

  3. Maybe?

    I responded to voec’s questions about Alchemilla over in this month’s chat, but with an all out mod post now available it seems sensible to migrate and expand my thoughts. Please excuse the reiteration.

    To address a few of the mod’s notable irritants:

    I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler, since the project page mentions it unambiguously: there’s no combat. If you’re after just the environmental atmosphere of SH 2 and 3, you’ll find it in spades, with some gorgeous texture and model work, but they’ve removed the “survival” aspect from the term “survival horror”. With no need to conserve ammunition or manage healing items, the tension is somewhat diminished, so if you enjoy the give and take of dealing with resources you may be disappointed.

    There were a few puzzles that drove me crazy, and that I couldn’t solve without reading ModDB comments, so the team definitely paid appropriate homage to the series. 😉 There’s one in particular that expects you to reason your way to pressing buttons in a certain order based on a judgment of peoples’ sin, but the solution doesn’t make sense, according to my own morality. Maybe it was something lost in translation from Russian, maybe it’s a difference in ethics between me and the developers, or maybe I just missed some other clue, but I couldn’t get past it without help. That and a navigation puzzle toward the end, which is reminiscent of the first game but even more obtuse. Strong as my love for the original may be, there are some things I’m happy to leave in the past.

    You will also, unfortunately, find a series of completely inexcusable Pineview Drive style key hunts in SH: Alchemilla. As tempting as it will no doubt be for people to blame it on nostalgia, “What do you expect from developers aping old fashioned game design?”, it must be remembered that from the very beginning, in January of 1999, the SH series has named its keys and provided a map. “Doctor’s Lounge key”, “Bridge Control Room key”, and so on, with matching names on said map. This mod has you picking up “a small key”, or something similar, and expects you to try every locked door in the area all over again. Not my taste, but different mind numbing strokes for different brain damaged folks. 🙂

    As for the good stuff:

    The 3D art and textures are exquisite, the sound design is nice too (though several of the music pieces are pulled directly from the games; I don’t mind “paying tribute” as a reason for reusing a sound effect here and there, but lifting entire Yamaoka tracks for your score is a little distracting), and there’s a “you haven’t made progress for a few minutes, here’s a tip” hint system that kinda-sorta-almost helps sometimes.

    Ultimately, despite several obnoxious design choices that I don’t care for, the atmosphere does overwhelmingly evoke that of Silent Hill 2 and 3, and I think that’s what they were going for, so I’d say it’s a success. Story wise, I never really liked the idea of turning the town itself into a “Gauntlet for the Guilty”, preferring instead the first game’s simple (if ornately presented) “let’s sacrifice this girl to resurrect a demon”, but a lot of people do like it, and if you’re among them that’s one more thing you’ll be able to appreciate about the mod.

    More clearly breaking down my feelings, I’d make the following recommendations:

    Anyone who loves the Silent Hill series, thinks the second and third games were the best ones, and cares more about art direction than combat, will probably find this a solid “Play It Now!”

    For those who’ve played any SH title and hated it, this is a hard (and I mean hard) “Avoid It!” Everything you hate about this series, and all the familiar survival horror tropes you can’t stand, are present and accounted for, only even more aggravating.

    People who have only heard about Silent Hill, but never touched any of the games, might “Think Twice”. Give it a shot, I suppose, but don’t get your hopes up if you don’t have the momentum of tradition to carry you through the rough edges these types of games tend to have.

    If you fell in love with the first game, think every installment since has missed the mark in one way or another, and feel your face get hot and hands start shaking when people talk about the franchise, then you’re like me, and “Play It Later” is more or less a good indicator of what you’ll get out of the experience. Worth playing, but not the phenomenal return to form you’d hoped for.

    Since I can only pick one rating for the mod, I’d say it averages out to a “Maybe?”, considering how many different types of players there are. I hate to sit squarely in the middle of the road, but how you feel about this mod really comes down to how you feel about the series proper.

    1. Thanks so much for the information. After playing it for an hour and getting nowhere (after getting a key, flashlight and wrench), I’ve seen enough beautiful art and textures (they truly are) and deleted the “game” to save precious SSD space.

  4. Wesp5

    Hm, I just played through the hospital and I’m not impressed. Granted, the graphics are great, but the gameplay? Just an endless key hunt, retracking all over the place and that with the stupid doors-opening-causes-black-sceen thing, which really get’s on my nerves! Almost everything is completely static with little exceptions, so nothing to fear or to surprise you. I never played any Silent Hill games, is this just another series of walking-simulators, or it this mod different? I also got a bug that killed me every time in room with the spores and I had to cheat to survive it…

  5. Maybe.

    I did not complete the mod. When it first came out I played for a while. The puzzles were fun and the story line unfolds very slowly. Now after a break from playing, I forgot what’s going on and it’s not really my type of game.

    Saying that, please look at the other reviews, this game may be right for you. The graphics are good and the level design is interesting and makes you want to search around.

    Thanks to the development team, for the right audience it has to be a great game mod.

  6. Personal Favourite

    This kind of mod appeals to me more than the run and shoot till your eyes bleed type. In essence it a hundred percent exploration, which is my favourite part of any mod. I do love to kill Combine too!
    I have not played silent hill much but this had the same atmosphere and vibe, minus the monsters. It does have graphical quality and a really good music and soundscape.
    Even though I knew it had no foes to combat, when the siren sounded it really got my nerves going. It felt a lot like Nightmare House 2.
    A real quality mod and very long and enjoyable as long as you check the YouTube walkthroughs for some puzzling puzzles!
    Play it as a gentle horror experience, but don’t think you can’t die; especially when your heels are burning!

  7. I’ve encountered a bug at the end when you get the landlords key from andys apartment and open the front doors the game closes to desktop. So I couldn’t even finish this.

  8. An almost endless story mod. It could use some non-friendly NPC’s to add some extra suspense and a weapon or two. Even fell asleep a couple times trying to beat this.

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