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The Lost City

for Half-Life 2

About There are two areas within this map, a small town and a coastal area. Russian review can be found here: City 17 Review. Note: Images and brief description stolen from City 17. If you take the time to download and play this map please feel free to write a brief review. Basic Details Title:… Read More


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Headcrab Revenge

for Half-Life

About Author’s Note: “Remember the first time a headcrab jumped out on you, well now is your chance for revenge. Eight deaths, infinite headcrabs, hours of fun. This is one of my first proper maps so I hope you enjoy it. Depending on its success I may make an extreme version sometime next year.” Basic… Read More


Total Downloads: 46617th November 2005
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The Hangar

for Half-Life 2

About The map is a conversion of level with the same title from old and beloved DOOM. Two secrets have been kept in place, you won’t have any trouble finding the one behind a brown moving wall. The method of getting into the second secret is shown in one of the screenshots below – a… Read More


Total Downloads: 017th November 2005
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