Poll Question 326 – Would you support a donation system for mods?

I haven’t checked, but I am sure we have talked about monetizing mods before, in polls and general discussions on the site. And it seems that Valve is still interested in paid mods and I have to say that I am in general support of the idea.

But there seems to be other possibilities for ensuring that modders get a chance to make money and one of those is donations.

Imagine, and I must stress, I am not actively pursuing the idea, if RTSL created a system for users to donate money to some modders would you support it? Of course currently , you could contact the modder directly and ask for his or her details and send money that way, but if there was a proper system, that might make it easier for everybody.

Once Half-Life 3 releases and people start making mods for that, I’m sure Valve will instigate paid mods, but this idea is more about non-HL3 mods.

So, let’s talk about it, and see what happens.

22nd October 2015 21 Comments

Poll Question 325 – How do you feel about locked chapters?

Yesterday morning, I read a piece of news on the BBC website entitled Call of Duty unlocks final mission of Black Ops 3 and it made me realize that since HL2 all the chapters have been locked.

To be honest, I think it’s a good thing because I might not resist the temptation to jump to the end, especially with HL3. But then I thought about most other mediums and it seems that users have complete control. Books, magazine, movies (if watched at home) etc. That doesn’t mean just because they do, games should too, but at least I have the choice.

15th October 2015 9 Comments

Lambda Escape

With no other human around, at least not alive, it falls to you to find a way to escape.

Luckily, you have some weapons and armaments, use them wildly and you might make it.

Whatever the hell happened here, it’s not your day to die!


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Mapping Challenges have their own page!

At Don’s recent reminder/kick up the bum, I started work on a new Mapping Challenge page. They really deserved their own page and the move from the own domain and new theme meant they got forgotten about.

I recently created a new Mapping Challenge table page, that can be found via the PLAY menu, but wanted something more.

This new page separates each year into its own section and has two sections for the 3×24 and 6×10 series. In addition, there is a JUMP TO menu available on the page to “jump To” each year.

I have added screenshots for the latest 4 challenges, and will add the others when I get time.

If anybody wants to send me the rest, I need 256x125px – Thanks.

This means that the Mapping Challenges can be view in Special page, Table view and standard Excerpt view.

I’ll need to check I have all the links to the views in the right place.

As always, let me know your thoughts and comments.

I’ll try to start adding maps and mods again regularly when I get back from my weekend away next weekend.

11th October 2015 5 Comments

Dread City

for Half-Life 2

Two weeks ago, your friend, Jonathan, went to a mysterious city.

He hasn’t returned and your mission is to find him.

It’s immediately clear that this city is different and something evil lurks in its deepest corner.


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Poll Question 324 – What’s more important for you in HL3?

My apologies for asking another HL3 related question, but it’s been on my mind for a while now.

Half-Life 2 WAS a revolutionary gameplay experience and it certainly expanded the story but you could easily argue that it created more questions than it answered.

I don’t think I want to go through that again. I want answers. Good ones too. Of course I want to play a fantastic game but I would prefer I game made with the current version of Source that draws the series to a well-crafted close rather than an amazing new game that doesn’t answer any questions.

Obviously, we want both, but if you had to choose between the two would you be able or is there something more important for you?

8th October 2015 28 Comments

HalloweenVilleTwo Mapping Challenge Announcement

With blood rushing through your veins and your skin crawling, you crouch in a corner with the thought that if you make yourself small and still enough, it may overlook you.

This is petrifying fear, where movement is the last option, because movement draws attention to yourself.

Is it possible to escape from this alive? Only time will tell.

7th October 2015 13 Comments

What The Headcrab: Introduction

Today sees the announcement of a new podcast. I have been trying to create a new podcast for a while and have tried a few things.

Ideally, I would like to create the show with one other person, but it just seems impossible to find somebody available when I am and also who has the same “interests” as I do.

Therefore I have decided to try and simply create the podcast alone.

Unlike other podcasts which run to over an hour, this one will be around 20 minutes.

It will cover news, updates and general Half-Life stuff over the previous two weeks or so.

I won’t be going into depth about any particular item, just giving you an overview and hopfully drawing your attention to things you might have otherwise missed.

There is no set recording schedule, but I am aiming for every two weeks.

The show will be split into 5 sections: ModDB, GameBanana, Reddit, YouTube and Misc.

In future, I may add DeviantArt and or any other site that has HL content.

In each section, I’ll talk briefly about what has been updated or announced.

I will NOT be talking about anything I have published on RTSL.

I will be linking to each item in the podcast’s post.

The first show could be this afternoon or maybe next weekend.

I’ll be happy to cover any HL news items you have heard about, so please send me an email.

As always, thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

4th October 2015 4 Comments