5 Worse Ways to Die

for Half-Life

5 mortally challenging rooms.

Each with a puzzle or clue to help you pass it.

Don’t bother guessing as that will often kill you.

Reflective thinking may help.

kcul doog.


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2009 EB

for Half-Life

This mod is in Russian and features a story-driven exploration of parts of Black Mesa never-seen before.

The voices are all in Russian and you will need a lot of patience to play through this.

There is no fighting or action.


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Half-Life 3 Review Writing Competition Results

Back on 27th February, I announced a writing competition, asking for people to write a review of HL3.

I received 4 interesting entries.

Continue reading to see them all and then select your favourite.

And the winner is…

23rd March 2015 5 Comments

So many new events! What’s going on?

You’ve probably noticed in the last month or so, 3 new events have been announced. If not, where have you been?

Hopefully, you are as excited about them as I am. They allow you to play mods that you might have missed.

Each event has its own focus and objective and none will overlap.

I’m hoping for plenty of reader participation and I’d like to draw your attention to the Event Reviewers Giveaway post.

However, what you may have noticed is that they all use previously released or updated quite well-known mods.

Don’t worry, I will very soon begin to run some time-limited events that aim to update those really old mods or the mods that have hardly any details, including working links. I will also start adding recently released mods that are missing from the site.

My aim is to have lots of events running at the same time, maybe even EVERY weekend.

There’s also a chance I will be able to do some limited streaming on Thursday evenings.

We hope to have a monthly Video Submission Challenge, but we are still playing with that idea.

If you are a regular reader and would like to run your own event or just suggest an idea for one, please let me know.

22nd March 2015 No Comments

Announcing a new Event: Critical Jim

Approximately once a month, Jim Partridge will play and deconstruct a mod from a designers point of view.

Each mod will be livestreamed on the RTSL Twitch channel and Jim will be explaining how the mod he is playing has made some questionable design decisions. There is a good chance that for many streams, James will have a Devil’s Advocate to counter his observations.

He will always be polite and try to be as fair as possible with his criticism and he will be focussed more on what we can learn rather than criticising the mapper directly.

Hell he may even use his maps at some point and invite someone else to critique it.

Will you agree with him? Only one way to find out and that’s to watch.

Every few months a podcast will be recorded discussing the mods that have been deconstructed.

The event is called Critical Jim.

This is another opportunity to play something you may have missed or replay something with a new perspective.

22nd March 2015 6 Comments


for Half-Life 2: Episode One

Pervasive. Literary. Brutal. Experimental.

MINERVA, by Adam Foster, takes you to a remote island under the control of Combine forces. Something is going on here. Your goal is to uncover what that is and destroy it. Oh, yes – and try to survive.


Total Downloads: 5,33422nd March 2015
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Poll Question 309 – For the next Half-Life game, what are you more interested in? (choose 2)

I think if I had asked this question immediately after the release of Episode 2 in 2007, the answer people would possible have given would be different.

Then in say 2011, it might be different again.

Now, I think we just want to know what happens. If Valve said they are not going to make a game but a comic instead, a little like Labrat whilst it would crash the Internet at least I would know what happens to the protagonists and Earth.

That’s kinda more important to me than anything at this point.

What about you?

20th March 2015 12 Comments