You find yourself in what seems to be an underground base.

Things are not looking good.

Can you find a way forward without getting turned into a zombie or worse, killed?


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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The Combine have been working on a new power source using the Earth’s oceans.

You have been sent in to destroy it.

Landing on a nearby beach, work your way through the base until you reach it.

Expect fierce resistance. Good Luck.


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Gordon Freeman must escape the facility.

But the HECU are looking for him.You must fight your way through the facility and try to find a way out.


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Audio Interview with Midas de Laat

This morning, I sat down and chatted with Midas de Laat, a game design student from The Netherlands.

He made Forgotten Valley for Ep2 that was posted on the site yesterday.

We chat about his course, the design process and the mod itself.

There’s even a chance to win a random $5 Steam game – listen to find out how!

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Curse Episodes

for Half-Life 2

Curse is a first-person action/horror game where players take the role of a dead pharaoh, journeying through the underworld, and seeking the truth of an ancient myth of immortality.


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Forgotten Valley

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Whilst escaping from City 17, your find yourself stuck on the road out.

There’s a forcefield blocking your continued escape.

Luckily, there’s a way down into the valley – perhaps there’s a way to turn off the forcefield.

Go find out!


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Deadly Darkness

for Half-Life 2

Wherever you go an evil “force” is following you.

It’s making your life hell. The Combine invasion only made it worse.

Can you finally escape its grip and be free?


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Forest Mission

for Half-Life 2

You’ve been posted to a small Combine outpost.

Antlions have been attacking the entrance to the base down a natural corridor.

Defend the entrance with your fellow Combine soldiers.


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