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Poll Question 329 – Should a mod author eventually show Easter Eggs?
published: 2015

It was pointed out to me this week that I missed some areas in Uncertainty Principle in my video playthrough, which is always a possibility when doing live playthroughs as you don’t want to bore the viewers too much.

Anyway, I am sure there have been plenty of mods released with hidden areas and secrets etc. The question is whether a mod author should eventually tell people about them. I feel they should but not necessarily in a readme.txt file or in the credits. I do feel that a player should be told exactly how many secrets there are though, as that encourages players to replay mods.

If my memory serves me correctly, The Citizen Returns had a system of 15 EEs to collect or maybe it was the first release. Anybody remember? I like that idea a lot, although it needs to be implemented really well to ensure it’s not frustrating. For example, letting a player know when the are about to leave an area that can not be returned to that has an EE they missed.

I’d love to hear mod authors’ point of view on this, as well as players of course.

19th November 2015 11 Comments

End of Level Secrets Stats
published: 2006

About I’m nearly finished play Star Trek Elite Force 2 and at the end of each level, the image to the right appears just before you exit. It sounds good in principle but the designers didn’t really think it through.

19th November 2006 3 Comments

Zero Point Manipulator – Hazard Course

for Half-Life 2

published: 2006

About A hazard course specifically designed to use the Zero Point Manipulator (Gravity Gun). The player will face three challenges, the last one a timed challenge. Don’t expect any easy course, because it’s not. Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

Total Downloads: 24619th November 2006

published: 2004

Introduction I’m constantly looking for ways to give games and mods more replayability. The obvious answer would be to have a certain amount of randomness to the location of enemies and health, the way enemies respond etc. But there are also other ways. I’m currently writing a post that discusses this exact point. It’s main… Read More

19th November 2004 4 Comments