Aaron's Giveaways

Everything you need to know about Aaron, his game giveaways and how it fits in with RTSL!


Hello, my name is Aaron. I work for a big Telecommunications company during the day but at other times I spend my time promoting and suporting the video game industry with a focus on public relations and social media for gamers.

The games on my Steam Group Curation list have all benefitted from my experience and skills.

I am always looking to work with new games and developers, so be among the many to use and gain from my services. I would love to team up so contact me anytime.

The Numbers: On Facebook, I have almost 10,000 likes. On Twitter, well over 2600 followers. On Steam, my group has over 12,500 members. And those numbers don't take into account how well connected I am in the community video game industry.

In the past, I have been an admin at the following sites: PlanetHalfLife.com, ModDB.com (I created the Mod Of The Year Awards), PWNED.com and HalfLife2.net.

Apart from sponsoring the RTSL livestreams, I also active on SteamGifts and Steam Companion.

Enough talk - check me out:

What's the connection with RTSL?

From January 2016, I started to sponsor the weekly livestreams. This means that the streamers promote the respective game live during a stream. Sometimes the games are simply given away in a random draw, other times simple questions must be answered.

This is the first official connection between our sites and I have been working with Phillip, the owner and operator of RTSL (previously called PlanetPhillip.com), for many years and have sponsored mapping challenges and other events, as well as supplying games for various types of giveaways.

How promoting your game via RTSL will help you.

The Wednesday before each Weekend, a post is made on the frontpage of RTSL, detaling the livestrteam schedule. All the details of the giveaways will be posted there, including links to the game's Steam page, the developer's homepage and how the games can be won. If there is a question to win the game, each and every visitor who wants to win the game must view the game's homepage as the answer will come from there, so even if a user doesn't win the game, they have been exposed to your product.

Once the livestream is over, the full video is uploaded to the RTSL YouTube channel and full details of the giveaway are duplciated in the video's description, including all the links.

Previous Streams and Giveaways

January 2015

Stay tuned for the details, once the streams start.