Level Design Academy & Classic of the Month Streams This Weekend.

This weekend, Don and I will be starting the Level Design Academy, an on-going project where Don teaches me how to map for Goldsource. Due to the break, this weekend’s session will be a review of everything that I have probably forgotten, which is probably everything.

That stream will start at 2pm Central European Time (1pm GMT, 9am Eastern US) on Saturday the 25th.

On Sunday, Don will also be continuing his Classic of the Month project. This month it’s the excellent Focalpoint.

It will be at the same time in the U.S. (9am EDT) BUT due to Europe starting daylight saving time on Sunday that equates to 3pm Central European Time and 2pm in the UK.

Please check the RTSL twitter for updates and as usual the stream will be on the RTSL YouTube Channel for the info.

You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

22nd March 2017 5 Comments

The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille

Hello and welcome to the second challenge for The Hammer Cup 2017.

Below are the details.


As always, if you have any questions, you can either post a comment or if you require a private reply, send Phillip an email: planetphillip@gmail.com

22nd March 2017 53 Comments

What The Headcrab! Special 03 – The Trap 2: Mindlock

In this unplanned What The Headcrab! Special, talk about Reaktor’s The Trap 2: Mindlock, an in-development mod for the Source engine that will feature some new gameplay dynamics and some very clever puzzles.

Oh, did I mention the absolutely fantastic voice acting?!

Watch the video for full details.

Follow the mod here:

The original, and absolutely amazing Half-Life mod can be found here.

Watch the Video

19th March 2017 4 Comments

Aurora: Reinstated

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Play as Adrian Shephard, who has been reinstated in the arctic base, where Dr. Judith Mossman is transmitting from in Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Explore the base and see if you can reach the helicopter.

Good luck and expect fierce resistance.


Total Downloads: 49210th March 2017
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March 2017 – General Chat

Last month I wrote “OMG, it’s February already, where did January go?” and now I can write “OMG, it’s March already, where did February go?”

Anyway, I won’t talk about what I plan to do because it seems I never do it. From now on I am just going to do it

What about you, what would you like to talk about?

What is this post?

Each month I create a “General Chat” post for readers to post whatever they want within the limits of being a family-friendly website.

Please don’t post reviews, questions or comments about maps and mods listed on the site – post them on the respective post – all those comments will be deleted. I do this to ensure that when a reader visits a map or mod page, all the information is in one place.

5th March 2017 22 Comments


The transit system had taken Gordon to within a whisker of the surface, and safety.

However the military, ostensibly there to rescue the facilities personnel, had cut power to all the surface access doors.

The test reactor housed in Area 3’s nearby laboratories offered a solution to this predicament.

If Gordon could fire it up he should be able to redirect power to the access doors from the control room.

The way ahead was dangerous, but with luck this would be the final escapade.


Total Downloads: 35623rd February 2017
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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

DefenedVilleTwo is the first mapping challenge in The Hammer Cup 2017, a series of five mapping challenges spread throughout the whole of 2017, each with a different theme.

It contains 11 official entries and 1 unofficial (it was late) entry.

Ranging from short, focused maps to larger multi-defense points maps.

I am sure you will enjoy most of them.


Total Downloads: 96718th February 2017
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Mega City One

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

MEGA CITY ONE is the next phase in the combine invasion of earth.

New types of mega structures for more efficient containment and gaining total control of the human race. You are part of a special unit of the rebels in search for a lost Xen crystal, which the Combine need to initialize the final phase.


Total Downloads: 59913th February 2017
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February 2017 General Chat

OMG, it’s February already, where did January go?

I am hoping to allocate more time to the site this month and that means adding maps and mods and finishing pages I have started.

I love streaming but I need to balance that with the site content.

Anyway, what about you, what are you plans for this month?

1st February 2017 26 Comments

12-hour LiveStream, Saturday 28th January

Hi Everybody,

This weekend, I will be live-stream for hopefully 12 hours starting at 12pm Central European Time on the RTSL YouTube channel.

I will only be playing maps and mods for Half-Life games, so no Unreal or Red Faction etc like last time.

In addition, I do not have time to set up all the mods before, so some of the stream will be me getting everything installed and working, which may be educational in itself.

Last weekend, I played a bunch of other mods and didn’t get to play Point of View, Human Error, so I will start with both of those.

Depending on time, I will also stream any other map or mod that is suggested on the stream or I fancy playing.

Once finished, I will be editing the stream into individual videos for the RTSL channel.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions or mod suggestions, please let me know.

26th January 2017 7 Comments