The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 5: AnyVilleVille

Hello and welcome to the fifth and final mapping challenge of The Hammer Cup 2016.

The judges and I have tried to ensure that each challenge was interesting for both the modders AND players. We feel that we have had thought-provoking challenges so far.

Theme Details

For the final challenge, we wanted something as open as possible but still quite defined. We have considered many previous challenges as potential options for this one but no particular one seemed right.

Therefore, we have decided that entrants can select ANY previous mapping competition/challenge from the past EXCEPT the previous 4 used in The Hammer Cup 2016.

Entrants may only select ONE theme for their map.

For those that are new to the site and think the challenges are a new thing, you might be surprised to learn that I have been running them since 2010.

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Poll Question 350 – How would you feel if Half-Life 3 were released and it didn’t support modding?

Have to admit I was struggling for a good question and I really wanted to avoid another Half-Life 3 one, but this idea just popped into my head.

Obviously, we want the story to either be finished or explained at least to some degree, but personally, it’s all the new mods that we hope to get that really excites me.

Of course, the chances of Half-Life 3 being released WITHOUT mod support is probably as close to nil as it can be, but Valve might decide to move in a new direction.

Plenty of single player games do well without a modding community or do you think that once a company starts down that road it would be commercial suicide not to continue with it.

Are times changing?

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Week 25

First off, Dan Jordan AKA The Rabbit, continues his Source of Fame event, where he plays a Half of Fame Source release.

This weekend he is playing The Citizen Returns on Saturday at 12pm Pacific Daylight Time (Also known as: PDST – Pacific Daylight Saving Time, NAPDT – North American Pacific Daylight Time). You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

Secondly, Phillip MIGHT be continuing his Level Design Academy: Practice Sessions. But he won’t know until the last minute, so keep an eye on the RTSL Twitter or FB pages.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

All streams will be uploaded to the RTSL YouTube channel during the following week.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.

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Week 24

First off, Don AKA Unq, continues his Classic of the Month event, where he plays a classic GoldSource release. This month it’s the short but pretty sweet Nuclear Power Plant. Don will start the stream on Saturday at 10am Eastern US time / 3pm UK / 4pm Central European time.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

Following Don’s and Phillip recent Tutoring session 3 (soon to be on the RTSL YouTube channel), which is part of the Level Design Academy, Phillip will be streaming at least one practice session. Day and time will be announced on the RTSL Twitter feed and FB page.

The previous tutoring session, along with Phillip’s practice sessions can be found on the RTSL YouTube channel and this livestream will also be uploaded there too.

Everybody is welcome, even those who currently don’t make maps and mods!

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

The screenshot used in the featured image is taken from a website I will be mentioning in this weekend’s What The Headcrab!

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for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

TrapVille AKA AdmiralAckbarVille

Welcome to the fourth challenge from The Hammer Cup 2016, which has a Grand Prize of a NECA Gravity Gun, plus other prizes for second and third places.

This mod contains 9 entries, each with their own style and setting.

The theme for this challenge was a trap. The player could be the one setting it or caught in it.


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